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  1. A few months later... I got the expansion and have used the hazard deck. It seems interesting, though my group decided to remove the Temporal Anomaly (the one that reverses the turn order), because in a 6 or 7 player game, you can really get screwed hard with that one. It definitely shakes up the game, which is nice. I like it better than I thought I would.
  2. I have several friends who enjoy the game, but aren't very good at (or very interested in) deckbuilding. Seeing that Warhammer: Invasion has draft rules built-in, I decided to use those and try to whip up a draft variant. Also, I wanted a way to introduce some cards that don't see much play. Of course, I've never really played a draft format card game either, so maybe my idea is terrible! Anyway...here it is. Draft decks Each player has a single house (plus neutral) draft deck of 80 cards. -40 characters -20 locations -10 events -10 attachments Draft process Each player takes the top 15 cards of his draft deck, forming the first draft pack. Each picks two cards from his pack, placing them facedown in front of him. Once both players have picked two cards, they exchange packs, and counterpick one card, removing it from the pack. They then exchange packs again, and repeat the process until no cards remain. They form a new draft pack from their draft decks, and continue the above process until all 80 cards have been drafted or discarded. Plot draft Players select their plot cards from a shared 25-card plot draft deck. Each player starts with his House's Fury of the... plot, and picks the remaining six from the deck. The deck contains no more than one of each plot, except for two copies of Valar Morghulis and two of Wildfire Assault. The first player picks a plot card, then the second does the same. After each player has picked a plot card, one plot card is randomly discarded from the plot draft deck. This process is repeated until both players have picked six plots. Gameplay The game then proceeds as normal. I'm planning to have both players use the Knights of the Hollow Hill agenda, so that the draft deck doesn't need a bunch of gold-producing locations, and to even out the resource curve since the decks won't be precisely designed. Draft composition I don't have a real scientific idea about what cards to put in the draft deck or the plot draft; I just picked some stuff that looked interesting. I tried to have no more than one of any card, except for basic locations (Fiefdoms) and low-cost basic characters (Refugees). Two Valars and two Wildfires in the plot draft is just to ensure that both players have access to a reset, since they're so important in this game. The automatic inclusion of the Fury plots is intended to make sure both players have a solid basic plot. Other notes This isn't any kind of competitive format; I just wanted a way to enable my more casual-playing friends to see a lot of cards and be on a more even footing without having to spend a lot of time building and balancing decks. I just came up with this idea last night - haven't even played it yet - so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Find some new people to play with. That's just retarded.
  4. FYI, mason240 & I will be meeting up at the EC at 5pm on Thursday the 24th for a couple of games. Anyone else is welcome to join in.
  5. It was a madhouse in there on Saturday. I showed up with my wife and a few friends to take advantage of the membership deal and try a few games, but had to take off right when you arrived. Were you able to find any room to play? Tried the Lord of the Rings LCG, BTW - it was OK but it didn't grab me right away. Will have to try it again.
  6. I discovered this timing on Tuesday while playing, which makes the plot The King's Law much more useful ("At the end of the marshalling phase, discard all cards in Shadows.") than I had initially thought.
  7. Awesome games at the Gamer's Den last night - thanks to JerusalemJones and the Cambridge crew for the hospitality. Great comp all around, and pretty respectable turnout for a Tuesday night - 11 of us were there, I think. I'm happy to say I broke my losing streak, getting my first wins ever "in public," going 4-3 with my Baratheon Asshai deck.
  8. Like hell - it's retailer outreach! I'll try to get up there around 4 or 4:30. Looking forward to seeing the place!
  9. That was great, Nick - thanks! Nice to hear some stories. What time are people heading up to Cambridge? Might be able to do that since I haven't had Saturdays free for a while.
  10. It'd be nice to have some game reports, win rankings, etc here - a little something to build hype. It'd be embarrassing for some (like me!) but it'd be interesting to see who had the best record over time. Also would be interesting to see what houses/builds people are using. What do you guys think?
  11. I'd be up for some mid-week games - I always seem to have the same problem. (In fact, I won't be able to get there for the next 2 weekends...) This week is bad overall but maybe sometime next week? For a while, there was a Thursday night thing going on but that stopped for some reason. Maybe we should revive it!
  12. And in retrospect, it was dumb to accept the ruling, since Nate was sitting right next to me. LOL...
  13. No, actually, the situation was exactly as presented - my opponent played King's Landing Assassin and I wanted to cancel with Lord of Light, Protect Us. He said that there was no opportunity to cancel Response effects on Shadows cards, and I wasn't inclined to argue, since he has vastly more experience with the game than I do, and it was a friendly game anyway. But it seemed wrong to me, so I wanted to clarify.
  14. Reading about the hazard deck, I'm skeptical about its effects - Cosmic, being all about player interaction, doesn't seem like a game that needs random event cards. But maybe I'm wrong! How does the deck work in your games and do you think it's a worthwhile addition?
  15. Just to clarify, you can cancel the "Response:" text of cards that come out of Shadows, correct? For example, if my opponent plays King's Landing Assassin ("Response: After King's Landing Assassin comes out of Shadows, choose a character with no attachments. Until the end of the phase, that character gets -2 STR and is killed if its STR is 0."), can I cancel this response with something like Lord of Light, Protect Us or He Calls it Thinking?
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