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  1. You don't need to. I don't regret having two core sets.
  2. Are you talking about this, or that itself is just a reference to something else?
  3. The difficulty rating is worth less than a handful of sand in the Saharan Desert.
  4. I'd say little by little. France's customs laws may differ a bit, but in Slovakia as an EU country we pay 20% VAT on every order worth more than 20€ and if above 150€, then an additional 3-11% customs tax as well. Check the customs office's rates and you'll see the exact numbers.
  5. I didn't have much problems getting them here in Slovakia, unless I wanted the newest Fellowship PoDs. I'm talking about English versions, because there are only three cycles translated in Czech (with no additional PoDs or saga expansions) and there are rumors that the publisher won't continue with the translation.
  6. I hope that the books will be offered in some stores which don't have shipping costs on the "do you accept kidneys as payment" level as well, otherwise I'll have to skip them.
  7. Yes, I dared to point out the irony of your previous post. How petty of me. You know, I have to pay extra $35-$65 -ish just for shipping of this book right now from FFG. But instead of crying about it, I'll wait if some shop offers it for a better total price or if not, then who cares? It's just a few cards, the world won't end. Or will it? I did the same with the promo cards for Elder Sign and I had to even order them after buying the books.
  8. You would have a point, if you weren't one of the whiners. Especially after calling it " distasteful".
  9. About four times the core set campaign, Dunwich is still in progress, because I don't have the whole cycle yet.
  10. There is a special scenario, with alt-art hero card) and a mat.
  11. 5 cards means exactly what it says - 5 cards.
  12. If LotR LCG is any reference, then yes, they will release it a few months later.
  13. You can use any player cards in any campaign (with normal restrictions, of course), they are not limited to the campaign they came in. Madness weakness refers to a weakness with the madness trait (hence it is written in bold and italic). So paranoia, chronophobia, psychosis, hypochondria and amnesia are valid cards.
  14. 4 cultists is not "only", it is quite good. Yes, you cannot use two weapons in a single attack. If the action allows the investigators to spend clues as a group without any further conditions, then yes, the investigators don't have to be in the same lcoation. No transferring, unless a card allows you to do so, like Teamwork. You're right about assigning of the damage/horror. Also as above, there is an exception in the form of Brother Xavier. Only being engaged restricts you, if you are not engaged, you can do any action available. Using clues depends on the effect. If it is an arrow like on a weapon card, then it does cost an action (actually, it costs one action per arrow, so two arrows action costs you two actions). The little flash symbol means that it does not cost you an action, but it has to be used during a player action window (unless the card instructs you otherwise).
  15. 6-12? That means I won't be able to play it ever.
  16. You've picked an option that would result in discarding a weakness, but weaknesses cannot be optionally chosen to be discarded. At least that's the other way of looking at it.
  17. If I am playing a campaign, then no, because the standalone and campaign rules are different for a reason.
  18. Still better than what passes for our inept FLGS (in the loosest meaning of the term), that already has them for several weeks, yet was unable to organize something until we offered to do it ourselves. At least we'll play it next Wednesday.
  19. Unless your area suffers from a horrible epidemic of the "I absolutely must own everything in multiple copies because what if my group decided to play multiple investigators of the same class and we didn't have enough cards for them?" people, then it is not the case.
  20. There are only two stories in Dunwich Legacy. The box contains the campaign guide, so you'll know the order of the mythos packs in order to continue the story (Miskatonic Museum, Essex Country Express, and so on).
  21. It has the keyword Exceptional, which means you can have only one copy in your deck and its XP cost is doubled. (RRG, page 11)
  22. That does make it quite thematic, however. Case in point, the novel Innsmouth Horror. Also to throw my two cents in, so far AH LCG seems to be much better than LotR. If they keep at least the same level, I'll stop buying LotR for good.
  23. The way I read it it allows you to use 1 (and only 1) action to get the +1 damage. If they wanted to give you the option to pump up the damage even further, "...you may spend additional actions, each action spent this way adds +1 damage for this attack" or something similar would be a better way to state it.
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