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  1. It's more unfair that the Russians do not have Heavy Walkers or Armor 3 troops.. I doubt an air unit will have too much effect. -Jeff
  2. But that also means that it can't be doing bad either. -Jeff
  3. If you ever read The Golden Compass they have Armored Polar Bears. They are awesome! The movie really does not do them justice. Just thought I'd add that to the conversation. -Jeff
  4. Nicely done. Could you guys who have magnatized the turrets throw some pis up. I'd like to see how you've done it. -Jeff
  5. I was thinking it would be nice to use magnets to hold the turrets on the allied walkers. I have some rare earth magnets that would do nicely but the open body does not leave me with a place to attach the magnet. As far as the weapons go I do not remove them once they are on. -Jeff
  6. No, but some of your posts are rather short and without detail. Like that one. -Jeff
  7. I think it comes down to a passive ability vs an active one in regards to which is better. If you find a way to utilize Jump/Move2 that is great, but if you don't you might wish you had DR. Ultimately it is your play style that counts the most. -Jeff
  8. All true, but DM did release repainted walkers for Operation Cerberus. I was basing my speculation on that. If they are just going to do random repaints they should focus on more colorful theaters. Desert walkers would be cool. But if Operation Zverograd is indeed Axis vs Sino-Soviets then I can see DM releasing Allied pint schemes for that area so players could swap out a side for allies. That or their painters had nothing better to do. It could go either way. -Jeff
  9. Two questions then: 1. I thought that Zverograd was between the Axis and Sino-Soviets. I wonder if it will be more Allies vs Axis just in Russia. I hope not. Do you think it will be a three way battle? 2. Do the Mickey and the Barking Dog have the paint job in the bundle as the one you can buy in the the Dust 48 Finished Models tab? Looks like it to me. -Jeff
  10. I like the premiums myself. They are painted better than I could do myself and I don't think the cost is too bad. It is on the high side but so is the quality. To each their own though. -Jeff
  11. If you are wondering why there are all of these non-legal Dust Game pieces, I will try to explain as I know it. I'm sure any errors on my part will be quickly brought up and corrected . Dust Studios was created around 2006 with the goal of bring Dust to life. They partnered with AEG and were set to bring out Dust Tactics. For whatever reasons (I'm sure someone else has a better memory on it) Dust Studios split with AEG and partnered with FFG just before Gencon 2010 (around July I think). As Dust was supposed to come out at said Gencon, FFG made room for them at their area and Dust was released as it was. It even had AEG still on the rules book. I think it would be safe to assume that some expansions were well underway at that point and FFG just went with it. As the pieces already designed were sold and new ones had to be created the game started to change a bit. Somethings are easier to see looking back now. It seems to me that the Dust Studio/AEG version of DT was much more basic WWII with some Sci-Fi guns and basic walkers. The Dust Studio/FFG team up has been way more Sci-Fi and much less 1947ish. It seems that as the Sci-Fi curve sharpened, there were some elements that got left behind. Dust Models has sold some of the non-legal walkers from the get go which seems to indicate that they are pieces that Dust Studio wanted released in the Dust world but (they or FFG) did not want in the game anymore. The two ARVs indicate that there were play mechanics that were also left behind. The agreement with FFG appears to show that Dust Models has a lot of freedom of movement as long as they do not alter the board game. How this will work with Dust Warfare nobody knows yet. I would like to see ARVs used in DW so I hope some non legal units become legal for DW. I would also like Dust Studio/FFG to slow the Sci-Fi curve a bit. There is plenty of ground to cover first. Just my opinion though. -Jeff
  12. First off, hello and welcome. As to your questions: 1. Some of the walkers might be good to have two of. However I would wait until the Dust Warfare book comes out to see how they handle army builds. 2. At the Dust Models site they are selling a ruined city building corner. It is listed as #1 of it's kind so I would think they will have some more coming out. I would also think that you will see the Cerberus building separately soon. 3. As for your 3rd question, let me lay some ground work first. Dust Games (or Dust Models if you like) and Fantasy Flight Games are working together to bring us Dust Tactics. Everything you can buy at FFG can be played with DT and presumably DW. You can buy everything to play DT at Dust Games' website also. However, there are also things you can buy at Dust Games that are not considered "game legal" in that they are not supported buy FFG. You can of course play these with friends and family, just not at official events. These are listed at Dust Games as "Dust 48". Legal games pieces are under "Dust Tactics". Dust Games also sells terrain pieces and accessories. All of these are just to enhance you games and not really legal or illegal. FYI the Dust 48 pieces now come with unit cards to help you play them at home but do not have point costs to reflect that they are not legal. All of DT and DW is 1/48th scale. I hope that helps. Ask anything else you are wondering. We are a rather friendly lot here. -Jeff
  13. Well the town of Znergrad is pretty close to the Caspian Sea. Closer to the Black Sea but who's counting. I had sent DM an E-mail with some questions including this, but the responed with "Sorry but you will have to wait". They were nice about it, and it sounded like more info was right arounf the bend. -Jeff
  14. Merry Christmas to all. It has been a great year for Dust, so let's hope they're can top it for 2012. -Jeff
  15. Hanomag


    Speaking nice easy ways to move troops... the Russians were famous for their "Tank Riders", I wonder if we will see something like it. Not that would want to ride 40 feet in the air, but you get my meaning I hope. Just food for thought. -Jeff
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