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  1. I was wondering if anyone had a web site with current card database to check out everything that transfers over for me. Thanks.
  2. Milwaukee myself.
  3. I would agree, I think this is going to be amazing as it will stick to the story with Martin being very involved.
  4. Loved the game back in the day. VERY happy it has continued in the LCG spot. Seen some players at Gen Con. Was wondering tho, ANYONE play in the Wisconsin/Northern IL area?
  5. RedWidow said: Gear Krieg would have been very popular if not for the 15mm scale...poor choice if you ask me. . Actually 15mm is one of the leading most well liked sizes for WW2. Flames of War does teriffic. However when it comes to Wierd, since you are usually not fighting with entire Tank Divisions, and what not, its much more likely to do well at 28.
  6. Shooter said: Actually we have done nothing but shown your statements to be wrong you just refuse to accept it. LOL For someone who so despises War Hammer 40K you certainly have a strange choice of screen names GrandInquisitorKris. LMAO You have no idea how the future of this game will play out, just your own speculation based on what you want to believe. In fact no one knows how this game will do over time as it evolves and expansions are released. It will either be a success or it won't. It's not going to turn out "just like 40K" as you espouse because it's not 40K and this is not games workshop. Dust Tactics thus far is a great game and I enjoy it. I fully intend to buy every expansion and alll of the interim units that are released. If they release a tabletop version of the rules I'll give it a try and see how I like it. If it's a good set of rules I'll play both sets of rules. Just because a miniatures game adopts a set of rules that takes it off the board and puts it on a tabletop does not in any way mean its just following the footsteps of 40K or that its going to fail like 40K. That summation would be "wrong". Its funny that you bring that up cuz I was thinking the same thing with his name. Two things that jump out at me. 1. GW is ridiculously sucessful. Have they lost some folks along the way? Sure they have what game company doesnt. Are they still by far and above number 1, after 25 years of it, YEP. Privateer proved that another company that is different can stick around as well. they have been doing it for a good 8 years now, as number 2. NOW lets jump to the fact that Fantasy Flight is putting this game out. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? They will REFUSE to let a game die, crap, I used to play Game of Thrones CCG, NO ONE PLAYED, and they still produce the game regularly. They just repackaged it. I spoke with my LGS manager and he said one thing about this game.. .."I saw that Fantasy Flight took over for it, thank god, cuz it means it will never die now." He is correct. That is their MO, if they like something they support it, till its completely burnt in the ground. THEN they repackage it and support it again. I enjoy this game alot, Its VERY simple, but cool enough. I am also a WW2 fan. I play Flames of War as well, ANOTHER company that has gone close to a GW route and are doing very well 10 years later. I have no fear that this game will remain solid. I am beginning to think that GIKris just enjoys a good strong argument.
  7. I always love the bashing of GW, now I personally am a bit of a GW fan. As they paved the way for miniature gaming as we know it. ALSO they are by far the most sucessful miniatures company in the biz.
  8. BigDogg said: I think I'll fuel the flames a little: What about that Ivan with twin 152mm cannons? Fires once, makes stability check, if failed, falls over backwards and is eliminated from the game, LOL LMFAO!
  9. GrandInquisitorKris said: Vontickkraut said: ALSO, I duel wield 12 gauge shotguns on point CONSTANTLY in Call of Duty Black Ops your point ? saying you are doing something in a video game which had nothing to do with my example of 50cal sniper rifles , only shows your lack of real world experience and perspective. Yet you are perfectly fine with MASSIVE cleavage on the tank commanders however correct? I did hear there was an SS unit in the area of Austria that practiced this tactic as it threw off would be attackers. Then again there are no SS in this game.
