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  1. Oh, now I see it too must have missed that. Let's see: You get [T] only 1/12 time per die. Having Brawn 5 and Melee 5 would give you (roughly) one additional [P] die. Unatural Brawn 2 would only limit freak dice rolls. Don't know if that's neccessary.
  2. Genesys Superheroes tone let triumphs explode the proficiency dice. Not sure, if that really gives the super feeling though.
  3. Great work. As soon as I get my physical copy of Genesys, I'll try to make time for a game of this. One thing I miss from WFRP 3 is the possibility to do something reckless or guarded. I thought of something like a ranked talent, that gives you another die or replaces an existing one with a new tbd die that increases the possibility of success, but simultaneously increases strain.
  4. Elden

    Arkham Horror LCG

    One can hope...
  5. Elden

    Masochism is the Index of actions

    There is now a document with a complete card-list on http://rpggeek.com/ .
  6. Elden

    Masochism is the Index of actions

    The link doesn't work anymore. Does anyone still has this document? Maybe even updated?