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  1. temple guard ability Action: Spend 1 resource to redirect the next 2 damage dealt to target unit you control to another target unit you control. skinks of sotek Action: When this unit enters play, deal 1 uncancellable damage to target unit the question was I have 2 temple guard in play and 1 resource free opponent plays a skink of sotek targetting temple of guard i pay 1 resource to redirect it to the other temple guard now if my opponent plays another skink targetting the same temple guard, does it redirect this new 1 dmg to the other unit or has the packet dmg fizzled with the previous skink of sotek? Thanks hope this clarifies
  2. Hi there! Im wondering if i trigger the temple guard ability once towards another temple guard and if he got skinked for 1 dmg, does the next 1 dmg assigned to him this turn get transferred again or is the packet damage transfered gone?
  3. Hi there I think this has been covered before but is there any difrence between this and any in the corresping zone? Or is it the same thing that for example wightlord in kingdom can only destroy something in the opposing kingdom. Many thanks
  4. Can you use sheild of the gods to protect a legend being attacked? Thanks peeps
  5. only game i know where ppl want to buy the stuff when it ends
  6. Well said Mig. I too thought that the eternal cycle revived the game and cata plus hidden kingdoms pushed the game to a really good direction. If a new player were to start this game all they needed were these packs and they're good. It seems that the community always had more lurkers than active forum advocates but today goes to show that this game still gets a lot of support from players. One can only hope they retract this knee jerk reaction of canceling it. As you said Mel I love the LCg concept but if this can happen to invasion it can happen to any of the product lines. Kind of defeats the purpose of calling it Living card game.
  7. Meh so it looks like if the game is on deluxe only its chopping block..ugh disgusted.. so much for living card game uuuhh the irony
  8. Tell me about it Doc! Cant believe theyre dropping THIS for some diskgames...ahmygawd Cant compute
  9. I wonder how the polish are taking this. Maybe if they petition enough the game might still live. Any thoughts Virgo?
  10. wow after such a good come back with the mechanics sigh very dissappointed at this.Such a good game mechanic and design,probably should petition for a comeback
  11. I agree it is clunky but when wurrzag has the morglor attached and smashes with a recurring troll vomit it just ends the game like that sadly Feels very helpless
  12. **** i thought the woodelves would be good but meh looks so so, sadly
  13. Yeah they just play diffrently. Cancelling is their strong points but dont expect head on clash like orcs to win. You just need to overload them on indirect damage Btw I love the High Elves
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