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  1. So it's these 8 cards and 2 more health and 2 more stamina right? I thought they would be more spread like 1 more each for each potion anyway the good thing is that i have all 8 cards so i just need to dublicate some. Thanks (the pretty sure thingy is kinda troubling me though but will start with these for now and see how it goes or if another one answers differently) Thanks again
  2. come on guys be a good lad I can see you reading the post (don't hide) it's not even time consuming just write the names of the cards and their quantity it's only 12 so it won't even take you 2 minutes ( i don't think you must even go look for them since you should know their numbers by heart if have played the game more than once). PS i didn't ask for photos or even text so there is no breach of copyright or anything just helping me sort out what i am missing.
  3. Well i bought the game but it seems i am missing some search cards can someone just post who exactly are the 12 cards and in what quantity? Seems really important and we can't start if there is like 2 treasure chests in the deck but i only have one (don't know the number of the cards just the total from the rulebook) So i just need the names of the cards and their numbers maybe i am missing a double and i get lucky so i can print it my self. I know FF has great CS and they will send me the card missing but we just need a quick help to play the game. Thanks in advance.
  4. Considering the fact that in Gold heroes are too powerful and clean dungeons in 2 or 3 turns then i would say it is not. But yes the legendary of the gold level is a big dissapointment either you have or not the star of kellos and yes 99% of the times you will have it as legendary dungeons are mostly played on late level time so you will probably have it. In our campaigns our OL has a 60 to 70 of success in undying so it is pretty important for us to the point that we keep the cursed staff from the copper to cancel undying.
  5. RAW sleep just forbids you to gain movement points and attack. So you can still place orders like dodge on your turn? Or use any item that doesn't require attacking? And can you use shields and stuff like ghost armor when attacked.
  6. My estimation is that 3 guys with 600 hit points will be quite difficult if not impossible. Even with multiple stealth potions and dodging to avoid the big hits i just think it will be tough. Let's see if anyone else has done it yet.
  7. Has anyone used the final combat rules of SOB in RTL? The thing is that we are playing against the beastman lord and with the clones we will be facing 3, 600 wounds beastmen which i believe will tip the scale heavily with the OL as he has shackles also. If it is was any other AVATAR it would be fine but with the beastman lord it feels unbalanced to do so. What are your thoughts? Anyone ever tried a final combat like that with SOB rules?
  8. Report on Antistone Characters This guy as intented was a powerhorse. The ability costs a total of 90 points ofcourse since you pay 45 for the skill and about 45 for the 3 traits. But still he felt overpowering since with only the walking stick he could do 10 damage by rolling red, green, green and had reach also. He also drew some cool skills like vampiric blood and inner fire making him a menace by rolling magic attacks with the walking stick and making 11 and 12 damage on ranges up to 5 or 6 away. Anyway i believe that even in the AC he will be powerful but i don't know if broken. Anyway on quest having a guy that can hit ranged attacks with more power than your average fighter i think it is powerful. I don't think if it is overpriced but i sure believe it is cool i think more testing is needed. This guy for a meager 30 points this skill is definetely underpriced for quests. I don't know what other people do but in quests you are going to spawn like crazy. Probably even spawn AT every turn if you have a good spawn card and some room to spawn. Even if you can't reach the players if they don't have AOE weapons you will spawn in the back so you can slow them down. I made him for AC but in quests the 30 points feels ridiculous as he will be drawing as crazy. IMHO anyone is free to test him. I don't know about that. In quests it felt just right nothing extreme. I believe in AC will be far better. This skill also felt quite right. Having an aim all the time means you can't dodge or rest so it cuts down alot of your power. It costs 40 so i might even go as far as saying it is overpriced but we only played in one quest so i will keep it since getting AIM on all your attacks is godly. Can't really weigh it. It won't break your game for sure This ability is like a mini telekinesis and has alot of uses. My players didn't use it wisely and in believe in AC will be godly. Even in quest you can use it as acrobat since you can move monsters off. Or you can push the fighter up to 6 spaces. It's cost is 40 so i think it is cool at least for quests. I have a worry that in AC will be broken probably but that is just a suspicion. Well in quests he wasn't awesome as expected felt just right but i believe his amazing ability might be underpriced in AC but that is a speculation only. This guy was the amazing tank ever. Keep in mind that i have made the regeneration 1 as a perk something that antistone didn't had so this isn't an exact legal player. This guy had enduring, battle cry so he just wore a ghost armor and he was impossible to bring down with normal monsters he took more than 50 hits to be brought to his knees. Since he has elven cloack he was impossible to pass the natural armor. In quests he might nigh impossible to kill if you don't corner him alone as i did. With a good supply of health potions he can keep his maximum wounds for ever. I look forward in seeing him in AC. If you keep in mind that the supply of potions can be eternal in quests as Antistone has said (which i really don't believe as they might be unlimited but you still have to go and spend rounds but anyway) with a healthy supply this guy can be quite immortal. That's all from our latest quest experience. I hope i can be of help if someone decides to play the abilities from the great work of antistone.
