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  1. Id agree with Venkelos, if you want an epic fight with Chaos ships, throw a Repulsive Grand Cruiser at them, it has 3 port/starboard, 1 prow, 1 dorsal. It has plenty of room for boradsides or lances all around. And with Armor 19, any normal Maccrocannon not getting threw that unless you roll high on the Dice. Furthermore, it can have up to 3 Void Shields. But keep in mind, that any Chaos Reaver Overlord is going to have a fleet of smaller ships, 2-3 raiders and maybe even a Figate. Just something to think about.
  2. Wow WhiteLycan, you are naive! Making the Adeptus Astartes not as tough as what they really are? Are you serious? A starting Astartes is 13000 XP, that would be Rank 4 Explorator, and just barely at that. Now, not sure what kind of candy giving GM you got but for you to have Unnatural Strength, is a bit out of the possible. Heres an example: My starting space Marine stats: WS 41, BS 37, S 46 (8), T 40 (8), Ag 39, Int 42, Per 45, WP 44, Fel 38 Now those are my stats BEFORE I chose a career, chapter, power armor history and/or special gear. Lets say I go with the good old Ultra Marines, I get +5 to any 2 Characteristics of my choice, I go with WS +5 and Str +5 now my WS is a 46 and Str of 51, your best possible at Rank 3 would be 65 and lets say you got lucky during character generation and it’s a 70. So your 70 vs. my starting 46.. but WAIT I’m not done yet. After choosing Chapter: WS 46, BS 37, S 51 (10), T 40 (8), Ag 39, Int 42, Per 45, WP 44, Fel 38 Now I get to choose my Specialty, I go with Assault Marine, now I get Swift Attack, that’s 2 attacks per round to your 1. Now I don my Power Armor, which don’t forget I no longer count as Hulking thanks to my black carapace implant. And a History of +5 WS and -5 BS WS 51, BS 32, S 71(10), T 40(8), Ag 39, Int 42, Per 45, WP 44, Fel 38 Now I get to spend 1000 XP to flush out my Assault Marine, and seeing as there’s a nasty Heretek out there who thinks he can best me, I’ll dump most of it in to my WS and Strength, with a few random points left over for whatever. WS 61, BS 32, S 76 (10), T 40 (8), Ag 39, Int 42, Per 45, WP 44, Fel 38 Now assuming I have on average 4 Fate Points, I’m going to use Swift Attack and Killing Strike in the same round. That’s 2 attacks you can’t parry or dodge. So you’re going to take 1d10+13 Pen 4 Tearing damage. Your Armor can only soak 4 of that and your Toughness and Machine 1 Trait can soak.. let’s say another 5, your only soaking 9 points out of 1d10+13 TEARING. Your Heretek is not going to last very long against my Space Marine. And with a WS of 61 and parry of 71, there’s a good chance your ONE attack a round will never even land. You would have better lucking making an Arch-Militant with the Melee Specialty going against an Astrates than your pitiful Tech-Priest, and if you did go heavy Melee Explorator, you'd be sacrificing a lot of skills and talents that make them what they are, tech savvy gurus.
  3. Have the character with the highest BS do all the shooting, youll get more degress of success out of it. Or, just dont run starship combat, have your guys do boarding actions while the ships fight in the background
  4. Space Marine weapons do SICK amount of damage and thier armor is better than anything a Rogue Trader could ever get, even heavy power armor only lasts 1d5 hours. I truly think that Space Marines are WAY over powered to be a viable playable career in Rogue Trader. And when you start planning encounters, unless your willing to wipe your party, theres not much that can hurt a Space Marine that wont outright kill the rest of the group of mere mortals. And if you throw a few "light" encounters at them, the Space Marine is going to kill it in the 1st shot or 1st swing of his very large chain sword or power sword. I would like to say again that Space Marines have no place in a Rogue Trader game. If your group wants to play Space Marines, go play Death Watch. On a side note, I have no idea why people are trying to mesh Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Death Watch in to the same game. Each game is played diffrently and even though its the same system, the individual games do not mesh well together. Rogue trader Characters are OP in a Dark Heresy game same a Death Watch character is OP in a Rogue Trader game. Im sorry but I can not stress how over powered a Death Watch character is compared to a Rogue Trader character, nothing short of heavy weapons is going to hurt the Space Marine, the same heavy weapons are going to make a mess of the Rogue Trader characters, the balanced is just not there. Even throwing Eldar with thier high Pen weapons at the Space Marine is going to chew threw the Rogue Traders. ~Capt. H
  5. Without reading anyone else reply, I will add my 2 thrones worth. Any Xeno gear you find you can always sell to the Inquisition or adeptus mechanicus for Profit Factor. There’s plenty of examples of it in some of the Rogue Trader published adventures. And as long as you are beyond the boundaries of the Imperium you are allowed to trade with and sell goods to Xeno cultures. Most Warrants do allow this. Furthermore, if you really dig deep in the fluff of Rogue Trader and what your Warrant allows, you are supposed to keep journals and records of all you plunder and acquire. And every X-years or every time you make port, you are required to submit a report of said items. This is when you technically acquire your Profit Factor. Now, a bit of Lore if you will. Ive read a lot of 40k novels and what not, and what Ive noticed over the years is that the adeptus mechanicus really dont like to share thier secrets with anyone, not even with other adeptus mechanicus cults on other planets. So if you sold all your Xeno loot to them or to diffrent cults then you could make a killing in Profit. Cpt. H
  6. I think for an inexperianced GM with limited knowledge of the 40k Universe should stick to the Core Book untill he gains a better understanding of 40k Lore.
