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  1. Im wondering if I can deploy with a combat shotgun and a hades assault flamer?
  2. My question is while playng the cannoness does skill tests AND battle rolls explode on 5 and 6? or skill tests only? I was under the impression that battle rolls are a type of skill test.
  3. Are you limited when you take topedoes? IE If u take 1 proton upgrade, and use it, do you lose the upgrade after the shot?
  4. Sorry, Due to time constraints caused by working too much. I can pretty much only do pbp games right now.
  5. Ill join if there is still room, if so let me know what you still need and ill make a pc asap.
  6. My group has all moved away and/or gotten too busy to play. Is there any online games going on that needs another PC? Ill play any 40k rpg that has an opening. Let me know.
  7. Tunnelhckrat


    When Exactly can dice rolls explode? Im under the impression that every roll except movement or a chart. Is this accurate? What about on the chaos manufactrum? if you play a power card witha 6, does it explode? what about a 5 with either ratling or sob?
  8. Tunnelhckrat


    Bring the Pain! Aka-More Playable characters!
  9. I still have not comited to getting Dust tactics but Im sure it wont be long now. I was wondering if there was some kind of force organization chart of platoon pattern or something. I know there is for warfare but what about tactics? Also is there a site where I can see what units are worth what so I can actually plan the force I will use?
  10. I have considered getting this game but Im not totally convinced its a good idea. Id have no one to play with here and I dont know if buying another Miniatures game is worth it. Can someone list what they see as pros and cons compared to 40k and at-43?
  11. So Im trying to understand albums, they dont give you decibels, they get you awards that count as decibels? is that right?
  12. If you have a gift of a god and then your alignment changes, does the mutation alignment also change or stay the same? Ex. My PC has projectile attack, he then became aliged to tzeench, does his attack gain the warp weapon quality as per tzeench projectile attack?
  13. Im sure this is already on here somewhere but I cant find it. How do you aquire psyker powers, do you just pay the listed points cost or have to list a talent to take? Also, is there a limit to how many powers you can have? Or is it possible to spend all points on new powers every game?
  14. I looked through a store copy, Im mainly interested in the NPCs and enemy profiles. Thats all I really had time for.
  15. Ive Heard Ogryns mentioned as a possibility, Ive been waiting on the for a while. But what about the Lowly Ratling? Does no one want to be Frodo in 40k? dissapointing. Also, wasnt there supposed t be a guard speciffic book for DH, what happened to that?
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