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  1. The downside of me mentioning villagers and guards in my post is that people now got stuck on talking about those instead of talking about the idea of making the familiar set into a way to make publicity for other expansions.
  2. On the other hand, it could be seen as a marketing tool to make publicity for all those sources. Example: I have the base set and want the Reanimate familiar mini and 8 villagers and 8 guards. I buy the familiar minis box, and find a wolf, a shadow, summoning stones, images ... I wonder what those are for. The wolf looks cool and I want to play with it. I look up what set it's from and buy that set. Marketing is happy. It all depends on how you sell your idea to marketing. Anyways, I would buy a box, even if I don't own all expansions and might not have a use for all the minis.
  3. He's pathfinder Durik. He's not dying often, as he has Aurium Mail from our rumour quest. He's the only one in our 4 hero party who isn't ranged yet. The rest is wielding a crossbow, ynfernael rune and magma blast. We all have decent armour.
  4. We have just finished the interlude of Shadows of the Nerekhall. This means we have 5 xp for the heroes. Our beastmaster has already bought the Savagery skill (2 xp) He now has 3 xp to buy one of his both 3 xp skills, and he's hesitating which one is the best. Opinions within the party are split. What is your opinion? His current weapon is Mace of Aver, so he'll definitely roll enough surges for changing skins.
  5. To answer to the original question (because I believe I never did that): Madam flush and Cultar working together to blind jump 3 times is very broken. I recently had a game with 2 blind jumps from Cain (without Cultar, just because she gained a second miracle token some other way) and even that was broken.
  6. The hand of quorum cards moves with the president title to the new president. Any played cards stay in play. (if a cylon reveals, any cards played on him that stayed in play are now discarded)
  7. My favourite character is one that I haven't played for a long time. So each time I play, this changes. I just like to change it up as much as I can, to get a more varied experience. As for tactics: I have tried many. I've stayed hidden as a cylon the whole game, and I have tried to reveal on my first turn. As a human I have tried to find the cylons as fast as possible (and waste resources for it) so that they could be executed/brigged and I have tried to ignore cylons and just invest all my resources into getting as far as possible as fast as possible so that the cylons have less time to do harm. All of them were fun to try.
  8. Great idea, but let's hope both YAAC cards are in the sleeper deck.
  9. A game is never lost until it's really over, so indeed I wouldn't like someone throwing the game. But there is a difference between throwing a game and keeping your options open because you don't know yet what team you will end up on. Anyway, we don't need to agree. What's important is that my play group doesn't mind me playing like that, because they all do it, and we have fun with those games and humans still have like 40-45% victory chance. And you don't have people in your play group that play like I do, and I suppose your games are fun too.
  10. Thank you for this reminder: From the rulebook (p29) Preparing for the Sleeper Agent Phase It is important for human players to keep in mind that even if they do not start as a Cylon, that may change during the Sleeper Agent phase. At the start of the game, it may be a good strategy for the humans to avoid doing too well, because one of them may become a Cylon player during the Sleeper Agent phase. Performing exceptionally well as a human may make winning the game more difficult for a player who switches over to the Cylon side. So the rulebook tells me to play like that. It can't be against the spirit of the game then, can it? And you keep saying I hope to become a cylon. I never hope to become one. I prefer the games where I am human all game. And I don't see how trying to win the game is bad sportsmanship. Doing 3 blind jumps in a few game turns using newBaltar and Cain, is doing way too good for the humans. I prefer to bring the game to the sleeper phase in a way that I can still win the game, however my second loyalty card turns out. I don't play in the hopes of becoming a cylon, I play in the hopes of winning, whatever my loyalty is.
  11. You are overreacting. Take this example: Distance = 3, jump prep has advanced 2 spaces this cycle. Space is calm, it's one of those moments in the game where you don't have to put out fires but can build up resources for future challenges. The admiral has 1 nuke left. It's my turn, and I receive the card "build nuke". Let's assume that the best human play would be to build the nuke. I would not do it. I would do something else good for the humans, or would draw cards in the press room, or whatever. By my next turn, I would know my second loyalty card and would still hold the "build nuke", so I could play it then. I didn't harm the humans by my play. I didn't sabotage anything. I just made sure that if I turn cylon, I would still hold a 6 value blue card to sabotage an important skill check, and I didn't give the humans an extra nuke token. If I stay human, I will still build the nuke later and no real harm would be done. What is unsportsmanlike about that play? I don't cheat, I don't go in against the spirit of BSG. (What Baltar and Zarek did in the show ... even apollo choosing for politics was a selfish choice when the fleet needed the best pilots in the cockpits.) I just try to win however the game turns out, and no, I will not help the cylons in the hope of becoming one. I just don't invest all my trump cards before the sleeper phase if they can just as well be kept until after the sleeper phase without a real impact on the human chances to win.