  7. fulcan said: In the end what this means is that a Rogue Trader has the authority to break the law, but he alone is responsible for inforcing that authority. The Warrant gives him the power to deal with an Inquisitor as a peer. On the surface this means they have equal authority, but the question is who has the most influence and power? Is this Inquisitor acting alone, or on behalf of a greater conclave? Is the Rogue Trader acting alone, or on behalf of a vast and powerful Dynasty that the lone Inquistor doesn't have the resources to deal with? Things in the Imperium are never simple. At this point Id escort the Inquisitor to a private meeting on my ship, then promptly seal the void lock behind him And of course, it depends on whos got the bigger ship/fleet
  8. If you have a weapon that shoot SP rounds you need the Basic Weapons (SP) Talent. If you have a weapon that shoots SP rounds and a combi weapon on the same frame that shoots Bolt rounds, you need Basic Weapons (Bolt) Talent. If it has a Power weapon on it, you need Melee Weapons (Power) Talent or Simple or Chain or whatever the melee attachemnt is. Just buy the Basic Weapons (Universal) and Melee Weapons (Universal, Primitive) and Pistol Weapons (Universal) and you'll be fine, Universal coves ALL weapons except Primitive, but if your useing Primitive ranged weapons in Rogue Trader your dead anyway, Armor AP doubles against Primitve Weapons, youd never hurt anyone. And if your useing a Primitive Melee Weapon, youd better put Mono-upgrade on it so it losses the Prmitive Quality, even though it still falls under the Primitive Weapon Proficieacy
  9. Morale can go down during Space Travel, Combat and other sources. Your Death Cult would reduce the loss by 2 and then increase it by 1 due to your turning hurt/dead crew members in to servitors. Once again, its a game of Modifers, just got to know when and where to apply them.
  10. Do you need Heavy Weapon (SP, Bolt) in order to avoid the -20 penalty when shooting the Guncutter weapons? I know shooting them on full auto would negate this but still. was wondering about it, and im assuming the weapons are considered Braced as well.
  11. If your going to give her Pure Faith and access to the Pure Faith line of Talents, you need to balance it out by talking away the Arch-Militant's Weapon Speclization ability.
  12. That is correct, you can NOT use Basic or Heavy weapons while in Melee Combat. You can only use Pistol weapons, and although you get +30 to your Point Blank Range attack, you are tech fireing in to Melee Combat which means you suffer a -20 to your attack, so that puts you at +10
  13. In the Battlefleet book it says: Small Weapon: Las-burners may be installed in Dorsal or Keel weapon capacity slots in ships of frigate size or smaller. Does this mean that it can shoot 360 degrees in the Keel slot and forward, left and right in a Dorsal slot on ships of frigate size and smaller or are they still fixed in the forward only slot as most lances on those size ships… ~Cpt H.
  14. There are plenty of examples of NPCs that do not have a Speak Language skill, all humans speak Low Gothic, and all Orks and Orky creatures speak Ork Few Examples: Bloodskinner, Core Book pg 370 Entertainer, Corebook 370 Hired Gun, Corebook 370 Scum, Corebook 371 Voidfarer, Corebook 371, its noted he speaks Voidcant Oathsworn Body Guard, Corebook 372 And thats just the Corebook.
  15. 32: Rogue Trader is NOT Dark Heresy, dont try to compare the two and other than the basics, you must unlearn what you have learned.
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