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  1. 1) It's right there on the card actually: "choose 1 Object". Therefore, you can burgle for potions - as they are objects - but you can not burgle for spells, pets or anything else that is not an object. (You can for scrolls, because they are objects that give you spells, mind.) 2) Not sure what you mean right here - a player can use a special abillity (if he/she has one) on another player he/she lands on instead of attacking. If you are referring to a special follower, give me the text please, so I can check it out.
  2. 1) If you were to place a scale on your space, and there is already a scale, then you must place it counterclockwise on the next space etc. 2) Scales on the card can not be interacted with as normal - otherwise the card would'nt make sense, because you would almost never be able to place any from it onto another space - almost no one would want to do that.
  3. That makes sense. I better write that down on my errata/translation page. Thanks a lot again.
  4. I just got the Blood Moon Expansion today. The translation of some cards is rather poorly (though I'm used to that by now), but I was able to understand most of it - except for one card. Can anyone give me the text of the Morning Song Event? Thanks in advance.
  5. @ Draii: Death Stalker? - Was that the Follower you have to take and he kills you if you lose a fight? - If yes, that means you played it wrong (if not house ruled) - because you had to ditch him when you became a toad so he couldn't have killed you.
  6. I believe you already know what you're asking… 1) Why would you even want to have one of your followers fighting for you? - Is there any one strong enough to beat the enemy? - I don't think so. But just to be clear - you can't have a follower fight the Highlands Eagle King or Dungeons LoD for you - I believe you can have them fight for you in the inner region - but I don't see why you would want to do that - unless you only have one life left and want to make it out of there alive. 2) You are talking about the alt. Ending with the Eagle King, right? - If yes, the answer is no, you can't cast Weakness on him. If you're talking about the Highlands Eagle King, the answer is yes, you can cast Weakness on him.
  7. Well, the ability reads: "…and have drawn the required number of cards." - If there is a card on that space, you don't draw any - but that would mean you still drew the required number, right? - Which happens to be 0 in this case. So I'd say she can do it.
  8. Well, Nemomon, if it's about the mechanics, I'm sure you could have something similar like that but with another theme for the expanson - speaking of not being able to decide where you go, I'm thinking of some crazy wizard's manor, (with random teleporters) for example.
  9. Everybody may have a different opinion, azoic. - While I'm fairly new to Talisman still (some years now) and I've obviously never played with Timescape, from what I've heard/seen I don't really think that it is needed nor that it fits the fantasy theme of the game. But I think I can still understand why you liked it - well, like Ell said, maybe Relic could be something for your group. And while I don't know the plans for future expansions, I'd say the release of Relic pretty much says: "No, we're not bringing Timescape back like before." - But, hey, they can still prove me wrong… On the other hand, I'm still waiting for the Dragon to arrive in my native language, though I'm already pretty sure my playgroup is going to enjoy most of it. Especially the overlay for the middle region - they always complain the "final" region is far too easy to go through. And if your group thinks of the expansion as a whole to have too much impact on the game, I'd suggest using only parts of it - houserules are your friends here, as always. Just a sidenote, I'm longing for a forest expansion
  10. Look at Page 13 from the rules: "Encountering Dragon Cards in the Dragon Tower follows all of the normal rules (cards must be resolved in order of their encounter number, Enemies with the same encounter number add their Strength and Craft together, etc.), except creatures cannot be affected by any Spell, nor may they be evaded. If a character is defeated or is instructed to miss his turn, he may not encounter any of the remaining cards on the space. After the character ends his turn, all cards and tokens in the Dragon Tower are discarded." - So in short: If you draw cards in the tower that are not enemies, play them like you always do. Just don't forget that when you end your turn, all cards on all spaces are discarded in the tower.
  11. Take a look at the text: "The first neutral character who visits the Renegade gains all of the gold placed on this card, then the Renegade departs to the discard pile." So, if a neutral character draws him, I'd just say: "Bad luck, because you just gained 0 gold and Renegade was useless (discarded)". You have to encounter him (the space) if there is no other character... - at least that's how I would handle it.
  12. 2 followers at the same time.
  13. No, you can't. FAQ: Rage Talon - If a character defeats another character in psychic combat, can he use the Rage Talon's second ability so the character cannot use Armor to prevent the loss of life? - A.: No, the Rage Talon can only be used in battle.
