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  1. May I use Embrace Hate (inflicting one damage while declaring an attack with Imperial unit) with Embrace Suffering used on a Hero?
  2. Thanks for all the answer. I'm aware of the difficulty: at least every hero has a black dice (dodge, unless for Fenn, will not be an issue during this campaign ?) I choose POTDS and I think my build will be: Dark Resurgence Embrace Anger Unnatural abilities Embrace Suffering But i will adapt the strategy togheter with Agenda cards. I hope to rush Armored Division and starting to deploy a Unnatural abilities AT-DP, wasting (or hoping to waste) Blast, cleave and so on. Then, I think Embrace Suffering will work for Focused and Stunning MHD, Blasting Fenn, Cleaving Shyla and empowered by token Drokkata. I'll let you know
  3. Hi all! We're starting a Hote campaign soon: we're all experienced campaign players (all the campaign up to Jabba done). Heroes will run: MHD, Fenn, Shyla, Drokkata. As imperial deck, I want to try: - Power of the dark side - Technological superiority (reactive defenses was another choice, but with that blasting and cleaving heroes, the little droid seems to me a bad choice). I think boh deck will be fun: what will be the best against that heroes? Do you have any suggestions? thanks for answer
  4. This is the file with the two store championship of the current season in Italy (I'm leaving for some holidays, so i've prepared the file). https://drive.google.com/open?id=15S3YsmjhDbWw3m3uw3OwpRz8osxk72C0
  5. Asked for permission, i would like to add italian communty results, if it's fine
  6. Thanks Brett for this article. I agree when you speak about 3-figures group like stormtroopers: let's imagine Regular Stormtrooper double activated by Strenght in Numbers.. hard to see it in a competitive list but for sure very interesting combo in this map (rogue AI scenario). Ovverdrive can be another interesting card to push your droids (regular sentry for example) with three movement actions to grab objectives. Probably also Terro e/o Dewback with Mounted ability can help.
  7. My guess is: after deployment, distruibute 4 blocks tokens among yuor figures.
  8. Thank you so much for this wonderfull report!
  9. Thanks a lot for this wonderful report! Really enjoy pictures
  10. Thanks for reply. I meant that, usually for red or green side missions, total influence in case of Imperial Victory is two (for winning) plus one (for partecipating). It s the only one side mission with just total 2 influence for winning, isn't it? Thanks
  11. Hi all! I have a question for the reward of the side mission Preventive Measurments of Return to Hoth expansion for Imperial Assault. The Imperial reward for winning the mission is just 1 influence, instead of 2 (which is the standard for side mission). Is it correct? From what i Know, it's the only side mission up to Return to Hoth expansion in which the Imperial reward for winning is only 1 influence. Thanks
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