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  1. Is there a way to alter the XP costs for things (currently skill ranks in particular)? Or is that baked into the code? Just curious b/c I am testing some changes for a rules hack using Edge and would like to be able to still use your awesome character generator.
  2. The layouts are nice and it seems useful for in-person games. I'd remove the amounts from the extra xp section since that varies by GM and from campaign to campaign. On the 3rd page layout variation, what are the check boxes at the bottom of each skill check tracker block for? Also, why are half of them blacked out already?
  3. Same here... except it's exams in place of work.
  4. The key to keeping a sandbox running is your ability to index and rapidly reference the volume of information that you and your players will generate session after session. Having strong organizational skills will be a boon, but just being aggressive with whatever data management solution you choose will work. I have spreadsheet pages filled with notes from my year plus Edge game and that one is only semi-sandbox.
  5. I was planning on running the Star Wars version of Event Horizon for this year's Halloween game for my campaign. If you want to do sorta-haunted ship, that movie is a good starting point.
  6. Music definitely overpowers the talking volume at various points. Still, one of the better in-person play streams I've seen. Nice job.
  7. At my FLGS, there is a GM who uses one of those small folding wheeled dollies that holds up to two milk crates. He makes two trips from his car to the table inside the store. Everything you would bring with you that has currently been published could probably fill a single milk crate or just barely spill into the second.
  8. Deja Vu. I was just wondering what the premise was or if that was part of Session 0 then stumbled upon this. Could help to add it to the Roll20 campaign description
  9. Tried these squad rules out with the pilot PC leading his starfighter squadron while the rest of the party was split between their own capital ship and a boarding action on the opponent's capital ship. Definitely want to try them out a few more times before formulating an opinion. So far they do speed things up well, but the players do give up something in the way of minion effectiveness. Though the ablative armor effect of minion sacrifice did save the pilot from a rather nasty turbolaser attack from the enemy ship.
  10. I never did insult you. I did say "My problem with the post is where he says aiming and shooting is, so I am going to change the rules to penalize the player with True Aim to limit it him from doing it so much. Sorry this is just lazy Gming and IMHO poor GMing." I never said you were a bad GM or a bad person. I did say IF that is your reasoning THEN... I have never had anyone use this talent in my games yet, so I am interested in seeing why people think it is broke. I did state that I am only going with the ECRB, as all my other books are crossing the Atlantic right now. I still don't see how Two True Aims is a problem. I am staring to see how 3-6 true Aims can be a problem. Liloki, my intent was not to insult you and make you upset. -R2builder Well, your initial reply did try to call me a bad GM based on the assumption that I was nerfing the player's character build mid-gameplay without any consideration/dicussion with said player. Both of your replies carried the message of "Nothing wrong with True Aim, if you think so that's because you're a lazy/bad GM who can't challenge your players enough to do other things." Given that you admit to not having any in-game experience with that Talent, perhaps it would have been better for you to start your responses with "why do you think this is broken? just b/c it's causing a repetitive gameplay decision?" instead of "it's not unbalanced, you're probably just bad at this." Let's just both move forward.
  11. Nice. If this pseudo-community awards party wants to lockout FFG from nominations b/c one of them vehemently didn't like custom dice mechanics, then FFG should ignore them and not submit product to such biased judges. Part of the reason to buy the Star Wars license is that it is such a worldwide recognised brand. If the ENnie peple want to be twits about it, FFG doesn't really need them at all.
  12. Generally played as to one target. Representing that even through there are many shots fired, the target that got hit is the one who actually got shot in the exchange.
  13. Point gun at enemy. True Aim Aim Again Cackle like a madman as enemy is obliterated. Repeat until you stand atop a pile of mangled bodies. Add footage to Demo Reel. That is HILARIOUS!!!! ROFL!! LOL!!! I am going to use that. Ok, so the question...Since when can you aim 2ice??? I mean logically, you aim your gun and shoot. Maybe you take a minute but that isn't aiming 2ice??!!! Yeah, outside of the stale combat macro aspect of it, it is rather amusing. RAW you can do two consecutive Aim maneuvers for twice the effect. Narratively, it is taking extra effort/time to line up your shot. So if you True Aim once and regular Aim once you can choose to get the two Boost from consecutive Aim variants and upgrades from ranks of True Aim. Honestly, I knew it was a little off but didn't think it would be a big deal till I noticed he started trying to do this combo as much as possible no matter what was going on around his character. So I had to look into possible root causes and my assessment was that it being non-consequential to choose to True Aim every time was making it an automatic constant choice for him. Then there was also mention of desire for the Sharpshooter spec for the two easy additional ranks of it... not b/c the rest of the spec made sense for his character to deep spec into but just b/c those two additional ranks of True Aim are early. I checked in with another friend of mine who is running his own game of AoR Beta that transitioned to full on AoR and asked if he had similar thing going on with the Sharpshooter in his game. He confirmed that was also the case. So to me that reinforces the "non-consequence no-brainer choice" aspect of True Aim RAW. Adding a Strain per Rank cost would put it back in line with all the other combat Talents that give upgrades. So that is going to be part of the conversation I have with this player. Even if I don't end up instituting it this campaign, more than likely going to institute it in other campaigns going forward. edit: removed double quote
  14. Without giving spoilers, the Edge GM Kit adventure can be a lot of fun if you play up the creepy factor of the first half of the investigation. edit: spelling. can't type for crap on phone
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