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  1. Tarnis Phoenix said: Which fills me with fear.... as an inquisitor.. They shall not fear the alien i have to agree. that inquisitor must be very weak minded. therefor unworthy to be the dagger of The Immortal Emperor.
  2. So the party was driving through the war torn capital of Altan. The guardsmen driver (player) kept crashing the car, so of course the party tech priest (also player) kept trying to fix it. he kept failing, badly. well the noble assassin (yet another player) of the group. kept saying i fix it and rolling very well. rolling 001 and 000 (super criting in my game). after several long minutes of what should have taken one, they hit a dog. the assassin, who at the time was texting, said i fix it and rolled 000, thus birthing the party cyber-mastiff.
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