  12. I did not say play like a cylon while you're human. Just to play for yourself until you know. You have more chance to stay a human than to become a cylon, so you should definitely help the humans, but you shouldn't help them too much if you can wait to give that same help until after the sleeper phase. What I mean by this: - Keep your once per game until you know what team to use it for. (especially for characters like boomer, starbucks, helo, anders, chief, Dee, Cain, ... ) - Try to have others contribute to the skill checks right before the sleeper phase, instead of contributing all your cards yourself.
  13. yes, we do use the CFB. Our strategy is to use communications to get the civvies to the space areas near the launch tubes and then use either command to escort them with unmanned vipers or just have a pilot jump out (especially the cag with his extra unmanned viper activations) to escort them. In any case, the vipers don't do much space combat so there isn't much need for piloting cards. In 3-4 player games, Anders is enough as a pilot, sometimes combined with Helo as a military. In 5 to 7 player games, Anders can be an excellent second pilot who can jump in a viper only after the other pilot has turned cylon. Two "real" pilots (with 2 piloting skill) in those games again results in too many piloting skill cards. Look at it like this: I have often seen Apollo have 5 or more piloting cards in his hands, but I have never seen him with that many of any other kind. I don't say Apollo is bad. He's really good. But I don't think he's soooo powerful as some people claim him to be. And he doesn't really fit my play style. And I'm not alone with that opinion: In my play group, it is often only the 3rd or 4th player who picks a pilot (after military, political and/or a support). And the pilots who saw most play time are Starbuck and Boomer (both a "stronger" OPG than Apollo), who must be about tied, and then Anders (most of the time as second pilot if there is one). I think only Kat saw less table time than Apollo. In my book, Apollo would only be overpowered if his skill set would be 2 Leadership, 1 Tactics and choose: 2 Piloting/Politics (then he could avoid overdrawing piloting AND could draw politics without putting his ExO ability at risk) and if his once per game could be used for bad more easily. As he is now, he's good but not overpowered.
  14. About the topic in the original post: If I were Cain or New Baltar, I would never help humans that well before sleeper fase and screw myself if I become cylon. You have to stay a tiny bit selfish before sleeper fase.
  15. I love anders: with the pegasus, we don't pilot many vipers, so it's great to be able to pick a pilot that doesn't have to pick red.
  16. Did you get this idea from LotR LCG? It does look much like the initial threat of the chosen heroes.
  17. Ok, I'll post my opinion on this. First: Why I think they don't perfectly balance out characters: 1) This is actually hard to do, if you want the different characters be different enough. 2) In certain games, flavour is important, and sometimes is has priority over game mechanics. 3) To provide something for every type of player. Some people want to win above everything, so they always want to play the best card/character/race, whatever ... Other players prefer to have a great game experience, regardless of winning or loosing (although winning adds to the greatness of the experience), and other people prefer simplicity in decisions (with apollo, already at the receive skill cards step, you have to make decisions) because they play to have fun with the people they play with but are not hardcore gamers (great meta game experience). Some people will play this game only as a 3 player game, and others will play it as a 6 player game every time. Some people want a lot of variation, while others prefer to go through the same steps of what has been established as optimal play. I don't think they wanted a power creep to sell more expansions, because some of the lesser characters (I'll go by common standards) were in the expansions: Kat and Anders? Now about the evaluation of characters: I don't agree with most people on this: - I love anders with the addition of the pegasus ship. Those extra guns allow for less pilots to be in the air. So you don't really need much piloting skill cards, and with anders you can choose to pick none. You can pick him when you don't want to pilot or support but are forced to take a pilot or support by character selection rules. In 3-4 player games, his once per game is better: with less players, the chances increase that the crucial roll will be on your turn. Also, his weakness is smaller in smaller games: you still go without skill cards on your first turn, but your second turn will come sooner. - I dislike apollo more than most: His once per game is not all that usefull as a cylon. And drawing 2 red every turn is often too much, and leaves you with too little other cards. But I agree: his AVP is great and potentially drawing 4 skill sets is excellent. If his skill set were to be 2 leadership, 1 tactics and choice 2 politics/2 piloting he would be better for me ... and more thematic, as he was either a politician or a pilot, but he was a leader in both situations. - Cain is very popular in my play group, so she has seen a lot of play. I understand why people consider her very powerful. Her once per game is excellent and helps the humans a great deal by shaving of a whole jump cycle. Yet, lately I've come to see a lot of games where her OPG never gets played. A few people had played it before the sleeper phase, to end up cylon afterwards and loosing because the blind jump had helped humans too much. So now Cain waits until after the sleeper phase. This makes the ability slightly worse because. 