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  1. One thing I should ad is that space marines can digest essentially anything organic. If your chaos marine is in a forest he can eat trees and survive due to his superior digestive system unless of course the marine in question has an unstable gene seed that caused him to lose that ability or is mutated.
  2. Actually unless they have changed lore it is not necessarily going to hurt him if he picks it up. A nemesis force weapon is psychically attuned to the grey knight so the weapon won't work for the chaos marine. However without the psychic powers of the grey knight to power the weapon, a nemesis force weapon may be harmless. The question I wonder is can a nemesis force weapon be corrupted in a way so that it retains some of its original properties.
  3. I don't know enough to explain all your points but the big problem will be explaining why orks are following a human. While it is not unheard of for a few orks to follow humans the idea of a ship full of orks following one human would be hard to sell. Normally orks will follow a non ork if they stand to gain something like weapons. To justify why a ship full of orks would follow a human he would have to have something very enticing.
  4. I know in the horus heresy series there is mention of how a child lost a leg and the imperium doctors simply had a new leg regrown like it was nothing at all. This proves that at one time man kind had the technology. The issue as stated before lies with fining someone who has access to said technology and the price to use it. I believe in the last chancers novel series a commissar loses his arm and then when you see him next he has it back. The main character points out his shock that he has an arm again.
  5. While I admit the rules for time in the warp are vague that is the point, The warp does not allow for such things as regularity. There are examples in lore of a ship entering the warp and exiting it three days later. However on board, 6 years went by and the crew had to resort to canabalism to survive. Another example that is repeated in most table top books is how an entire imperial fleet was sent to retake a planet held by chaos invaders, the fleet never arrived and was presumed lost. Then 100 years later the chaos held world is being consumed by the tyranids and then said fleet emerges and engages and defeats the tyraninds. The point is you are asking for the impossible, accurate travel times in the warp are impossible by its nature, the closest thing you will get to regularity is navigator skill, the more skill a navigator has the less time it takes to traverse the warp and the ratio of days in the warp to days outside the warp will narrow ie. instead of 14 to 1 it will be 3 to 1. I will admit I also think warp travel is a bit to fast in the game but then I also think that the number of warp incurisons that can happen is also to high by game rules.
  6. Man hearing this debate makes me and my group look like a power gamers. We try and keep the weapons close to the table top and the fluff where possible. A krak missle on the table top is one strength point higher than a plasma gun and melta weapons are the same strength as a krak missle. In order to maintain some lore/balance we have adjusted both plasma and melta damage. Plasma and melta are base 2d10 and plasma on maximal is 3d10 and melta ingores 1/3 of a vehicles armor and anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 of the armor bonus cover gives.. With plasma though we don't allow the rule to drop a overheated weapon on maiximal. If it overloads you take all the damage as the gun goes nuts in your hand. Personnaly I like this as it gives the plasma gun a much more TT feel to it.
  7. With regards above to forcing ships out of the warp I don't know of any examples of that but there are examples of ships being affected in the warp by outside interference. In a gaunts ghost novel a shrine world is under attack. The shrine is to some saint I forget the name but the saint died after taking 10 wounds. As the fight over the main shrine was going on a gaurdsmen who I believe was having visons/dreams, was injured throughout the course of the battle in the exact same place as the saint. As the final wound hits the gaurdsmen he touches the shrine and it results in a massive psychic shockwave in the warp. The shockwave just happens to hit a chaos fleet on route to that world (the imperium was aware of the fleet), the fleet is scattered in the warp some ships are destroyed some ships are thrown months of warp travel away. Now the above example required a miracle in order to happen but it may be possible create a more focused affect. If I were to use it I would have a small space station in the extreme outskirts of a solar system. The station would have no shields no weapons and be "protected" by 5 frigates. The station would be full of psychers who would attempt to cause increased turbulence in the warp. This would be incredibly risky and the moment the frigate captains even suspected and warp incursion they would blow the station away. The issue with forcing a ship out of the warp is that it is so hard to enter and exit the warp as it is. The warp engines of ships are quite large and I believe there are examples in lore where ships have actually had a hard time exiting the warp at certain areas.
  8. I like the idea of jamming actually. Maybe you could rule it that the next round of firing the macrobatteries have their max number of hits reduced by 1.
