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  1. Just want to confirm with who bought FotB expansion: I remembered there are 36 operation cards in Base, Normandy and Fox totally. But the operation cards in FotB is start from No. 38, you also don't have No.37, correct? Thank you!
  2. I think it is an errata. Since the card with similar behavior are all "Command Phase".
  3. Seemed all the other cards contain "Place in your play area" are "Command Phase", but VETERAN TANK CREW is "Action Phase".
  4. Cyscott1 said: Can't change any dice the way I read it. Sigh... Any offical answer?
  5. LEAD THE WAY says: "The first squard you activate each round can move up to 6 spaces and fire". What does "6 spaces" mean here? 6 movement point? Or 6 hex ignoring the effort of terrain?
  6. ARMOR-PIERCING AMMO says: "reduce the vehicle's armor by 1 as well as the benefits of thick/extra thick armor". Thick Armor: After defence dice are rolled, change one defence dice into "6" result. Extra Thick Armor :After defence dice are rolled, change two defence dice into "6" result. Does this card means, reduce armor by 1 and Thick Armor can change "ZERO" defence dice and Extra Thick Armor can change "ONE" defence dice?
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