  9. English is not my native by on par i was meaning like tahlia's. But you were quick to insult because you thought you were offended somehow. Talhia awesome power was never the extra half action but the fact she could advance in the OL's turn messing around the best well laid plans. If you had ever player as an OL you would easily have known that. So now you have an ability that gives you more versability since you are no longer restricted to just advancing but can pretty much choose what you can do. The ability to move and attack changing the formation on the party after the spawns have been made was the broken piece about tahlia. That is facts and arguments made by an adult instead of insulting and diminishing anything that i don't like. As far as the cheese fu remark i never said that the costs were broken but i don't think you ever bothered reading the whole post. I said we should rethink the whole stealth on a hero effect since you can always put a dodge order and just making it easier with an ability doesn't make it more broken. Okaluk could be easily the same thing as he can move 6 spaces and dodge when the character i have made can move 8 on a run and dodge. Nightshade is far less annoying since she must actually place an order that you can deal with cards like pride. So what i was saying is that i believe the impact of stealth on a hero is huge since the OL cannot counter it while heroes can always play aim and deal with stealth and monsters cannot place orders and dodge so their stealth is very weak. The whole idea stealth on a hero was broken every way you see it. And yes stealth should have been more expensive but that i leave to others for me it is a very random ability that can break the fun of game by adding more and more random effects on a game that already has too many but that is IMHO.
  10. Since you wanted a legal i have one i just wanted your reaction here is my cheese fu but take note i never said the prices were broken. She is even worst than nightshade. Probably about 2 times more tough to kill since she also has shadowcloack. So what you are saying is that ragnor in Vanilla is handicapped because he can't drink vitality potions in CRUCIAL battles? You must be playing some really weird quests against some really weird Overlords. I have tested in game the opportune moment and if you think i am spouting nosense about being a huge advantage of interrupting the whole turn in OL's turn then you are really not anything like i thought you were. This ability is 10 more times powerful in quests since you adapt your whole turn to the new conditions that continuous spawns of the OL create. I had really expected contructive dialog but your arguments are "well everyone else says no senses and what i say is right". Saying that a guy with 3 or 4 fatigue gaining 2 fatigue per round is handicaped by not being able to drink vitality potion is something that anyone with experience of 4 hours of descent can tell. Now if that ability was made for 5 and 6 fatigue guys well i guess i don't know what to say. As much i apreciated all your hard work you are clearly not open that you have made errors and it shows. Ytriana Zephyrtide's Ability costs 40 points which is laughable. You only get 2 MP for a battle when if you made a 3 fatigue 4 speed fighter and you put the brother glyr ability you get the same cost and you have a guy that is 3 or 4 times better. I have alot of other suggestions and have seen some bad costs but it's clearly not open to conversation. The alchemist is also kinda ridiculous but i haven't playtested yet. A single fatigue for any potion you want. Either you think that potions mean nothing or i don't know. And if you think that then skills in the potion section become overpowered since stuff like wrath mean that you would be able to make 3 attacks per round every time since you believe that potions fall from sky. Anyway i am stopping my rambling now but it was caused by some harsh remarks. P.S You should have just said my abilities are that and if anyone doesn't like them don't use them and don't talk to me about it which would be quite understandable since you spend hundreds of hours i am guessing. But probably you playing enduring evil really your experience hasn't got alot to do with real Descent.
