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  1. FFG does not release other languages. You need to ask your local company. For example in poland, Galakta is translating FFG games and releases them.
  2. It only limits it. You can't play Life Tap 10 times in a same turn, but you can play it "only" once per turn. Which is still lethal.
  3. Since my country will be getting City at the end of the year, I wonder if someone could post most interesting or dangerous cards in City. Cards that were not already spoiled. Also what are your opinions about the expansion so far?
  4. I was also saying that no strenght trophies is a big downside. But it is not , sadly. You do not need high craft and strenght in this game, only one will suffice. Fire mage basically can't be killed in fight and this is all he needs. If he goes to dungeon, he can simply breeze through the whole dungeon, pumping craft while nothing can touch him. If you play with dragons, he will simply accumulate scales and dominate the game. As per our games, he is way too powerful and feels like nobody competent playtested him.
  5. guciomir

    On to the next!

    talismanamsilat said: I see dark/light fate being the main focus of the next small box expansion! Ell. That would be a missed opportunity and I really hope that small box will NOT feature dark/light fate. This mechanic begs to be included in 4th corner expansion. The way I see it: - we have too many adventure cards , so adding a few dark/light cards inside the pool will not be noticeable - we have too few dungeon/highlands (and probably city) cards - every corner expansion should serve a purpose, is there anything left for "forest" (or graveyard, whatever comes next)? apart from craft focus ? another boss to defeat? that would be boring. I really hope dark/light tokens are there. If any player takes a lead, other characters could go to forest , get dark fate and try to make life harder for leader.
  6. I think it would be a good idea to bring back this topic to the top. Especially as we are getting some City spoilers Does Blood Moon cross anything out of the list?
  7. You can still use armor (one piece) or other means if you have them, to prevent loss of the final life point.
  8. Please reread the rules of the game. Your questions are really basic. Don't search for "assassin faq", but rather study how the turn is played. I'll show you example below: Assassin enters a field with another character on it. Assassin decides either to "meet" the character, or to encounter the space (for example draw a card). Lets say he chooses to "meet" another character. Now Assassin decides either to attack character using normal rules (both players are rolling dices, but assassin can claim normal reward if he wins) or to use special ability (assassinate, only assassin rolls a dice, but can not claim normal reward). Let's say we are assassinating, and this is succesful, so the victim loses 1 life. Player who just lost 1 life due to combat, can cast a spell or use ability or use follower, to prevent this life loss or even use armour. Assassin has nothing to say. Fight ends,(in Talisman you fight only once, unless the card says "after the win, immediately attack again. Assasin does not have such "attack again ability)
  9. Still challenging, but of course it depends on certain factors. It is easier to build a deck designed to beat particular scenario. You have a wider card pool and encounter deck does not get any reinforcements. Some quests become really easy this way. However, if you build a deck which you use against ALL existing scenarios, than some of the earlier quests become harder. Very generally: you used deck with tons of location hate cards, so location heavy quests (like Emyn Muil or Hunt for Gollum) were very easy for you. But now, after playing Khazad quests, you change your deck so it is more balanced. It consists of cards that help you with killing enemies now and number of high willpower allies is lower, you also have less cards that kill locations. Suddenly, location heavy quests become slightly harder. As I said, this was very general comment, but you can really feel such details when you play a lot. Switching one card in a deck can make some scenarios harder and some easier. Consider Lore Of Imladris, many players are using it only because Rhosgobel quest, but in most other quests, the card is not as useful (so it slightly weakens the deck). And then, finally, we have Foundations of Stone with new Spirit Glorfindel. This hero turns world upside down, opens a LOT of new possibilities (for example, creating a secrecy deck or 3 hero deck with starting threat below 30 become MUCH easier) . And suddenly, with this hero, all quests become easier. Even Dol Guldur quest.
  10. Yeah Anyway, I think there is a pretty good chance that the hero will be new Glorfindel. Asfaloth card refers to him, the way Sword That Was Broken refers to Loragorn, A lot of people were predicting Tactic Glorfindel, but since Tactic has quite a lot of heroes now, Spirit Glorfindel is more likely. I wonder if he will be able to replace Eowyn due to his high willpower.
  11. I'm sick of people who complain about horses in the dungeon. Any game, not just LOTR LCG. Everyone knows that those are just games and most of this stuff is irrelevant (because games are for fun). You just play and don't analyze the world. But some people are very selective and they claim that: horse in the dungeon = bad game, no horse is the dungeon = good game. There would be no fun, if for every rule there was a ton of exceptions. This axe gives +2 attack. But only 1 if you are a woman, or a hobbit. Woman hobbit can't wield it. Exception: if you are an orc woman, +2 bonus applies. Also woman blacksmith gets full bonus. If you are on horseback, there is 1/6 chance that Axe will give double damage. But only if the horse has been trained to have a rider. Otherwise, no bonus. Also, if the horse is trained, but you are charging during a rain or snow, make this bonus to just 1/12. If the average wind speed is above 70 km per hours (or miles if you prefer), than having such axe is a big risk and can result in some random damage if you don't wear greaves. Horse can't be brought to the dungeon. Exception: if horse has been trained whole life and it's size is ok (so the dungeon is very wide), horse can go. But you can't charge on its back if it is really dark. Unless the hall is very high and horse feels safe. Most importantly, whenever you enter a dungeon room, you need to check if horse will be able to rotate freely, it depends on the dungeon room of course. Oh , and no eagles in the dungeon. Dragons obviously CAN be in the dungeon, because we are all used to this and don't question it. But no eagles, period. Yeah, I had some fun
  12. What Harvest and Direwolf monsters do ? Are there any new enemies with nice abilities like Sepulchre?
  13. lleimmoen said: guciomir said: Thank you that's what I was looking for Welcome. I see you were needing them to write your report. Yes, report was ready for about a week, but I did not know english card names, so I could not post it.
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