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  1. shinma said: Ultimately a priest of Ulric crowned Sigmar, and the two Cults might have some strained relations (as Sigmarites have eclipsed some of Ulric's glory) but they have the same goals in mind. Serve the Empire, fight chaos. Sorry, I didn't mean Sigmarites in general, I meant the Sigmarite Heresy - that only the cult of Sigmar should be tolerated and all other cults within the Empire should be ... dealt with. Amethyst wizards are cool, but they aren't devisive. The main reason I'm keen on the idea of the PCs getting the 'bad' magic is that it matches up so well with the Enemy Within. While they wander around getting corruption points for just breathing the warpstone laced air and trying to conceal mutation (involuntary corruption) the powers of dark magic could be at their fingertips (voluntary corruption).
  2. Funnily enough the idea of the PCs ripping each other apart really appeals to me. If you can have a Sigmarite and a priest of Ulric in the same party, or mutants, hedge wizards, elves and dwarfs or even just a completely bigoted madman in the same party a necromancer doesn't seem that far out. Why have a tension meter if you're not going to use it? Why have corruption themes if the party isn't tempted. Just a little. Dark magic sounds like it would fulfil the same role and BTW didn't Nagash base necromancy on dark magic? PS Having a Tolkenian speller ('dwarves') and a Warhammerist ('dwarfs') in the same party - that would be too much for me.
  3. I havn't actually bought 3rd edition yet, but I've been DMing a little for about a year (Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Paranoia: High Programmers) and from what I've heard I was thinking about buying using it to run 'The Enemy Within'. In Death on the Reik there's an oppertunity for PCs to pick up necromancy. How would you deal with that? Eliminate the oppertunity, make up some cards for it, ... Are there currently published necromancy rules?
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