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  1. Hi, I am presently reading my way through Lovecraft's stories but was wondering if there are anymore authors out there basing their stories on the Mythos. I can't seem to locate any suppliers in Britain selling the Dark Water trilogy, but that may be down to my poor search skills! Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated, BTW I recently fought Yog-Sothoth with the Dunwich exp' and 4 Investigators and was ripped to pieces...so I really don't believe victory is a forgone conclusion. Take care, listen to the noises, J
  2. Hello, Cheshire based Investigator here. Just got devoured by Yog-Sothoth, so a little sticky at the moment. Regards JW
  3. Hi, Just googled it and got BGG. Printing colour wrong should be blue!!! Back to it... Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. Hi, Just in the middle of a game and I've got McGlen in Lost Carcosa (Dunwich Board). About to resolve the OW card and checked the colour and I notice one is purple. What the hell is that? I can't seem to find it in the rule book either. Any ideas much appreciated, and apologies if its obvious, Cheers, J
  5. Albeit this thread is a meant to be a gas I still think the way people throw their dice IS fascinating. I have friends who hold a staunch Darwin/Dawkins view of the universe YET will kiss, talk to, blow on, rattle in their hands flamboyantly and shout strange oaths before casting their dice forth. They refuse to take dice from the common pot trusting only their own and will regularly change a die if it throws poorly over consecutive bouts. I have witnessed terrible cursing when players have inadvertantly thrown alien dice, not their own, then demanded a reroll because quite obviously the alien dice were not attuned to them...they had no relationship, a terrible mistake, a one night throw. Me, I usually throw my dice down in disgust (secretly hoping for a nice surprise) for after 20 + years of chronic dice play I KNOW i'm cursed. Be furtive, listen to the noises J
  6. Salute, Adventure: Arkham Horror + Dunwich Expansion A couple of questions came up last night which I winged but thought I'd ask just for clarity. A) I pulled a Mythos card that stated investigators could exchange items during Upkeep even if they were not in the same location. At the time I had two investigators in different OW locations. I desperately needed to exchange weapons with them with investigators still in Arkham. It felt wrong to exchange across dimensional boundaries even if the cards text if taken literally seemed to allow this exchange. I chose not to allow it in this case but of course allowed exchange in Arkham to take place as per the card. Was I right? Or could I exchange items no matter where investigators were located. B) Can Investigator's choose their Ally card or is it always random (other than fixed pos'). I notice it states Investigators can look through Ally deck prior to start of game. Even if the Ally card was there it's still slim odds you will get it by random acquisition. Sorry if these have already been answered a thousand times before. Your input will be gratefully appreciated. Be furtive, watch the shadows... J
  7. Hello, I am lurking in the town of Sandbach in Cheshire (United Kingdom). Thanks for the location marker. J
  8. Greetings fellow furtive Investigators and marooners of forbidden knowledge, I require reassurance. My steadfast and much esteemed colleague, Mr Harvey Walters, had travelled through the damnable Dreamlands and returned to close the Gate. The tireless and oh so determined Mandy Thompson (the mere mention of her name is a cause for me to unashamedly swoon) had entered the Dreamlands Gate location in the Woods after Harvey had appeared. She was confronted not only with a dishevelled and gasping Mr Walters (hiding beneath a pile of cankered old curtains, I may add) but also two nefarious fiends from the abyss (a Cthonian and a Mi-go, no less). She held her nerve and hefting her trusty chromium flame thrower from her Art Deco handbag , the ignition flame causing shadows to dance playfully across her silk blouse...ugh, cough...she let loose the fires of hell. The Cthonian was fried, its blackened carcass collapsing into a mushroom cloud of ash. The Mi-go too was despatched utilising the sabre and handgun. ****, Mandy you are without doubt the best. I am ashamed to say, for one reason or another, I had a momentary lapse of concentration. Harvey was to close the Gate and seal it giving us 5 gates closed (an important moment for all of us). Would I lose blessed Mandy though? I had made her enter a location with a Gate that was about to be sealed for good leaving her to battle her way through the Dreamlands and (if she prevailed) end up delayed in Lost in Time and Space. I felt such a fool. She gave me a withering stare from the board that felt not unlike an icicle knife puncturing my lower bowels. I was abashed. Yet...and yet I suddenly remembered the turn order. Following the turn order Harvey was to go first during the Arkham Encounters phase. He promptly and with his usual ridiculous arm waving and manic incantations (theatrical flapper if ever I saw one) closed and sealed the gate with five keys. Mandy, saved from the Dreamlands Gate now went on to eventually close and seal the sixth gate and so save the world from Cthulhu. I hope I got this procedure correct. It is a strategy I will use again to clear locations of monsters when Investigators return to close gates. PS Mandy has forgiven me for my terrible oversight and we are just about talking again. I refuelled her flamethrower canisters...which helped. Farewell brothers and sister quietly saving the world from the abyss