  14. Triple "A" said: Could this be the start of "light fate" and "dark fate"? Where "light fate" works in the daytime and "dark fate" at night? Don't think so. - You're moving ahead a bit quickly there - if there would be an influence on fate, don't you think they would have at least given us a hint? I know many people are waiting for this, but I wouldn't bet on it ever becoming part of the game other than homebrew expansions. (Just my op.) I'm happy with day and night for quite some time.
  15. Day and Night... - can't tell how much I wanted this to be part of the game. The cards talk about a werewolf chart - maybe if you get enough "points" you are turned into one? - Question: What's better, to be turned into a toad or a werewolf? (No idear...) I like that cat follower - reads like you have to take it, discard all fate and can't gain any 'till you get rid of it. Not sure what Scarecrow and Moon Mist (other than the flip day to night part) do. [And I know I'm a bit ahead of things, but with this small expansion next, I'm betting on forest board exp. afterwards. *happy face* ]
  16. Well, Velhart, I don't know about your card, but in my language it's written on the card that all cards on those spaces get discarded - and since Tumbling Boulder is on one of those spaces...
  17. Well, doesn't the card say that all cards on the spaces it tumbled over are discarded? Since it's on one of these spaces as it resolves, I'd say discard it (as well as the other cards).
  18. ****, read 3) wrong. You and Persiatic are right. About 5) - It's a land on ability, isn't it? - So shouldn't it be the same as with the druid gaining spells whenever he lands on the woods? (And by the way, in my language, it's written on the card that you can take a follower and then attack/beguile afterwards.)
  19. 1) So hit the wall then, I guess. The rules dont say enemies with sleep tokens can't use their abilties, they just have reduced strength/craft. 2) Don't know, 'cause I don't have the expansion yet. 3) Since he takes his 3 turns in a row, shouldn't the order be - miss turn 2 - take turn 3 - the others miss a turn - take your next turn - continue the usual turn order? 4) If he could, what would've been the point of using the champion? 5) If you land on another character, you may take one follower from him/her (except for the Maiden, Unicorn, Princess) and then choose wether to attack or beguile him/her. 6) Interesting question - would you say there was no die roll, so no +2 or would you say the result is 0, so +2 still gives +2? - But I'd tend to say there was no die roll, so no result = no +2. 7) I'd say you're right on this one. 8) Why should it be discarded? - It's not like it "belongs" to the character. I'd say the card stays 'till it is discarded like always.
  20. I don't have the expansion yet, so I don't know that space, all I can do is guess - What happens there? Do have to pay/lose gold? Usually, if you don't have any gold, you can't lose anything (unless there's written like "lose something else instead") / can't do what you could do with the gold. Second question is easy - no space tells you you need a talisman, so the answer is, no, you don't need one with the dragon tower.
  21. To quote from the FAQ: "When a character completes his quest, he's teleported back to the Warlock's Cave, he gains the Talisman and his turn immediately ends (no further encounters)."
  22. Thats right, yeah. - Now I get what this is about. Well, if you play a craft character (without psychic combat ability), you may have a general disadvantage against a strength character in battle, but you (should/) could have had spells to help you win. But since you didn't, I'd say you were a bit unlucky. Don't know if you have any expansions with them, but I really like some of the alternative endings. Part of why I don't like the standard ending that much - most of time, it just takes too long to win even you hurried to reach the crown first. I like the endings with warlock quests/quest rewards - First to reach the crown? - Victory is yours.
  23. Now there, somethings a bit wrong here. Don't know how or why you think it is like that, but characters who have the ability to use psychic combat DON'T have to use it whenever they attack another player. They may use it, but they certainly don't have to. Just read the text of the cards carefully.
  24. That's part of the problem, right. Hope we get some answers soon... But what is clear is that there really won't be any tokens on LoD/EK, 'cause 1) you don't stay there and 2) there is no place after them so there is no place you could be standing on to place them there - only in case you're standing at the entrance and should put the next token on LoD/EK then, though the rules don't give us anything on it... Not very crystal clear, I have to agree...
  25. Read through your posts again, Velhart. Seems you missed something - there can't be any tokens landing on LoD/EK, because you don't stay there. Instead, the question would be, if you're standing on the entrance of the two regions, do you a) don't place a scale or b) place it on the main board? And I don't get your last post... - I think placing them counter-clockwise is quite clear.
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