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  1. I plan to use the unmarked map when I run that adventure. Thank you for the write-ups and the interesting character descriptions.
  2. They way I read it, players are supposed to know the TN before rolling the dice. The GM can withhold that information and give them a Void Point in return. So, yes, it is fun and an easy way to hand out VP at the same time.
  3. I must have missed that. The only reference to his „special situation“ I found, was on p.12 as he "has been instructed to successfully become samurai, or commit ritual suicide to atone for the shame." Are his repeated failures mentioned somewhere else?
  4. I had the same idea and went to work, using gareth_lazelle's symbol font, blank dice and stickers. For the sixth side I chose the Clan Mon. I like the result and will try them next week.
  5. I imagine that Eva has taken cover and just sits out this round, while Barry scans then room. Also: If Barry has Line of Sight at Eva when she activates, he should have had LoS when he declared Overwatch. So if he actually wanted to shoot her, he shouldn't have declared Overwatch.
  6. Carlos Castaneda said: Yes, Zor'ka chooses the tatget, but all characters that can be targeted are shot simultaneously: Zor'ka hits a character near her, but she always shoots the characters (friends o foes) within 3 circles of the target, near Voivodes, and near Smiljan Module too without choise. I don't remember if characters within 3 circles of the target of Voivodes/Smilian Module are hit too using magnifier... Strictly by the rules (Revised, p.57) it should work like this: 1) Zor'ka targets and attacks one character that is adjacent to her, any Voivodes or a Similjan Coil (or on a coil). 2) After the first attack is complete, if there are any other characters (friend or enemy) within three circles of the targeted character, a Magnifier attack must be rolled for each of these characters. Line of Sight is not needed for these extra attacks. As ??! wrote, Zor'ka herself and Voivodes are immune
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