  9. Hello, I am starting finally to get how this game works! I have so far played ten solo games versus Yig, Azathoth, Yog-Sothoth and Ithaqua. The first three games were all about understanding the rules and how they fit together to produce a coherent challenge. I was at first somewhat overwhelmed by the volume of rules and the detailed range of actions dependent on circumstance and character. Also, and most alarming, was how certain rules and game-play changed throughout the adventure dependent on what cards were drawn (I’m thinking Environment and Rumour cards here in particular). I needed that Gestalt moment when the queasily undulating morass of rules and counter-rules suddenly becomes transparent and a clear pattern and direction discerned. I must admit I had some initial doubts. Cripes-almighty, I thought, I’ve spent all this money, especially during a period of economic downfall and the possible end of civilization as we know it, on a game that is too difficult to grasp let alone play and win. Where was the Gestalt moment? I was playing too quickly, too critically and too...angrily! Why could I not get the action/flow right? Why did there have to be rule changes cropping up throughout that are so easily forgot. Forgot that is until a superb set of decisions and dice play put a smile on your face only for it to falter when you remember the new Environment Rule meant all those successes were in fact FAILURES! ****, those first games were a struggle. I actually lost my temper playing solo. I have played numerous board games though and consequently knew perseverance was the key. I kind of new there was a good game here because I would get the itch to replay it days after I had packed it away downcast and trying not to admit to myself that it was defeating me. I was pushing too hard to have fun. It’s like some thug sticking their tattooed fist in your face and screaming: “Enjoy yourself, you squid!” With the best will in the world it isn’t going to happen. Anyhow, to provide a little context I had a close friend die recently. He was my adversary during many games of Memoir 44, Zombies!!! and Call of Cathulhu RPG. He had struggled with a particular savage version of MS and I had watched him over these years physically diminish as his nervous system was relentlessly destroyed by the MS. He is no longer with us and I will miss him so much. Anyhow, I got to thinking that what I needed was an immersive game to fall into head first and help to distract that ever thinking machine called a brain in my head. Arkham Horror suddenly jumped off the catalogue page at me slavering and wrapping its tentacles around my throat. I guess that is why those first games were therefore so difficult. I demanded immersion before the Gestalt moment and consequently ended up becoming frustrated and angry. Perseverance and patience does pay though and I finally GET the game. I think I needed to win just one game first so I could relax and explore without a sense of urgency the games mechanics. I can now accept that sometimes the **** cards and dice are just not your friends and will deliver fatal body blows even when you are on your knees with your hands clasped and pleading for mercy. It is without doubt a great and fascinating game that evolves and broadens with each play. It is an unfolding story and I actually CARE about what happens to my investigators during the adventure (until they throw 11 ones and twos that is). I am immersed and thoroughly loving the unimaginable horror, Take extra care out there investigators, j
  10. Cheers for the prompt replies...doom tokens even on location encounters, ouch! Just pushed my doom track up to 10 versus Ithaqua. The Investigators look a tad anxious...
  11. Hello, When a Gate appears via an location encounter do you place a counter on the Doom Track as in the Mythos Phase? When shopping what happens when you do not want the items drawn? Are you forced to buy one, say the cheapest (a terrible waste of hard earned cash) or can you discard them all. If so do you then go on to have an encounter in that location. I have a vague feeling that when I introduce this game to friends I will get some who will sit in the Curiosity Shop pulling cards until they get the Elder Sign card. Not sure how to head this off before it happens. Got my head around the rules mostly and what a great game it is. Won my first game recently and was beaming for the rest of the day. Take care one and all, J
  12. Hello, Just starting a solo game versus Yog Sothoth. I have your music/ambience playing in the background and it sets the scene perfectly. You are a genius! Thank you again. I believe creating the right atmosphere for these immersive games (particularly RPG's) is an absolute must if the experience is to match the theme. You have more than helped to achieve this. I have been playing to Nekton Falls (Celestial Dragon records) which is more than alittle creepy but not 1920's thematic. Like the thunder! Cheers, J
  13. Unbelievable, the Encounter Vincent pulled was Pass a Speed(-2) check and return to Arkham. Nice, I thought until I realised I'd put his speed at 0 to increase his Sneak for fear of monsters appearing. He's lost in time a space now. Gate closed though, silver lining I guess. Bish, bash, bosh!
  14. Thanks for the prompt reply!!! Aghhhhhhhhhhhh, comes to mind. I knew at some deep cellular level that an Encounter should be expected but, but, but...savage game! I will now go and put Vincent through his 3 encounters...gulp! Thank you J
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