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  1. Yeah, pretty much my topic, 4 years after release its still the game that pops up every week with my gaming group even the we still get our asses kicked half of the time, although we did implant the 30 seconds timer rule to make all the decisions and moves every turn, which really adds to the challenge. Also, If you don't intend on supporting the game in the future could you please provide us with downloadable blank cards and the font used for the game so we can do our own expansions. pretty please.
  2. Still hoping for a new expansion here too. wishfull thinking I know. I have had this game since it came out and I still haven't stopped playing. space marine pack 2 with captain Raphael, and a venerable dreadnought that requires cards space marine pack 3 with a tech-marine and an apothecary mission pack 2 with new rooms, maybe a 0g room where movement gets more complicated or a room that causes radiation poisoning. ork enemy pack lots of easy to kill enemies, range attacks. chaos enemy pack less enemies, harder to kill, can corrupt current marines. I know that an event expansion would be hard as the color of the back might not be exactly the same but let's say that the primary event deck is the things that might happen in the Sin of Damnation sapce hulk, lets have a completly new deck for the events that might happen on another space hulk the Judgement of Carrion or whatever. Plus new mini chapter expansions with 6 stand alone marine. lots of choice there, we still have a lot of choice there ultramarines would be a great next pick.
  3. anyone else noticed that card 0154 and 0155 are both believer in the old ways. Makes you wonder if a card was cut from development and they forgot to change the numbers.
  4. for instance the beleiver in the old ways card has two "unique numbers" 0154 and 0155 but the 3 sith library are all 0078 is that an oversight in development or are we missing a card from the deck that was changed last minute but still got its old number.
  5. card number 0154 and 0155 are the same cards:Believer in the Old Ways.while the rest of the card doubles share the same number,for example, all sith library cards are 0078 reguardless of the objective it comes from.probably a printing error. got more?
  6. I would really like to see a card the same size of the pilot cards with the maneuvers printed on them that you can sleeve being added to the mini expansions. i know that they are printed on the back of the insert in the box but those things are really cheap. also. i want p.o.d. pilots, rogue squadron x-wings with new skills and upgrades and the like.
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