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  1. Thanks! I'll read those and see how they sound.
  2. Hi all, I've been looking at Dune content on Board Game Geek and it looks like a lot of fun, so I'm definitely considering buying Rex. Unfortunately, it says it's for 3-6 players, and I would really like to play it 2-player. Do you think it's because 2-player doesn't allow alliances, and FFG is trying to encourage alliances, or did the Dune mechanics not work very well with two players? I'd really like to try this, but I'm just not sure about it if it doesn't play well with two players.
  3. I would love big expansions! Everything stated already (more rooms, more monsters, more investigators, etc.) sounds great. Also, I know FFG is going to come out with at least one non- print on demand expansion. If you go to the FAQ/Errata page under Support, the second paragraph (the one in red) says they will include corrected versions of cards in the first NON POD expansion for Mansions of Madness. Also, the "Crucifix" item card from the base game says you can stun a zombie OR A VAMPIRE- so perhaps they will be including vampires in their first expansion? Either way, I look forward to it!
  4. schauhead said: Any plans to re-release the Arkham Horror painted miniatures in a new 8 pack containing the invstigators for Mansions of Madness? Pre-painted monsters would also be cool. I'm lazy. I'm lazy too. I hope we see pre-painted monster figs as well.
  5. bish said: I cancelled my order with Amazon as well and placed it with Miniature Market. It was just so irritating to have Amazon e-mail me back that they didn't have a release date when there were people on the Amazon Marketplace selling copies through Amazon. I ordered mine from MM, and the UPS tracking code says it should get here tomorrow. YAY!!!! The wait is finally over!!!
  6. miesdeldolor9 said: Instead I went with Miniature Market, adding a couple of little items to get free shipping. Their website claims they have 18 more pre-orders left right now. (This morning it was 22.) I called to make sure I wasn't going to get yanked around like at Amazon, and the guy told me that FFG just shipped the games in the last day or two. Since they still have pre-orders left from the shipment, he said I'm assured one of those copies. So in conclusion, I don't like Amazon. David I've ordered from MM before, and those stock listings seem to be very accurate. I just got an e-mail today saying that UPS has recieved the shipping label , but they don't have the box yet- I hope this is a good thing. I think it means they'll be getting it soon and shipping it then.
  7. An expansion with the five Masks of Nyarlathotep (like the ones from Arkham Horror) would be awesome. Maybe an expansion that highlights flying creatures and includes a Flying Polyp, Byakhees, and Nightgaunts? With outdoor terrain and flying rules? I like the Dark Young and Deep One ideas. Again, we can only dream...
  8. These look amazing... I can't wait!!! Even just the rules would be ok! The tokens look really good as well- the dead guy reminds me of the DOOM Board Game encounter.
  9. From what I saw in the video, it sounds like the Keeper player makes a lot of decisions about how the story goes- at one point in the video, when they show you a page from the scenario book, it looked you choose not only what the cult is up to but also where someone (Marie) is imprisoned, plus whatever else you decide that wasn't shown on the page. Also, seeing as it is a preview event, I wouldn't be surprised if they had you play one scenario anyway, like a video game demo. Either way, I think it wouldn't be a bad role- someone's got to do it, and from what the video said, it's doesn't sound like a boring role... Also, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to play your first few games as the Keeper so you know what to expect later on. Just a thought.
  10. Haha- In Minnesota winter is everything but June, July, and August! Maybe I should be expecting it in April...
  11. KingTut

    It's Time

    Steve-O said: The last thing I would want to do is limit your own creative energies, but I think Tibbs' homebrew monsters and weapons are one of the best things that's been done to Doom tBG since its release. Seeing other expansion material that was compatible with those would be pretty cool. =) I remember seeing something like this on BGG (or maybe it was the FFG forums), but I can't for the life of me seem to find it! I remember there were rules for the grabber, monster stats with melee attacks as well as ranged, and some other stuff, but I can't find it. I'd really like to, though, because from what I remember, it looked really good. Does anyone have the link(s)?
  12. KingTut

    It's Time

    So here's the plan. I bought DOOM 3 and Resurrection of Evil for PC this weekend, and I feel that the boardgame could be so much more like the videogame, with more weapons, storyline, invaders, etc. This weekend, I plan to start the second (can't forget about shnar's campaign!) "fan made" expansion, which will include new monsters, weapons, revised stats, etc. If anyone is interested in helping or has some great ideas, I'd be happy to compile them in with mine, or have other people help me develop it. I'm certain that we could come up with our own second expansion, especially if it's a group effort. My ideas so far: Monsters (Wraith, zombie tentacle commandos, new marines) Weapons (double-barreled shotgun, grabber) Scenarios (with more of a goal than "escape through red door") Revised stats for existing monsters/weapons (ie melee and ranged stats for monster attacks, some monsters weakened/strengthened) More ideas are welcome!
  13. YoshiPL said: It's a really interesting idea. I read all your comments and then it came to me... You can combine the two games after altering AH. You can use the AH map as a campaign map (just like the Descent's Road to Legend). One of the players would play some sort of Herald / cultist leader who wishes to waken the Ancient One. 1. Map: The area would be covered with gates and some monsters. Tougher monsters represent the "lieutenants" of the Herald / cultist leader which would be used to strengthen the areas where they currently are and to open new gates. Shops and other safe locations would be places where you might get new items, rest and get new quests. 2. Investigators would walk around as a group (traveling 2-3 spaces each turn) and when they would end their movement on a gate then a MoM session would take place. Those sesions would of course grant them some equipment / allies / tokens and closing the gate. They might seal the gate but spending 5 x no. of Investigators of clue tokens or do it (only) after fulfiling a quest for that place. 3. The Herald / cultist leader would spawn and send new monsters to strenghten locations with opened gates. Improving the monsters would mean getting new monster types (you can play with their tokens in MoM). 4. The goal for the Herald / cultist leader would be to open enough gates (8?) and get the Ancient One to fight the Investigators (stronger version then on the printed AO card from AH). The goal for the Investigators would be sealing gates (8?) and batteling the weakened version of the Ancient One (as printed on the AO card from AH). Just an idea. What do you think? Now that you mention it, Descent's Sea of Blood expansion/campaign was where I originally got the idea. When I first looked at the AH board, it reminded me a lot of the campaign map, so I started thinking about how to incorporate it into MoM. I like your other ideas, too. It would need a lot of thought, though, seeing as it appears that the two games' mechanics aren't even remotely similar (except for stats, sort of).
  14. That's a good point- it really doesn't seem that this game would be fit for solo play without massive conversions to the rules. However, until I see the rulebook (hopefully soon!), I'll just have to hope there are some loopholes to allow for an automated keeper.
  15. causeitwasfunny said: I'm not sure that this game could be played solo. A big part of the game is that the Keeper knows something the Investigators don't. I suppose you could play it in the sense that you could just act everything out, but I'm not sure you could call it playing the "game". It would be more like just playing with the figures. That's fine, if that's what you dig, but I'd rather play the game using the mechanics provided. I think you could probably randomly set cards around the house and uncover them as you go to see what the "keeper" is up to. The only problem with this is you wouldn't be able to try and accomplish anything as the keeper since you don't know what you're doing yet! Also, some clues may only match with some plans, which could create problems.
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