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  1. Well, for fanning, the middle is really the worst place. If they were at the bottom, you could just fan the other way Anyhow, it's not a big deal, and I do like how the layout has a lot of room for the artwork.
  2. One thing that occured to me about the new plot card layout: It looks fine once on the table, but moving the plot values and titles to the middle makes it a bit more awkward while choosing plots. In first edition, you could conveniently fan the cards in your hand and see all the titles and values next to each other. So that's a minor inconvenience for the sake of aesthetics in the 2nd edition.
  3. That's a fair point, though I remember Mance and Tormund always being wary of Jon (but I might be misremembering), and I don't believe he ever really fooled Ygritte, but wishful thinking got the better of her (but that's just my reading). Still, fair point.
  4. Based on the events in Dance, I'm not sure that's true. Sometimes he's more pragmatic than I imagine Ned would have been, but Jon has a lot of the stoic naivety that got his father into trouble. I think the intrigue icon is not unwarranted, but marginal. He's a good leader, but hardly a master of intrigue.
  5. That's how I'm thinking of it right now as well. Ultimately, fun and playability will always trump theme when it comes to designing a game, and so it should be (within reason). I feel the Night's Watch has always strongly resonated with people in the fandom, so I think it's a reasonable addition from that perspective. Though I do wonder how they'll handle the Wildlings -- I guess they'll simply have them represented through neutral cards, but I think it would be fun if they got to be their own faction (perhaps through a deluxe expansion). Anyhow, I'm getting more and more excited to play a "fresh" Thrones, without the bloat of naval icons and the like, without the weight of years and years of expansions. On an unrelated note, anyone else think the bear on The Bear and the Maiden Fair looks like it's made of chocolate?
  6. Thematically, the inclusion of the Night's Watch as its own faction I find a bit dubious. And if they were to choose a banner (which they don't have), I don't think they'd go with what the wildlings use as a derogatory term for them. I can understand why FFG went with them as a faction, though. The Night's Watch is a lot more fleshed out than many of the remaining Houses in Westeros. The Boltons are too close to the Starks; the Arryns may have been a contender in terms of size, but have been largely uninvolved so far; the Tullys don't have enough going for them, and the rest are not really relevant. Overall, I'm quite happy with the new card design and layout (although something about the challenges icons doesn't feel good to me). I do really like that new factions system, and I'm curious to see how much they've cleaned up the rule set. I quit Thrones a couple of years ago for a variety of reasons, but I think I'll be giving this one a shot.
  7. Tyrant say they can only be advanced while rezzed. Shipment from Kaguya and Trick of Light say you place/move tokens to a card that can be advanced. So Tyrant is not an eligible target for those cards while it is unrezzed.
  8. Once you realize that there are currently no corporation cards that host virus counters, the answer should become clear as day. Anyhow, purging virus counters removes them from all cards, which currently only affects runner cards, but if the corp had cards that host virus counters, those would get purged as well. And just to make sure there's no misunderstanding, purging the virus counters does only that, removing the counters; it does not remove the actual cards with the virus subtype from play.
  9. It's just one of the many rules beginners tend to overlook in the rulebook, so I think the only attention the rule needs is by new players reading the rulebook more attentively. I'm wondering what people think the "end the run" subroutine is for if the run would end anyhow if no subroutines were broken. I know people like to hate on FFGs rulebooks, and while they're not always the best, I thought the Android Netrunner one was pretty good, and most of the problems do stem from not reading it properly and inserting assumptions based on how other games work. This is, of course, a problem with rulebooks in general, whether they are from FFG or another hobby game company, and I've certainly misunderstood rules for other games. But like I said, most of the info you need is in the Netrunner rulebook, and I don't think its presented in a particularly occult manner.
  10. This is obviously not the case with agenda abilities that read "When this agenda is scored", as those are conditional abilities that trigger a single time (when the condition is met). As for the issue of combining actions: Actions (i.e. game or card effects which you pay for with a click, such as gaining a credit or playing an event (as per the rules) or using the ability on Sneakdoor Beta (as per the card) cannot be combined. Think of clicks as your basic currency (credits are really a secondary currency). In magic, if you have a creature and a spell, and each cost one Mana, you cannot play both by tapping a single land. It's the same principle in Netrunner.
  11. I do think there's a noticeable mechanical overlap between Eric Lang's LCGs. I think they all are different enough to be interesting on their own, but in my opinion it would be nice to see another LCG that really breaks the mold, similar to how Netrunner does it (props to Richard Garfield's design and Lukas's adaptation). That being said, not every theme and IP lends itself to great innovation, and ultimately it comes down to "is it fun to play?" -- and this game looks like it could be good fun while its mechanics seem a thematically fitting abstraction of trying to conquer a galaxy.
  12. These are amazing. The Reina alt is genius!
  13. I thought the rule book explained it very well. It's not like I or anybody else who helps clarifying things has access to different sources. It's all in the rule book. It's just that people make assumptions about how stuff works and then don't read the instructions and examples properly. Case in point is kerred's comment, that summarizes a new player myth that we've explicitly tried to do away with in our explanations (the wrong assumption that ice ends the run if it is not broken, regardless of the nature of its subroutines).
  14. If theme is of great interest to you, I suggest you have a look at the cards online to get a better idea of the art and theme. There's several websites to do so, but CardgameDB is a good one. Since FFG imported Netrunner into their own Android universe, there's definitely a vision of what goes on outside of cyberspace; there's even a bunch of Android novels, and some of the people and places have found their way into the card game. So if you're interested in the setting, you can also check this website for more info on the board games and books.
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