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  1. Thanks for the information, I really didn't know about the ''White Out'' card. Luckily she hasn't got any of those lying around, it would be a very nice card for her against Paul LeMond. Most times I combine Paul LeMond with ''Alhazred Lamp'' just to be on the safe side, but that wouldn't do any good against a card like ''White Out''. Gives me something to think about for future games ;-) Golivier
  2. Thanks for fast reply! Nice to know it plays out like that, suits me :-) Golivier
  3. Fellow CoC players, I have a question about ''Paul LeMond'' in combination with ''Binding''. Lately I've been playing a game with Paul LeMond in my deck against someone with Binding. We've run into a problem... I copied someone's printed icons with Paul LeMond, committed him to a story, my opponent played Binding against Paul LeMond... My question is, what happens now? Normally a character would lose all of it's printed icons... Is it the same or Paul LeMond? The card itself doesn't have any printed icons on it... but it gains printed icons from the action??? Or does it work the same way as attachments work in combination with Binding (as far as I know you don't lose the icons of your attachment card if that character is chosen by Binding)? I would really like to know what you guys do, just to be sure I use the correct rules. Thanks in advance! Golivier
  4. A Bioshock LCG... adam and eve for the win! Different factions, Sinclair Solutions, Andrew Ryan.. Fontaine Futuristics, Tennenbaum, Sophia Lamb, ahhh I would love Bioshock LCG!
  5. Thanks for the positive reply! I did the same, printed them on full color and laminated a couple of the page 11 flow chart, I also laminated page 12 for the ''game leader'' (me ;-)) to keep track of environment and rumor cards. As for laminating... i recommend non reflective pouches... though that's just a matter of taste. Good luck printing and laminating! Golivier
  6. I recommend the ''UniversalHead'' sheets, you can download them at the following BBG link; www.boardgamegeek.com/file/download/6x1jz0wl7k/ArkhamHorror_v6.3.pdf It shows all the information that's needed to play the game, page 11 is a nice overview for new players.
  7. I completely agree with zealot, you can take him as a throphy. In this particular situation you didn't have to pass a combat check (so you're not entitled to draw a spell and put him back into the box), you didn't have to fight him so you just get the monster token as a throphy.
  8. That's a shame, though I am sure (if the damage is noticeable) the FFG customer service will replace the miniatures for you. Just get in touch with them, even if you don't want them to replace the miniatures, it's important for them to know in what state the miniatures are in when customers receive them. So they can do something about it if they get more reports of ''broken'' / ''damaged'' miniatures.
  9. Has anyone actually received their order? I am looking forward to see more pictures of them, some of the minis look great, while others put me off... Still having doubts... Can anyone post some extra pictures to convince me? Thanks in advance! Golivier
  10. Thanks for the welcome committee! It's a bit different... Ambush: Once combat has begun with this creature, the investigator no longer has the option to flee it, but must instead fight until one or the other is defeated. Wich means, if you fail a combat check first turn, you have to fight it again and you're not able to flee it. You have to fight it untill you (investigator) or the monster is defeated. If a monster surprises you, you can't evade it the first round. BUT if you fail a combat check, you can flee it the next round.
  11. Dear fellow Arkham Horror players, I am new to the forums, I bought Arkham Horror a few weeks ago and I enjoy it every single time! It's one of the best games I've ever played and I actually like it so much I bought the Dunwich expansion and the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion. Sometimes a rule or something in the manual isn't clear to me, so far I managed to find the answers on my own (thanks to google, this forum and BGG). But there is still one thing that isn't 100% clear to me. In the rulebook: The encounters in CURSE OF THE DARK PHARAOH introduce one new term: surprise. When a monster surprises your investigator, you may not evade it; you must fight the monster. I completely understand what happens if a monster surprises you, you can't evade it during the first round of combat. BUT... when and how does a monster surprise you? Is it when a ''monster'' appears at your location, for example by drawing a gate card in the other world (you have to fight / evade it before it resolves, or in this case fight it during the first round and flee / fight in later rounds). That's the rule I used so far... I hope I am right. Are there any other ways a monster can surprise you? I hope some of you can help me, sorry if it's a noob question or if the answer is to obvious. Thanks in advance! Golivier
  12. There probably are some cards that have the same ''issue'', though I haven't found any of them yet... What about translations? Anyone ever compared the original (English) cards with a foreign version of the same cards? At the moment Arkham Horror is translated in eight languages (Spanish, German, French, Russian, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese)? We actually might be in for a surprise if there are more cards that are translated different (add or leave some rules).
  13. I am also looking for some nice wallpapers... I really can't find any Cthulhu Mythos wallpapers on the internet. I even tried to create my own, using art of the game boxes, it looked awfull. Can't FFG do anything about this ''problem''
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