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  1. Page 25 of the rules has a paragraph near the end of the page that is a bit strange. It states "for game purposes a 'ranged combat turn' is a subset of a 'combat turn'a any ability that references may interact with ranged and non ranged combat turns." Retreating is the only thing I can think of that is an ability that refers to combat turn. Does that meanyou can retreat your warlord during ranged combat? If not what is this refering to?
  2. Here is my feed back on this new addition. Things I liked: Evasion skill(Simple and makes sense), Psyker Powers(at least when compared to Dark Heresy 1st ed). Beginning Affiliations (I like the idea of maybe being an Adept working for the Adeptus Arbites and other possibilities.) Things I do not like: Lack of Lore Skills(I liked having different Ordos with different specialties), AP System(totally did not expect a whole new system, was hoping it would just be closer to Only War or other 40k products. I mix them a lot and there is no way I am buying all of those books again once you start going into Rogue Trader 2nd ect, and I do not buy that you will not do that if people start to go for this new system it is inevitable) Generic Class Names (Mystic- Sounds like a Heretical Sorcerer to me, Warrior- Is this a Fantasy Game? 40k has some very unique and very Iconic characters and these did not fit the bill.) Will I be buying this? No. I had hoped for more of a 1.5 than a 2.0 I guess. My suggestion, do not fix what isn't broken, focus on making Dark Heresy closer to Deathwatch, Rogue Trader, and later 40k RPG products and you would have my money...again.
  3. In the Beta it was a maneuver to disengage melee, they seem to have removed that. I may house-rule that back in, but I am about to run my first session since beta tomorrow so I will test it out without that.
  4. I bought Cataclysm tonight, and me and another regular at my local game store decided to baby step through the new rotation a bit with a Head to Head match. I played Chaos using some of the card from the new x-pac and he played Orks using basicly just the core set. We drew the fulcrum that grants 2 dominance, but you loose one when you take it. I forget the name, but I think this one might not be good for a simple Head to Head. I won pretty handedly being able to maintain control of the Fulcrum for 4 rounds getting 2 dominance at the end of each round stage. Other than that I really like the system, I am looking forward to playing a group match soon. The round rotation seems spot on for this kind of play, though I had expected maybe new capital boards or something really new.
  5. I do it that way and I also use the advantages to trigger any special abilities, I do this more with Nemesis leve NPCs rather than Henchmen though.
  6. Really splitting hairs here. I was just letting the guy know there is fanatasy system out there. If anything it is a place to start.
  7. Its not that differant, but sure if you have the time do it. Time=Money for me.
  8. You want a fantasy version? Its called Warhammer Fantasy.
  9. One thing about this system is that it really encourages creativity. In some instances if you failed a check yet got a net advantage I might see a weapon quality being activated. As with all RPGs, whats in the book is a guideline and should not be a limited list of options.
  10. I played up to the second chapter of the Kryat Dragon mod in the back of the book as a Trandoshan Maruader. I pumped my brawn up to 5 using my 90 exp. I knew this could be potentionally risky, especially not knowing what the other players would bring, but it paid off. I found this combination to be very effective in melee, and having perception rank 1 from my race at least allowed me to notice some things, even if I knew nothing about them. Even against ranged enemies, my soak allowed me to close the distance and do some damage. In the future I probably will just go 4 brawn and get my agility up a bit, starting with 1 was a bit of a blow, but I got lucky with a roll. In general I really like this system. I never played Warhammer Fantasy, but I have played many other games. The dice really allow for a creative story and more than just a number crunch. I am still not sure how I feel about not having levels, but so far it seems like it will work.
  11. Thanks. There was some Terms of Agreement I had to sign to get on these forums, so I thought maybe there may have been some issues. Thanks.
  12. I enjoy some organized play. I think it would be easy to implement with Star Wars, and since Star Wars is so recognizeable it would be easy to lure in new players, possibly even people that are new to RPGs in general. This system seems to be a bit more Theatre of the Mind than say Pathfinder, so the modules would probably have to be a bit more loose and allow the GM some freedom. Which I think could be a good thing.
  13. Is there a place on these forums to play by post, or is it allowed to play by post somewhere else. I am sure it is covered in the terms of agreement, but I have a hard time cutting through lawyer double speak.
  14. This is an interesting idea, and I must say it would follow the theme of Guerilla warfare types who have a strange mix of skills and are not necessarily professional soldiers with a strict skill set.
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