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  1. You can have an amazing dial with just the Tie MKII upgrade, converts all banks to green. That increases total green maneuvers to 9 plus the white 1 hards, 1 sloops and a stop.
  2. Relating to activating ships in the combat phase and measuring range. Assume a ship is activated, say a Viper. (1) Can the Viper measure range and arcs to any enemy ships or just enemy ships that are in it's arc(s)? (2) If the Viper is disallowed shooting, say a Blinded Pilot crit or a weapons disabled token or overlapping an obstacle, can it still activate and measure range/arc to enemy ships even though it cannot select an enemy ship to attack? Thanks!
  3. He can barrel roll naturally with Servo, so I'll prefer R3-A2 unless someone else is carrying him. Switch off Expertise and/or drop a token. If stress accumulating becomes a problem, flip Servo to get more green dial options. Swiss army knife control ship with a wee bit offence. Other EPTs can be viable too now that he can roll/boost.
  4. Wes Janson should see some play. He benefits from both the refit discount and his VI is freee or other EPT is discounted by one.
  5. Referring to the rules reference page 9 (not the FAQ), section under Damage. The sixth bullet point quoted as "If an effect instructs a player to deal a Damage card to a ship, this is different from the ship suffering damage."
  6. If you are talking about Miranda using Long Range Scanners to target lock, your opponent can simply use a range 2 ruler (plenty of those FFG official ones out there and even if unavailable, a 5 straight template will suffice) to show that the target lock action is valid. That limits gleaning any additional information about a ship that is behind the intended target. You can ask to verify validity but you probably cannot insist on using a full ruler for the verification.
  7. Well, you'll still need a Yorr-like ability or some other way to deal with the stress coming from the PTL aces not to mention its own stress from the stops and sloops.
  8. Are you allowed to measure range to enemy ships that are not possible targets (i.e. outside of arcs for arc based ships)?
  9. A good way to reword ordnance and bombs is to have all one-use munitions to come with one munition token. Extra munitions will add one more munition token on each applicable upgrades. When munitions are spent in the normal way, firing the missiles/torpedos or dropping the bomb template(s), a munition token is expended. When an upgrade runs out of munition tokens, it is exhausted and that munition can no longer be used unless an effect replenishes munition tokens. Taking a reload action can be phrased to add one munition token to all applicable exhausted munition token. If an ability discards an upgrade and the ordnance/bomb was targeted, then the upgrade card is flipped and any unused munition tokens are discarded. In the future, abilities and effects that target munition tokens can also be made.
  10. Technically, Lancer-class with the Damaged Engine crit (turns are red) can carry Contraband Cybernetics (take one stress and can perform red maneuvers and take actions whilst stressed) and Burnout Slam (one use slam action). The large ship can easily dial in a red 3 turn (or 2 turn doesn't matter), pop Cybernetics (taking a stress) and perform the red turn. She can then pop Burnout Slam, and do a green 3 (or 2) forward slam (clearing one stress). The Lancer doesn't even need to have Damaged Engine if she starts with some stress on her. Can't think of another scenario where a stressed ship can slam though.
  11. I think that is already the case Captain.
  12. Harpoon Missile here for reference. It indicates that a condition is applied "after attack hits and is also resolved". We go to the timing chart to figure out at what point is an attack resolved. It appears that an attack is resolved by step 8/9? Since the table allows abilities that trigger after attacking to trigger, the assumption that attack has happened and is completely resolved (if it is not completely resolved, it is probably the first attack of a two-part attack as seen in the timing chart). Hopefully we get a more comprehensive faq on Harpoon Missiles soon and a nerf. Meanwhile, destroyed ships still get the condition applied (the ability to apply a condition is triggered once the attack hits between step 6-7) and then it is applied in step 8 as an ability that does not perform an attack. When the ship is removed at step 10, the harpoon explodes... <boom>
  13. Frankly, we should be collating these Q&A and complicated interpretation type topics into a single pinned faq forum topic. That way, we can have a pseudo forum approved compilation that can serve as an interim faq. It would be convenient for event organisers as well, they can just refer to the pinned topic. TOs can also point out their own reinterpretations as exceptions (which is their right). I think it is probably easier to do that than to create an interpretation from scratch whenever one wants to run an event. Plus, if said compilation gets too long, it could be another pressure to FFG to issue the next FAQ soonest.
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