  11. Continued feedback from hero ability. Seems that ability that look broken are broken indeed and it's weird that have slipped through antistone since he seems to have made a great job. Tireless as i thought is completely unbalanced in cost. Varikas ability costs 55 points and tireless costs 40 It's no typo. The players in my group could not stop laughing when they realized that getting 2 FATIGUE per round was offset by not being able to drink vitality potions. After they stopped laughing about half an hour later this ability proved border line ridiculous in cost. Since it is the same as Brother Glyr's Ability maybe even better since you recover fatigue and can use them even for attacks. I believe Brother Glyr's Ability is one of the best in game since it gives amazing mobility in battle situations where the party fighter will be 90% of the time. Rightfully the cost for that is 70 in antistone's ability. But tireless is 40 which is well.... Anyway this ability should really cost at least 60 points or even 70 as it is in fact up to par with that specific ability. I would even lower Varikas ability as i still believe it is overcosted but don't really mind since i have played enough with him and will never bother with that ability again. Second player drawn now i won't say that anything is miss costed in this case but it seems maybe the whole stealth thing should be revisited since when it is with dodge it becomes ridiculous. Statistically you have 70% of dodging all attacks against you when you have stealth & dodge but sure feels alot more in real game situations. Not to mention you will never be probably attacked since expending attacks on such a character would be a waste. This should seriously must be rebalanced really no thought was made considering that ability since it is in par with Tahlia THAT COST's 90 points and this ability costs a meager 30 points really no consistency there. This guy is immortal if played right since he will always get out of moving range of the spawns as he plays in the OL's turn. Seriously back to the board with that cost. Something like 50 or 60 would be more applicable as this allows you to battle in the OL's turn laughing at his face and his meager spawns. And yes all these 3 were drawn to the same party quite the luck. Anyway it is good we spot them so they can be fixed that is the whole point i guess but these abilities were just monstrously off in their costs and it is weird.
  12. Yeah i agree and antistone's responce is quite weird since he has 4 skills already that are far more potent in his editor and could easily break the quest he said shadow guard, summon, symbiosis, and necrotic traversal. I have come down to probably a cost of 35 or 40 points with the ability being something like. Shadowdance Once per turn while no enemy figure has LOS to your space you may spend to 3 MP to move to any empty space of the board that enemy figures has no LOS to. (cannot enter unrevealed areas). I don't know if it expensive for activation or not though.
  13. Falculus said: So monsters coming onto the board can just move over other monster figures that are "blocking the entrance" as long they (the incoming monsters) have a legal space (or spaces, for large monsters) to end their movement. For some reason that just was not clear to me from the rules. Thanks for the answer, Parathion. That sentence makes no sense. You can put as many as 4 small figures next to a 2 square exit unless i am missing something. That is the sentence i am referring to. I think i read somewhere an answer of an official in a question about reinforcements. If i understand correctly what is being implied is that there is no LIMIT to how many creatures will be put on one exit. That's not the way we have been playing it but i have been wrong in the past and it never really bothered anyone. So what you guys saying there is no number limit. That's cool i guess.
  14. That quest was a breeze anyway as i recall my players just opened the door of the dragon without bothering with other rooms and killed the Dragon in one round. That is the eternal problem the original quests had. As soon as you reach the final room the final combat is a joke. Anyway if you think the only problem is a single quest out of 50 or 60 out there then i really see no problem. Thanks for the feedback though but this for me at least doesn't make the ability broken or something. I had intend to use it like shadow walk in the D&D.
  15. Amazing and originals ideas there as i read them through. Love the Hunt stuff. Will certainly use them to make new avatars for my game to go along with the new heroes. This is my take of you hunt avatar since i tweaked some stuff i didn't like or thought was breaking the game. But it is still 90% of your work. Great stuff and work there mate.
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