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  1. Doorstop technique: ... you then summon the Demon the requisite 2" away and then have it free move into base contact where it makes its basic attack and now the pair are locked in combat... This is not possible. The rules (page 34) clearly state that Summons "must be more than two inch(es) away from any other Character" when they are brought into play. It is therefore not possible to Free Move into base contact immediately after Summoning, unless the enemy is kind enough to move closer before the Summon is Activated. To act as a Doorstop you'd have to pay 1 AP to Walk, as I describe above. You still get to burn people for 3 LP if they don't make the Effect roll, but you won't usually have enough AP to Attack in the first Turn.
  2. The -2 Defense applies to Claude's Defense while the Counterattack is resolved. Normally with a Counterattack, you make a regular Dodge roll. If you aren't hit, you can make a normal Attack at -2 Attack. With Claude's Special Counterattack, he makes a Dodge roll, but his Defense is reduced by 2. Even if he is hit, he still gets to make an Attack afterwards, at +4 Attack. One must also note that the usual modifiers for a Basic Ability still apply to Special Abilities. The Attack made as part of a Counterattack gets a -2 Attack penalty. This combines with Cross Counter's +4 Attack modifier, so the Attack part of Claude's Counterattack will actually be at +2.
  3. Oh! More thoughts! Even without any special AP gain, try this: - On the first Turn when Summoned, Walk the Ignis into base contact with an enemy. This will force them to resist the Fire Aura or take 3 damage, and also locks them down. - On the second Turn, you'll have 3 AP and can make an Inferno Attack (ignores enemy Armour). - On the third Turn, if still around, you'll have 2 AP for a normal Attack. If the enemy dies or runs away, you'll hopefully have enough AP to Charge, or to Walk into base contact with a different enemy. The one good thing about Damage Resistance is that you don't have to save any AP for defence; you can go all-out with offensive moves. You can also use the Ignis to pick on DR Characters with the sequence of moves outlined above, since they can't Dodge either. Use Gnosis on the Attack roll if you use Inferno on a DR Character, as this will allow you to inflict maximum pain.
  4. I haven't played with any Summons yet (waiting on my Valis), but I have heard that Ignis is probably the least useful Summon out there... Still, I can think of a few ways to potentially increase its usefulness. For generating a few more AP: The Plot Advantage Card "Power Source" lets you regen an extra AP on one Character during the Upkeep. Sophia Ilmora is a cheap character with a buff that instantly grants one AP. I find it great for helping along characters with slow AP regen, or those using Upkeep Abilities. If you're playing a Wissenschaft Team (assuming Bellith or Valis as Summoner), you can use Haste counters from The Process on Summons (but not Gears or Hidden Characters). For hitting more often: Don't attack any Character that has AP left to Dodge. Hold off with your Ignis until later in the turn, and pick on anybody who leaves themselves open. Also, save Gnosis to really punish these openings. If your opponent doesn't like leaving units open, then "focus fire" with several lighter attacks first to drain their AP. Swarm! Given their cheap cost, you could potentially have several Ignis running about at once. If you focus on one enemy, you should be able to drain their AP and leave them open to your heavy hitters. Again, Sophia has a buff that raises a friendly unit's Attack by 2. If you're playing an Empire team (assuming Bellith as a Wanderer Summoner), the advantage Combat Mastery means that your Ignis will hit on a 9 or a 10 regardless of the Defence roll. Charging will give you +2 Attack and an extra die, so if you have the AP you should probably take advantage of that. Even with all that... yeah, they have some serious drawbacks. Their Armour and Health are pretty low for a Damage Resistance creature, meaning they can be taken down with only a couple of really solid blows. Their cheap cost seems to be their main advantage, so I might suggest squeezing one in if you have a few points spare. But, as I said, I haven't played with Ignis or any other Summons yet, so perhaps they have some hidden uses that I can't see yet?
  5. ripcord said: I've read the rules but am a bit confused apart from buying a few figures is everythnig else I need (rules wise) in the book? If I was to get a few figures for each side can I play a game with just the information in the book or do I need to collect cards to be able to use the character abilities? You just need the book and a few figures. Each miniature comes with that character's stats on a reference card. Some will also have a second card explaining further abilities, or else they will come with an Advantage Card. The only "card collecting" you may need to do would be to get some extra Advantage Cards, although it's pretty easy to just download and print a few off for quick reference. You might want to check out the Cipher Studios Anima Forum for a more active community: http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/
  6. I've been pinning most of my multi-part figures with a tiny hand-drill and some thin wire. It takes a bit of effort, but will give you a more secure join than just using Green Stuff and superglue.
  7. There aren't an awful lot of suit-wearing characters in Anima. The most Turk-like character is probably Lorenzo, although he has a giant cyber-arm. You could try building a Turks-themed team using Wissenschaft's "Ravens" which would involve: - Lorenzo (nice, clean-cut suit, cyber-arm) - XII (suit is OK but he also has a giant raggedy cloak) - Rayne (nice suit-top, tie, very short skirt) - Female Wissenschaft Agent (similar to Rayne) The Male Wissenschaft Agent would be a great addition to a Turks-themed team, but unfortunately it hasn't been released yet. I was going to post some pictures of my Ravens, but apparently code is disabled on this forum. You can find pictures of these characters on the FFG store, though. Alternatively, you could probably make a pretty good Turks-themed team from the Azur Alliance team "Les Jaeger": - The Colonel - Kirsten - Reindhold - Kyler Both of these options involve you taking the members of an Organisation. Because Lorenzo is Light, you wouldn't be able to take him with a Dark character from a different Organisation, which rules out making a custom group involving Lorenzo and Les Jaeger. Good luck; I hope that helps!
  8. It depends on the type of Agent and the Scenario. The options make them highly variable, but it's rare you'll know the scenario ahead of time in order to ultra-specialise them for a particular purpose. They can also be useful if you have a spare 20 to 35 Levels you can't fit a regular character in, because it gets another body on the field. I find the Wissenschaft Agents to be extremely useful as ranged support, not least of which because my opponent rarely takes them as seriously as a "named" character. This has allowed my Agent to shoot several characters to death. I often activate Agents at the start of a Turn when everyone still has Action Points. It's a bit of a "craps shoot" to actually hit anyone, but it does have the valuable effect of making the enemy spend AP to Dodge, which reduces their ability to use their most powerful moves, and leaves them more vulnerable to my more powerful characters later in the order. I hear that the Empire Agent is one of the most powerful Agents in the game. With the right options, you can turn it into an almost-invulnerable tank. It's like trying to beat a solid lump of steel to death.
  9. I think all modifiers normally need to be declared before rolling the dice. If you had a Special Ability that only added to Damage, you'd need to pay the AP cost before rolling for it. That said, I think it's possible to wait and reveal a Damage-boosting Advantage card AFTER an attack hits... but I think that might be an exception rather than the rule. Special Charges still add all the normal modifiers, on top of whatever the Special Ability description says. So, a Special Charge gets an extra +2 and rolls two dice. A Special Counterattack would get -2 to the Attack roll, plus any bonuses from the Special.
  10. Raith said: ... while the Type 005 failed a dodge roll and was clobbered by Lillian. Don't the Type 005 have Damage Resistance, meaning they can't Dodge? Also, do you have any plans to run an Anima tournament at the Conquest 2011 games convention?
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