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  1. So, according to the campaign rules, if I lose a hero, then I am allowed to add in a different hero, but all players get a +1 penalty. If, later, that Hero comes back to life (with Beyond All Hope), then I can swap that hero back in without an (additional) +1 penalty. Here's the question - was my original +1 penalty for there being a dead hero (in which case I would no longer have any penalty, as I no longer have a dead hero), or for swapping heroes (in which case I would still have a +1 penalty, though I'm back to my original team, since I haven't undone the fact that I swapped heroes to a non-dead one earlier)?
  2. Sure enough, looks like there will be an errata to correct it in the future. (As a note, I did have him appear - didn't notice this until later when I was skimming over the FAQs.)
  3. So, according to the FAQs: (1.14) The word “cannot” If a card effect uses the word “cannot”, then it is an absolute: that effect cannot be overridden by other effects. In the Road Darkens, Doom, Doom, Doom says: "Forced: At the end of the quest phase, remove 1 damage token from Doom, Doom, Doom. Then, if there are no damage tokens here, add The Balrog to the staging area." Now, when I played through the scenario, the final damage marker was removed in a means other than through Doom, Doom, Doom's text - I believe it was a Moria Orc. So, technically, does this mean that since the first half of Doom, Doom, Doom's text could no longer resolve successfully (you can't remove a damage token), that the second half (where the Balrog comes and smashes you) can no longer resolve?
  4. Thanks! I thought that I had read something about that, but I didn't see it when I flipped back through the rules, nor did I see it in the FAQ's. Thanks again!
  5. So, we were playing a 4-player game today. One of the players was quickly eliminated. For the rest of the game, do we still flip 4 cards from the Encounter Deck during the Quest phase? Also, we were using the location with X threat where X = the number of players in the game. Does this remain 4, even though only 3 players are still playing? Thanks!
  6. If I read your question correctly, then yes, you can get it for free. The coins just are trade that when paying for a tech you are allowed to keep. Keep in mind, though, you have to spend ALL of your trade when you buy a tech. So, in the case where the number of coins you have equals the number of trade you have AND you have enough to pay for the tech, then you get your new tech and stay at the same trade level.
  7. I agree that they're not especially prominent in the game but, as stated previously, I think that that is to stay in line with the show where they really were used for scouting, etc, and so they attempted to give them that role in the game. Using them for more ability to scout before jumps might be nice, though. Letting you look at and remove (if desired) the top jump location or something like that.
  8. I do not believe you get a great person at all. I believe that you get an army figure.
  9. Yeah, we also just played with everything besides the New Caprica location, and everything seemed to flow really smoothly. No major issues with putting it all together.
  10. Good point on not triggering the pass. I think that we overlooked that part when we played... of course the cylons won anyway, so I guess it all worked out "for the best"...
  11. In the game we played, both of the players were able to acheive space victory in the same turn - who won? Is it a tie, or is there a tiebreaker that we didn't see in the rules?
  12. I think that Wild West would be cool, as I haven't seen much implementation of that theme anywhere. I personally think that there are plenty of zombie games out there, though, so I'm not really rushing for more of those. Superhero I'm also on board with, though - they've done Marvel, now maybe they can get a DC license. : )
  13. I just got this for Christmas, and one of my favorite parts of it is that it should be immensely replayable. Between the variant and the special cards, there are several different ways to play and once you and your opponent know the game well, I imagine that will just lead to deeper strategies including more bluffing.
  14. I picked it up in the holiday sale for $5, too, and I was really happy with it. I didn't really expect much (because of the price), but I was very pleasantly surprised. From what I could tell, it seemed to follow the literature well, but I'm more of a gamer than a reader, so you may not trust my opinion very much.
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