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  1. I am angry at them for not showing a picture of innsmouth 😃
  2. anyone tried just houseruling this and make it possible to attack two times?
  3. aha, i understand thank you.
  4. What do you mean with "bloated"?
  5. I think its fun but it also seems very random. I does not give player the chance to go and explorer and build thier characters. Instead something will happen that must be solved as an emergancy. I think this is bad. Takes away some of the atmosphere from the game. VIctory or deafeat seems to have alot to do with luck more than skill and planning.
  6. I didnt see any rules explaining movement of patrolers if two areas have the same amount of doom. I used a dice to randomise movement. So the atleast moved. Next turn i did the same so it will atleast move and in that way block areas for investigators movement. Did i miss anything in the rules?
  7. Why play solo with just one investigator, play with at least two. I played with three and it worked pretty well.
  8. Totem of gork and the waagh card seem a little overpowered to be honest. Say you have 3 goblin units out with the totem. You place a waagh. Thats +3 for totem and +6 for the waagh. Anyone have opinions in this?
  9. I just bought the game and played maybe nine times with three different ppl. We all liked it. But it seems that chaos was a little bit hard to play and didnt have the same good mixture of cards as the other teams had. Empire was way to defensive. O&G and dwarfs seemed to me to be the best decks. We havent mixed destruction or order cards to create a deck, but maybe that brings more balance and fun to the game? What expansions are recomended in order to get more alternatives?
  10. I just played as a cylon in a 4 player game. Got my loaylty card from the beginning saying i was a cylon. It seems to me that to try to disturb in a 4 player game as an undercover cylon is hard. Is it a good idea to just reveal pretty quickly and go to the cylon options that is pretty powerfull?
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