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  1. Dear Battlebrothers, As we have just started a new Campain: I have a new Iron Hands Libarian and i am planning to lear the psychic Power "Deus ex Ferrum". The Text is: " Iron Hands Psychic Powers Deus Ex Ferrum Cost: 1000 xp Prerequisite: WP 40+ Action: Full Opposed: No Range: 1 metre radius x PR Sustained: Yes Description: The Iron Hands Librarian focuses his mind and links his iron will to the strength of his augmetics, bolstering himself and his allies. The Librarian and a number of BattleBrothers equal to his Psy Rating within a number of metres of the Librarian equal to his Psy Rating gain a +10 bonus to both Strength and Toughness. This bonus is increased by +5 for every cybernetic possessed by the affected Space Marine (The Flesh Is Weak Talent counts its level towards these requirements). If used at the Unfettered Level, this Power is a Half Action. If used at the Push Level, this Power is a Free Action. " So at the start of my turn i cast the spell with Push Level. So does that mean that i have my complete turn left for action? Or do i have to "spare" a half action up? (i hope not) And does the spell keeps up until my next turn and THEN i may decide to spend a half action to substain the spell? Is this all correct as i am new with Psy Powers? Thanks
  2. Yes, i would see it also this way, but: would also mean, that it cannot be combined with Lightning attack? Or am i wrong there?
  3. Away from +60 to -60: Can i use the Psychic extra Damage for Force weapons more often than once per turn?(Counterattack, Swiftattack etc) That would be something i am very interessted in!
  4. I also see it this way. In my last campain i "only" gave them 3 Attacks. But in future i will proceed with 5. *muuhahhhahhauuuh*
  5. Hi High Court of Deathwatch, i have some question on the Genestealer rules: 1. How many attacks do you give them? They have Lightning Attack, Ambidex and Two Weapon Wielder, so i would give them 4 Attacks BUT they habe multiple Arms(also the Talent), so do you give them 6 Attacks? (3 from Lightning Attack +1 from each additional Limb?) 2. I do not think there is any other creature which has as many different rules than the Genestealer? I am just curios: What rules do you use? I prefer the rules from "the Emperor protects" as they are IMO the most powerfull ones. Thanks for your answers exspecially for Question 1.)
  6. Hi all, i have been playing Deathwatch for a while. But now we have an Techmarine in the Kill Team and i have some Qestions. 1.) Is a Techmarine allowed to wear a Jumppack? Expecially with his Servo Harness. 2.) If a TM has some Mechantres, lets say 2 Times Plasma Pistols. Is he allowed to fire them AND make a Swift Attack e.g.? 3.) This is not TM related. If i use Weapon with 2 Dices and both show a 10 i just roll another dice for Right. Fury.. But am i suposed to do when this guy is an Xeno, do i roll both dice for damage? Thanks!
  7. B3stie

    the inner tier

    That is also my concern… Has anyone an idea?
  8. Wow, i think you are right! Thanks for the correction!
  9. Hello, Me and my friend, who played yesterday are very experienced in Talisman(since 15 years or something like this). So the rules where very fast explained. We played the first scenario(Mystery beyoned) with 3 players. Setup was: Sister Sororitas, Inquisitor Malleus and the Techpriest. After the frist few turns the Techpries was so demoralisied (Dices and Cards), that we allowed him to draw another character and so he played withe the rouge trader. The gameflow was like this: The Inquistor managed to get some really easy missions and was in turn 5-6 the owner of a relic(a stormhammer), soon managed to smash some foes and leveled up really fast. He was level 8 while the others where level 2-4. But then the sister soritas took the chance(meanwhile level 8) to enter the inner circle, both other characters behind him. She died, then died the Inquistor and in the end the level 4 rouge trader(with a amazing relic, giving him a powercard every turn) won the game. This was a supprise! So my thoughts/tips: - First of all: Shuffle the card decks REALLY good, they seemed to be orderd in some way(we saw no single eldar eg.) - The standard assets(Power Sword, Stormbolter, etc) where very fast very uninterresing - that was pity. We managed to get 2 Relic weapons really fast and so the standard assets where reduced to gadgets, only usefull in very few moments. -There was very few interaction, also the mission cards gave us very few oppurtunities to deal with the others. There where allys who could drain life from the other agends(under special circumstances), and corruption that worked in a similiar way but i missed the interaction a lot - There was much infuluence in the game(many chances to get 1D6 Infulence and many enemys dropped Influence) and you got only few moments to spend it - The missons were very funny as we where hunting for the relics -there seemed[i did not check it really] no card to be doubled(except power cards), so we are talking about a LOT unique cards - very good! -The game lasted a bit over three hours - why ist there printed in the box 1-2 hours??? That seems to be a FFG thing. -There where challeging enemys also in the endgame! Very good! - There were so many threat cards that we only used 2/3 of them that is also nice! - The exploding 6 is a very nice mechanic, so was every battle a bit exciting Fazit: I am not disappointed! The game is very funny, easy to learn[and easy to master har har]. I look forward to expansions and many matches in future. Please excuse typings and my english! Best wishes
  10. It hit Germany/Düsseldorf yesterday and i allready played a party.
  11. Thanks, no need to be sorry!
  12. Hi Folks, the title says everything. When will be the shipping in germany. After buying a lots of FFG Products i made the experience that it always took a while before i had the books/games in my hand. Cheers
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