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  1. I am looking at picking one of these up and am hoping you guys and gals can give me some pros and cons of each expansion.
  2. So im looking to teach some new players this week and thought it would be helpfull to have a description of what all the locations do and what you buy from them. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Have been looking at this game over some other WWII games. Would like to hear what you guys and gals think of pros and cons of any aspect of game
  4. Thanks guys for the response, im glad you added the bit about the skill card cause that was going to be another question.
  5. Played first game tonight and was wondering if you can go below 0 on lets say a will check and then add skill bonus to bring it back up.
  6. So im new to the game and was wondering what you guys and gals think of playing solo?
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