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  1. Just a quick question: If the Imperial player looses an entire squad of whatever, can they redeploy the squad card using their threat points or?
  2. Thank you Klaus for your input. I would also like a designer to chime in on this also. I would be interested to see how the designer feels about this.
  3. I have a question regarding a line of sight issue that occured while playing Tide of Iron. It was during the Hellfire Pass scenario. One of the British tanks has moved on the road between both flak guns. One of the players interpretation of the line of sight rules is that if there is a change in elevation of 2, the hex next to the first elevation hex is blocked. From what Ive read, the only terrain that blocks line of site are: woods, buildings, and terrain higher than BOTH. There isnt a case of a plateau situation, where there is an interviening hex of the same elevation as the flak gun. The elevation change between both units is 2, where the tank is at 0 and the flak gun is at 2 with a hex at elevation 1 between. Any help clarifying this rule would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Has anyone come up with a point value for the units in the game? Im trying to build a scenario and make it balanced but there isnt a listing of the units and their point build values.
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