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  1. My group just had our first Pegasus game, and after playing the game we have a few questions as to how the rules should be understood. 1 - Is it correct that revealed cylons dont draw any crisis cards before the New Caprica phase? 2 - Is it correct that an infiltrating cylon does draw a crisis card? 3 - Is it correct that after the NC phase begins all players (meaning everyone) on their turn draw a crisis card - even humans in detention -, unless they get sent to the brig after Galactica's return? (not that i think we will ever have to bring anyone that late in the game) 4 - After landing on NC, is the rest of the game (Pegasus expansion) rulewise considered the New Caprica phase? 5 - After Galactica's return in the NC phase, if a human is executed, where does his new character start - Resistance HQ or accordingly to his character sheet? 6 - Does the quorum card "Presidential Pardon" work on both the brig and detention? 7 - After playing "Presidential Pardon" a player "can be moved to any location on Galactica". Should this quorum card be read as: "If a player is in the brig he can be moved to any location on Galactica - If a player is in detention he can be move to any location on NC", or how should it be read? 8 - If 6 is answered true and 7 false, then where do you move a character who is in detention before the return of galactica when playing the presidential pardon? All thoughts on the above is welcome
  2. Playing vanila BSG: In my group we have always played with revealed cylons contributing no more than 1 card in skill check just like the way they would if they were in the brig. I was just going over the rulebook and on page 20 i noticed "Revealed Cylon players [...] play one (and only one) Skill Card into each skill check that is resolved". English is not my native language, but doesnt the quote mean that our way of revealed-cylon-contribution is wrong, and that the correct way of doing it is: - all humans take turn contributing - the skill cards are turned around and the numbers are added up - then the revealed cylons get to add one card each if they so desire - and therby knowing if their decision will change the outcome of the skill check fast responses are welcome, since we are starting a new game in 30 minuttes
  3. i dont know why i said "she" about the president...it was Zerek in this game.... And i agree that the president should never be XO'ed like that before you're sure he is human. Anyway, the things is that within the first round the presidents single loyalty card was checked by another player (A) who informed everybody that the president was one of the good guys. Since only one cylon could be in the game Player A would never lie about the president being human: - If A is human and says the prez is human we would believe him - If A is cylon and says the prez is human we would believe him. (Had we had two cylons in the game this would not be the case) Having a human president we kept XO'ing him and that's how he ended up with the stack...maybe we shouldn't have done that until clearing the president after jumping dist. 4? And we hadn't noticed that succesfull morale and food quorum cards gets pulled from the stack, but it's a good point!
  4. Today we played a game where there was no cylon baseships (except from the first one) until very late in the game (dist. 6). That meant that the president very quickly got all the quorum cards on hand, since she didnt have better things to do. We were 4 players and the cylon wasn't in the game til after dist. 4 (and no symp.). After the cylon entered the game we kept XO'ing the president to play mugshot, draw quorum card (which was mugshot), play mugshot until the cylon was identified and revealed. A little later two centrurions showed up at our doorstep along with 6 raiders in space - no problem, just keep XO'ing the president who will be able to redraw the cards just played. This way we could also easily have battled food, morale and other problems. We found this to be a big flaw in the game, and i can see from other posts (like www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp) that a suggestion could be a hard limit of 10 quorum cards like in the pegasus game. My question is: How do you guys play the basegame - with or without a limit? And is it fair to (mis)use quorum cards like that? A different approach would be to not allow the reuse of a given quorum card until atleast X other quorum cards have been used. Let me hear your thoughts!
  5. thanks for the answer...i dont know why i was thinking that the president should be in charge of the nukes?!!?
  6. This games just gets better and better the more it's played. My friends and i are playing vanila, and we still have a few questions which you guys most likely can answer. 1) Nukes - can the president fire them from anywhere, or does he need to be in weapons control to activate a nuke? I couldn't find anything in the rules, but it seems strange if for instance a president (like Apollo) would be able to fire nukes while seated in his viper. 2) If a player is in the brig and participates in a skill-check he may only add 1 card. May he play the Declare Emergency after all the points are summed up? It would be like allowing the player to contribute with 2 cards. 3) If resources by the end of a players turn are zero the game is over. If the fleet makes the last jump and reaches Kobol is the game then won by the humans, or would you have to reduce fuel/ppl/morale/food and only if these were still >0 the humans have won? What i guess i'm asking is which of the following sequences is correct : - Autojump -> human wins (and resources are not touched) - Autojump -> resources are removed accordingly to the destination card -> if all resources are > 0 humans win - Autojump -> resources are removed accordingly to the destination card -> if all resources but fuel are > 0 humans win (would make sense that fuel can be 0 at the end) 4) and finaly: If the humans only have 1 fuel left, needs one last jump to win and the destination cards drawn both says subtract 2 fuel will the humans still be able to make that jump? All inputs are welcome - In the event that the last jump (after distance 8) reduces the fuel to
  7. I got a simpel question for you guys: Playing a IC forces players to reveal what cards they contribute with to the skill check. Are the cards a player contributes revealed after that player contributes - or are the cards of all contributors revealed when everybody has contributed? The difference is of course whether the last player(s) to contribute already know what the score of the skillcheck is before they contribute.
  8. My friends and i just played our first game of bsg last night, and it was awesome! But there was one thing we couldnt agree on, and the rulebook seemed to be a little short on the subject: A player draws a cylon attack crisis and the basestar, raiders, heavy raiders, vipers and civ ships are placed the the board. If another player draws a new cylon attack crisis, while the ships from the previous attack-card are still on the board, we agreed/disagreed to additionally place the new basestar, raiders ect. on the board as instructed by the card - so we now have a board swarming with all kinds of ships. Is this correct or should the 2nd cylon attack crisis card be discarded? If it's correct that the board is just filled up with tons of ships, what then happends if a third cylon attack crisis card is drawn? We only have 2 basestars and they are already on the board. Do we just add the extra raiders, heavy raiders, vipers and civ ships? ...and now i need to go work on my cylon detector!
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