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  1. Hidden Kingdoms has single-handedly reinvigorated my interest in W:I. My precious Skaven have languished for far too long!
  2. Mallumo said: On the whole, I think it's wrong to expect the neutral factions to be as powerful as the six main factions. It's just not possible, due to the number of cards alone. The people who like the neutral factions or who want every Warhammer faction to be presented in Invasion equally might not like it, but I really wouldn't expect it to change. That's a fair point, I suppose. Though I do wish FFG would stop printing Skaven cards that seem to be intentionally poor. I used to look forward whenever Skaven cards were revealed to be in coming expansions, but four of five consecutive disappointments have stifled my boyish hopes.
  3. It might just be my love of Skaven talking, but it seems that since the Corruption Cycle ended, the Skaven haven't received any useful cards. Used to be that my Skaven made for a deadly deck, but now they're not even the best neutral race, falling well behind Undead and possibly Lizardmen. Do you think that the lackluster Skaven cards released by FFG for the last year or so have been intentionally poor? Or are they actually really good, and I'm just not using them correctly? Suggestions would be deeply appreciated! My metagame is very insular, so it could be that I'm suffering from tunnel vision. Of course, I could always count my blessings. My Skaven are capable of winning sometimes, after all. The same can't be said of my Wood Elf deck…it is truly awful.
  4. Chaos, by far. My traditional Chaos build is a slow, manipulative deck that flings diseases like they were confetti. I love it. Other than that, I'm a fan of pretty much all of the neutral races, and spend inordinate time trying to make decks built around them, with a special emphasis on Skaven and Lizardmen.
  5. I've not played LOTR or AGoT, so my advice might not be very helpful. But, I have played several other card games over the years, and for my money, W:I is the perfect blend of simplicity and depth. Take into account which game setting you like the most, because that can make the game much more enjoyable for you. When it comes to Warhammer novels, have you considered the Gotrek & Felix series? They give you a great feel for most of the various races of Warhammer, especially the Empire and Dwarfs.
  6. Wow, very clever! I'd almost be tempted to put a deck together for the lone purpose of somehow, someday being able to pull off the vicious combo.
  7. bitva said: 1) It appears, or sounds like, this game is based in the Old World. In Warhammer lore, Do Lizardmen ever establish themselves in the Old World, or are they just raiders from across the sea or the south? 2) Is there a connection between Wood Elves and "developments" in the tabletop or Warhammer Lore in general? Can the "developments" be understood as trees or other things that grow? Wood Elves don't seem like builders like Dwarves (hence that race's inclination for developments); do they employ some sort of magic to make things grow fast (i.e. in the course of one turn = one development for that turn)? 1) The Lizardmen do, on occasion, venture into the Old World for a very specific purpose, but I don't think they build permanent bases there. It's implied that the Slann have established a network of servants that steer the course of nations in the Old World, however. 2) I'm not sure, but I think the developments just count as the spreading of their forest home of Athel Loren. The forest is magical and is capable of spreading rapidly, engulfing and dismantling buildings and hamlets that stray too close.
  8. Mallumo said: Well, the mastery of magic certainly is in Invasion, with all the spell effects and synergies. The Lizardmen are supposed to be nearly as good with magic though? I guess that hasn't made it to Invasion yet. I always assumed they had some berserker abilities, and savage was based on that. As is my understanding, the Lizardmen (specifically, the Slann) are the most powerful magic-users in the entire Warhammer world. The magic used by High Elves was given to them by the Old Ones, for whom the Slann were ancient custodians. Similarly, just as High Elves were granted magic by the Old Ones/Slann, so to were human given magic by the High Elves. From a thematic point of view, the strength of Lizardman magic is part of what makes them so appealing to me--in most fantasy settings, lizard people are essentially stupid, and although that might be true of the Saurus, the Slann are almost sophisticated beyond comprehension. I've always sort of thought of Savagery as being the effects of striking against the Lizardmen in their jungle home. Lustria is an incredibly dangerous place. Super-predators, flesh-eating plants and exotic diseases are a constant threat for anyone that goes there. I don't know if that's an accurate assumption on my part, but it helps me make sense of it.
  9. Katsuyori said: Maybe adding some other races by implementing them in already existing factions, e.g. some Chaos dwarf cards as chaos troops. I was thinking the same thing this morning, actually. A few Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins would make an excellent addition to the Chaos faction. They could even be based on the awesome new Forge World Chaos Dwarfs.
  10. The lore geek in me loves that it's so solidly an Empire deck.
  11. Primus_Magicus said: I would love neutral capitol boards, but don't think ffg will make them. The cannot have loyalty, so it would just be for fun. I like the idea of Vitamin T that they get another type of bonus, alltough it might be too strong/make the game unbalanced. Maybe a positive point for a neutral capitol, but also a downside. (like you cannot play more than 1 development per turn, discard 1 card from you hand in your turn, in your turn you must sacrifice a unit or deal 2 uncancellable damage to your capitol) Perhaps you would need to control a certain number of cards with the Skaven or Lizardman keywords before the bonus would kick in? That would help to simulate the cost reduction benefits of having multiple cards with loyalty symbols in normal factions. But I dunno; my head says the game plays well as is and shouldn't be tampered with too much, but my heart says more pure faction decks would offer greater diversity. Even if we aren't granted capital boards for the more popular neutral races, it would be cool if a deluxe expansion came with a card you could lay on top of your capital to show that it's been infested with or manipulated by a neutral race. In the case of Skaven and Lizardmen, that would be very appropriate for their fluff. Honestly, though, all the neutral races really need to be considered viable on their own are more Tactic and Support cards specific to their race, especially in the case of the Skaven. They already have access to a plethora of great units.
  12. Another quick question: what roles do the new Lizardmen and Vampire Counts factions play? I ask, because I'm something of a fan of Lizardmen.
  13. Hi there. I'm a soon-to-be new player, and I'm also a rabid Skaven fan. Besides the core set, what expansions should I pick up to ensure a competitive Skaven deck? Sorry if this is a redundant question.
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