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  1. Checked my Target in Durham (South Square) NC -- no boosters or starters in any of the CCG / games / cards sections.
  2. Sturn said: Perhaps a playmat/cheat sheet? I like this idea -- a cheat sheet for a career's ability tech tree, rather than having each ability on a separate card. Good discussion, everyone.
  3. I have run the Beta once thus far. Both me and my players really loved the thematic narrative style. That said, I had a bad experience with the FFG Warhammer RPG and its plethora of tokens and tiny cards. Some people love them, but my me and my players didn't. They were too fiddly and took too much time to set up, utilize, put away, and store. They were more of a joke than an asset to the game. Now I see that the Beginners Boxed Set will include "8 Destiny Tokens, 35 Character Tokens, and 5 Vehicle Tokens". That might be okay for a learning set, but please try to keep the token bloat to a minimum. I know you guys make great gaming bits. I enjoy them in the X-Wing Minis set.They're fine in a board game. In an RPG, where the focus should be what's in your imagination, don't overwhelm the players with too much stuff on the table. A character sheet with space for notes continues to be a great way to track nearly everything you'd need. (Note that this is my personal feedback, not the opening statement in a debate. Feel free to add your opinion, but I'm not going to argue my point further) Thanks! tensider
  4. Thank you for the advice, everyone. I like the idea of a less experienced set of Witch Hunters perhaps a group dispatched for rumors deemed a minor threat. Since we're new to the game it makes sense to have characters new to their jobs.
  5. Emirikol said: Here's the deal with the advanced careers: * In 2nd edition they were the only way to really advance characters "upwards." In 3e, they're not really even necessary because you can take any basic career, throw one more talent slot on the side (relevant) and call it whatever you want. There are other/additional careers and advanced careers that have been released, but they're not necessary.Jay H I'm going to GM my first WHFRP game next week, so this topic is of particular interest to me. My group would like to play Witch Hunters, or at least one WItch Hunter and his/her assistants. There is a Witch Hunter advanced career card. Can one of my players go straight into using that career, without fiddling with stats? What about a mixed group of some people with advanced character classes and others with basic ones? Is it tough to balance encounters for a mixed party? Thanks!
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