1) Somehow, people give less XO after the sleeper phase until all cylons are out. So it's harder for Cain to jump when the marker is at the start of the track. 2) It leaves less jumps after her action to plot a perfect course to the destination. I mean, if the sleeper occurs at a jump to 5 distance, and her blind jump gives you a distance 2, you still need 2 jump cycles (the first of them needs to be scouted for a 1 distance to not waste resources). If you would have taken your time to scout before the jump, you could have taken the same number of jump cycles to end the game. 3) If a cylon Cain wants to stay hidden after the sleeper phase, she will still be forced to use the ability ... if she doesn't, people will suspect she's a cylon anyway. And as a conclusion: If you want a solution that helps the player who takes a 'weaker' character and punishes a player who takes a strong character, I have one for if you play with the ionian nebula: Divide your characters in 3 categories: strong, medium and weak. Strong characters start the game with 4 trauma tokens, medium with 3 and weak with 2. (if this isn't enoughm go to 5 categories, with 5 to 1 starting tokens) That way, strong characters will be forced to play less optimal to get rid of the excess tokens that are bad for them, while weak characters can almost ignore them and focus on what has real importance.
  18. what I find even more remarkable is that while the expansions have made the game better, they did not make the base game cards obsolete. Expansion player cards did not make base game quests unplayably easy, and the expansion quests did not make the base game cards powerless. Nothern tracker is still good, so is sneak attack, gandalf, unexpected courage, feint, steward of gondor, … just to name a few. Dol guldur is still hard, even with all the new cards.
  19. I am definately D I love to try out new things and combining cards. I like to win and build a good deck, but I will definately sacrifice that to try out something new. I don't care much about theme. I think it is nice that the art is pretty, but that is not at all why I play.
  20. Question: Why would you need extra resources in a deck with only 0 and 1 cost cards?
  21. richsabre said: i really do think the faq at least needs stickied- i mean new players are going to play PoL wrong until someone points it out to them…unless they put a slip in new core sets with a link to the faq pdf file rich richsabre said: i mean new players are going to play PoL wrong until someone points it out to them… Is this really a problem? I don't care what other players do in their own living room or in their local game store. Whenever there will be tournament play or whatever, the people participating in that will find their way to the faq very quickly. And if a new player joins your playgroup and plays this wrong, you can gently point him in the direction of the faq.
  22. However, it now becomes useful to add a second or even a third PoL on the same hero.
  23. Indeed: Action: Discard a card from your hand to give attached hero +1 Defense or +1 Willpower until the end of the phase.
  24. what they could have done, and in my opinion should have done, is release an expansion for 3-4 players, including 2 threat trackers, a few more wound, resource and travel tokens and the "missing" cards. It could have been sold for quite a good price, like only 5 dollars/euros less than the base game and would have sold very well. But now that many have bought a second (and some even third) base game, that ship has sailed. Anyway, I am one of those people who bought a second game. I can now accomodate 4 player games, I have more cards and more possibilities. With all the other expansions in my collection, I can now keep about 6 or 7 decent decks alive, allowing choice, variation, etc … without having to do deckbuilding all the time. Some of my decks work well solo, others are made to work well in multiplayer. When I arrive at my local game store, and they start a game, we can always find decks that match. If we'd all have just one deck, we probably would not be able to play, because everyone would have a hero that someone else has already. With only one core set, I would not be able to keep 6-7 decks ready,p but only 3-4. So I don't regret buying the second set.
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