  10. GrandInquisitorKris said: Vontickkraut said: ALSO, I duel wield 12 gauge shotguns on point CONSTANTLY in Call of Duty Black Ops your point ? saying you are doing something in a video game which had nothing to do with my example of 50cal sniper rifles , only shows your lack of real world experience and perspective , and thats one of the things that makes dust so interesting is its based on a variation of reality , not the complete lack of it . I hate to be rude, so I will refrain from that, if you didnt get the fact I was joking you need a course in internet dialogue. I'll give you a bit of a hand. When someone adds a or a it usually means they are not being serious with that point. I am glad Hanomag got the point I was trying to make. You may want to play something along the lines of Flames of War, or General George's WW2 Toy Soldiers. Both are MUCH more realistic and based on factual events. This is the thing, you are misundertanding here. There is something you obviously dont 'get' about the mechs. Why would they mount 2 8.8s if they would hit nothing? Obviously they would mount one and add extra ammo. This game is not a realistic game. It has SOME realistic features to it. BUT it is not based on reality. Hitler wasnt killed as part of Operation Valk. Im sorry to break that to you my friend.
  11. ALSO, I duel wield 12 gauge shotguns on point CONSTANTLY in Call of Duty Black Ops
  12. GrandInquisitorKris said: Vontickkraut said: no , actually i am poiting to the fact that this is an alt history WW2 game as opposed to AT-43 , WH40k , star trek , starship troopers . the point should be kept in mind that this is only 9 years after the germans discovered the ship , the tech is and should be still in the experimental stage , this setting the stage for the game world to continue to grow as they DO get the tech . as i said ablove , this is well before anything like we see in further future sci fi with neural helmets and super gyroscopes . its 1947 , i wouldnt expect to see better gyros and electronics for atleast another 10 or so years . while they are working hard at uping the tech , they are still at war , and still restricted by material demands of a wold war demand for not just walkers , but small arms , grenades , transports and ships , airplanes , etc ...... . See I would COMPLETELY disagree with this. I felt the same as well, BUT when you dig a bit deeper not really the case. I mean your BASIC troops have laser weaponry, and they are 'called' the same things(Panzershrecks for example) but they are vastly different. This is an ALT history WW2 game, which means it is based on Fantasy, not reality. It has some ties to reality. We are talking about WALKERS, something that doesnt exist, so although you can 'theorize" how they work, you have nothing cement. Again you are trying to bring to much reality into a FANTASY based game(I didnt say a Sci-Fi super thriller) Also Im guessing there are actual stabalizers in the mech-walkers.
  13. You are trying to bring to much reality into a fantasy based game.
  14. BigDogg said: Just some thoughts on the whole Ludwig vs. Pounder debate Pounder is a light 4 legged Mech, as the body seems close to M5 light tank of the US. It has a modified Sherman turret with a British 17-pounder AT gun. Probable 3-5 man crew. Don't know the tech of operation but seems like a very stable gun platform, point and shoot. Rapid fire as fast as the crew can load. Ammunition selection could also be a plus as the crew can pick and choose what type of ammo to fire. Ludwig is a light 2 legged Mech with externally mounted 88's with auto loaders. 2 , maybe 3 crew. I think it would be equivalent to mounting the 88's on a Panzer 1 Hull and expecting it to be stable. As above, don't know the tech but seems like an unstable gun platform. Probably 2/3, to ¾ of Mech's weight has to be traversed to aim the guns. Point of convergence of the main weapons has to complicate aiming. Are the loaders for the guns ammo selective or fixed. Auto loaders are historically unreliable. The above mentioned flaws I think equal out the added firepower. I think the 7 dice vs. 6 dice is probable accurate. Then again my assumptions could be full of crap and have no bearing on the debate. Where do you get the info on the Pounder? It looks clearly like a Sherman to me. AND it sounds to be based on the Firefly which was a sherman not a m5. Your assumption about the Ludwig is correct. It would be similar to when they strapped big guns to Halftracks. They were VERY unreliable as the halftracks were not made to carry such a large gun.
  15. Remember, it IS an 88 we are talking about. You do remember that on D-Day 88s were pounding the beaches from MILES away correct?