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  1. hey there everyone, just had a quick rules question about Claude's ability 'CROSS COUNTER' it states: +4attack / -2 Defense question in mind: i understand the +4 attack, BUT does the (-2 Defense) signify a negative to CLAUDE, OR a negative affect when attacking a target model? thanks for anyones help
  2. another question, but this time it has to do with area effects of Ranged Attacks: i understand the rules for melee, but for range, for example through Daniella's Divine Flames: 1. it says when i hit a target (not targets), any target within 3" of hit target suffers the attack. do i need to roll against those other opponents DEF? and do they have a chance to roll for DODGE. 2. or when one get his, ALL get hit without a chance DODGE roll (except for the one who was targeted?)
  3. also had a quick question about Olson's Kings Tower: it says it is a Ki, Effect, Reactive. i understand the rules of this, but what i wanted to know is if a player cast King Tower on Olson against a melee attack, can he then proceed to spend more AP to beef up his DEF forcing the other opponent to roll crit-hit?
  4. are gnosis points apart of the actions of a unit which generate each turn? or do gnosis points exist in another pool which you take from to boost rolls? also i just bought Kirsten and The Colonel and had some questions about their abilities: For Vodka, i understand it is a Reactive range attack, after the opponent gets the charge off and taking some heat from Kirsten, can Kirsten still make a counter attack or dodge? For ABSOLUTE SUPERIORITY, can The Colonel use this against range attacks, and can he still use AP to dodge and counter attack if his opponent passes the Effect 14?
  5. hey there again everyone, i just had a question about effect counters if they are Level 1. scenario for question: -Chesire v Vayl -Chesire uses points to attack Vayl and misses two attacks -Vayl gets the drop on Chesire and damages him with the bonus of Lv 1 SLOW. -Turn ends *QUESTION: seeing that a new turn is about to begin, and that counters must be taken off during phase before acting, does SLOW affect CHESIRE this NEW turn?
  6. thanks so much for the info. it really clears up alot of issues i had. no more brain pondering until the next issue comes about. once again. thanks!
  7. hey there everyone. im new to the Anima Tactics game and had my first full day of playing the starter kit a day ago. i also picked up two prowler minis, Kyler and Vayl and had a question about using one of their skills that involved being "hidden" KYLER'S: Oblidion has to do with him being hidden so that he can use this skill. this is what i wanted to know: when Kyler is hidden can he use an (1) AP to move into contact with an enemy and then drop (2) AP for the skill against the target. -or does an opponent have to move into contact with him. thanks for you help guys.
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