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  1. When my group get to that bit, I'd quite happlily let them blow it up. That is if they think of it. I'll just give them a challenging time setting the charges (and aquiring some). Then they'll have to set the correct amount of explosive in the right place. Otherwise they'll risk blowing a large proportion of the city up, or allowing the Broodlord to escape.
  2. We've been playing the original WFRP for 20 years. I finally managed to get the group to switch to 40K with the promise of playing Space Marines. It was also my turn to GM for a while. We had aleady looked at DH and RT, but didn't get that interested until DW came out. We are however using ideas from the other games to flesh out the roleplaying aspect of Deathwatch. As GM at the moment i will award bonus XP's for good roleplaying.
  3. I like to give the team as a whole XP's split equally, but will give bonus points for something special, and good roleplaying. I then use Renown points for rewarding combat successes, as well as any special actions. I haven't been generous enough to give out Honours yet. All of this should be modified to suit the character's abilities or speciality. Mowing down swathes of 'nids is far less impressive for a Devestator than a Marine with a standard Bolter! Likewise new characters should get more rewards for making a good showing alongside established characters. This will help level the group.
  4. Lightbringer said: Another issue is weight. I'm guessing that once we start getting much over 7 foot tall, marine weight is going to increase exponentially. Result? Marines are restricted to the ground floors of any building that's not reinforced; any failure to do that means they start falling through the floors! Don't forget that Astartes physiology is much denser than standard humans. Therefore they will weigh much more than even a 7' tall professional bodybuilder. And that is without the Power Armour!
  5. I'm currently running Final Sanction and am planning to follow that into Oblivion's Edge and mix in Extraction. This will be a long stretch of anyone's ammo. I would expect there to ba a small amount of basic Astartes ammo in any PDF stores for such a situation. This should be easily enough for a Kill Team as it may be expected that a company of Astartes may need to stock up in similar circumstances. So I'm planning on there being a bio locked store with bolt shells etc. I would also imagine that there could be a secure store of ammo in their Drop Pod.
  6. That's Awsome! I spend ages creating a similar one for the original WFRP authough it's not any where near as good as this. Thanks for posting it. I'll try it out with our group and let you know how we get on.
  7. In the current mission I'm running the Kill team dropped from a small local transport with Grav Chutes. I had them make agility tests to land where they wanted, which could have been fun if they had been seperated. Once the mission is finished they'll call for pick up...
  8. I ran this adventure as a prerlude to Final Sanction. It gives you a chance to try out the combat rules and helps set the scene for anyone who doesn't know much about the Deathwatch and the Jericho Reach. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=214&efcid=3&efidt=441728
  9. PopeJon said: you can try: www.behindthename.com, it has literally thousands of names, which you can sort by letter or origin. Just had a look. That is a fantastic site.
  10. H.B.M.C. said: I think it's a fantastic idea... ... for a Radical Campaign in Dark Heresy. ... or someone to uncover and expose in a regular Dark Heresy campaign. ... or someone to hunt down, destroy, purge, burn, sunder and utterly annihilate in a Deathwatch campaign. ... but a good idea nonetheless. Just remember that any Magos or Inquisitor (or Marine) worth his salt would instantly try and have the person who attempted that killed (or worse!). BYE That's a great Idea... The Kill team could be dispatched to assist an Inquisitor who turns out to be a radical (possibly too radical) who has been experimenting with augmenting Space Marines from the Deathwatch or another chapter. This could have gone wrong resulting with some nasty adversaries as they try to shut down the project.
  11. Cheers. that was the main thing i was worried about. We've been playing rthe original Warhammer Fantasy Role Play for 20 years, so we all know the rules and don't ofen look at the rule book these days. So when we decided to switch to DW and as I am the first GM i though id write the intro in the other thread to help us all get used to the mechanics, and set the scene for the guys who haven't bought the rulebook. C
  12. What have you guys used to bring in renforcements to replace dead characters in missions where the team are cut off? In an adventure where the team have no prospect of reinforcement where a member of the team dies I dont want to force the player to sit out. There are ovbvious solutions such as finding a stranded survivor of another team, temporarily allowing the use of an NPC or providing a reinforcement against all odds, but I'm worried sfter a while some of these may be too convenient. Please let me know if you have any other ideas. Cheers C
  13. I set them against each other with no equipment. It took too long as it was too difficult to cause wounds, and when they did they tended to dodge or parry. One of the guys resorted to stunning, and the other guy used a fate point to avoid it. This ended up with the rest of the group getting bored. In hindsight an opposed test or training exercise would have been better. If they must face off I would suggest using a combat blade or similar weapon just to make it easier to wound, and possibly not allowing the use of fate points to avoid anything other than long term effects of criticals. If you were to use a training excercise the rest of the squad could take part, but whoever out of the Dark Angel or Space wolf performs better wins.
  14. That's Cool. we had a go at Squad mode and Solo Mode. I also threw some Hordes of bugs at them along with some bigger ones played as seperate creatures. It went well. Here's an introduction i wrote around it: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=214&efcid=3&efidt=441728 C
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