  9. This may not be archeotech but I think it is cool. I don;t even remember the book I got this from, it is an older black library book about a rogue trader who enters the eye of terror (I found the book disturbing but cool). The rogue trader is given a stone and told that whatever he dreams about he will get. Sure enough he goes to sleep and has a dream about his childhood when he was playing with his favorite toy, when he wakes up it's there is his room. He tries to dream up some women he heard exist on a pleasure world but he always dreams about other things. The thing is it that this stone can be used as long as you want and will never corrupt its host. What is does do however is mark you for sacrifice to a demon. How it works is once you enter the warp you have a nigthmare of a demon coming for you, when you wake up the demon is there. It is never explained how the device worked but the demon manifested through the gellar fields right into the rogue traders room. Luckily for him he only used it a few times so the demon did not have the power to maintain stability long enough to kill him.
  10. lol, dam I thought I had bad luck with rolls. Whatever he did it caused the dice gods to curse him and they are fickle gods indeed. I would advise fasting and prayer to the dice gods and beg their forgivness.
  11. I know this has been brought up before but the search function isn't the greatest so I could not find what I wanted to know. So my gaming group will be starting a rogue trader campaign soon and some players want to bring their DH characters over. I have no problem with this but as I looked over my new rule book I could not help but notice that sound constitution costs double in rogue trader and that most DH characters will have more starting wounds than most rogue trader characters. My question is how does this affect balance between the 2 systems, obviously having not played rogue trader yet I am unaware of any advantages that rogue trader rules give to character builds. The problem is that many of my PC's are hesitent to start new rogue trader characters do to the fear they will be under powered. Anything I can say to ease their fears.
  12. Hmm, I like that idea, let them burn the fate points ahead of time but allow their heroic sacrifice to have a much higher chance of sucess.
  13. I am haveing some problems with my gaming group, nothing major just slight problems here or there. One aspect I find my players not entirely understanding is the power of fate points and what they can do. One example is from my game last night. My acolytes are investigating some criminal organizations in an underhive to try and find out if some dark mechanicus are using said organizations to funnel money to fund their endevors. Flash forward a bit they are being eaten alive by hive spiders about the size of a cat. One of them gets an idea and says that he will charge the largest group of spiders pull the pins on two of his frag grenades and drop them at his feet. Basically your typical heroic sacrifice, I say if he can pass a willpower test why not. So after a few rolls over half the spiders are dead and the explosions cooked off a third grenade he still had on him; amazingly I roll poorly and he survives, he is out cold but alive. He asks if that act justifies him gaining a fate point I say yes; sadly he rolls poorly on the effects the spiders poison do and winds up burning a fate point to stay alive. The issue is that he and a few others assumed they were going to die and re-roll new characters, I was almost certain they would not as they all at the time had 2 or more fate points ( a few now only have one but whatever). The point to all this is that the people in my gaming group are used to games that are less forgiving to deaths and I can't help get the feeling they are starting to feel like perhaps combat is to easy or something. Now this is not the first time the group has survived some amazing circumstances with little to no fate point loss. I am the best gm ever I can't roll higher than a 3 on damage. As a result I am constantly having to explain to them that they survived not because I am super nice but because of lucky rolls on their part. Am I going to have to just make an insanly hard encounter kill 3 or 4 of them to prove the game isn't a cake walk. I don't want to do this but I don;t know what to do. Their feelings of the game being easy could also be my fault I am new to gming and so my first few encounters were kind of easy. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do.
  14. Technically space marines don't join the ordos xenos; they are on loan. After a space marine finishes their tour they head back to their chapter to teach the rest of the chapter what they learned. For a space marine to leave the ordos before his tour is up is unlikely but not impossible, remember Inquisitors do not have authoirty over space marine chapters, if the chapter master calls for his men back the Inquisition does not have the option to say know. The relationship between the Inquistion and space marine chapters is very political in nature.
  15. Void whales are mentioned in lore and are not tyanid in origin. The size of a void whale is up for serious debate. In the new ork codex I believe it states that a void whale swalloed an ork fleet whole. Now did it swallow the ships whole one by one, or the whole fleet in one gulp is up for debate. Point is void whales are imense beyond any space craft made by the imperium.
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