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  1. Are @FFG going to give us another dose of lore with upcoming expansion?
  2. Thanks a lot for your reply. I promise to post a feedback once I try a trio game.
  3. I own a single Core Box, each of Imperial Cycle packs and just bought a Clan Wars expansion. Any suggestions on building three decks from this card pool for casual Enlightenment games?
  4. I've encountered another question about activating PDS: Since activating Space Cannon Offence is a substep of "Step 2 - Movement" during player's Tactical Action, does it trigger if another player activates system adjacent to mine with PDS II and chooses NOT to move any ships into the system while having one or two there? My point of view is that I can shoot whether they moved ships or not, . Another player supported with others say that if they don't move, then the whole Step 2 is skipped an I have no timing window to activate my PDS. What would you say?
  5. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CI9OAajzJFSM3tATYbcLdiCeSCJSItdQ The problem begins when I change phone (Samsung A7) orientation with IA app running from horizontal orientation to vertical and back to horizontal.
  6. Good! Can I help you to make a Ukrainian language pack? I see this as instrument to recruit more players, removing language barrier
  7. Hi, guys! At my local forum there is an offer to buy both E-wing and TIE-punisher without upgrade cards for a 35% discount. I'm not so good at judging card abilities, and want to aks the community if that is a good deal. Thanks for advice!
  8. Why not? Haven't found any rules that restrict you attacking engaged enemies with archers. Archers are only forced to attack enemy they are engaged with.
  9. Palmen said: Check 3) in the link above Checked. 3rd paragraph states about Stark cavalry in Battle#6. The odds are that you meant to check 2nd paragraph. Please, give us an example how engagement token type affects the battle and decision making.
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