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  1. Not so long from now it will be a year since the last wave was released, and six months since the last Armada update on the website. The lack of official communication from FFG about Armada has been perplexing to say the least. FFG, please tell us what's going on.
  2. Tramp, I appreciate the response. With respect, I'm not entirely comfortable being told what I expected when I walked into that theater. If you could refrain from that, that would be appreciated. And frankly, I don't exactly remember anyway. I do remember how strongly I felt when I left, which is why we are conversing. I think your assessment is exactly what Rian and his team tried to do. As I have stated previously, I actually appreciate that Disney tried to take things in a fresh direction. But as I've stated, the details of the actual execution simply didn't work for me, and I've stated the numerous reasons why. So again, we disagree. Not the end of the world.
  3. Well Ny, what you say is laudable. Unfortunately, that is not what is occurring here. To put it another way, I understand and accept that people liked TLJ. And yet, the idea that someone such as myself wouldn't like TLJ has been derided and treated with dismissive arrogance, up to and including attacks on intelligence and character. I say this not to request sympathy (frankly I could care less), but merely to illustrate how what you are suggesting is quite impossible.
  4. You say TLJ honors what came before. I disagree. You say TLJ wasn't catering to the fans. Well, yes. That is plainly evident. Furthermore my position is my opinion, so your clarification is irrelevant. You went into TLJ and were probably blown away. I left feeling profoundly disappointed. We will never agree.
  5. Stan, my days of feeling that you enjoy arguing simply for the sake of arguing are definitely coming to a middle.
  6. That is an utterly wrong-headed assumption. Of course my position matters. If it doesn't, then yours doesn't either. And if that's true, then all Star Wars fans everywhere should just refrain from any further discussion from now until forever because, from what you seem to be suggesting, our opinions simply don't matter, and we should happily accept whatever slop we receive going forward without comment. Many of the comments in this thread seem to suggest that it would have been impossible to craft a film that both navigated a fresh course for Star Wars while *also* honoring the legacy of what had come before. Some even seem to be suggesting that it would have been pointless to even try, and that those of us who feel that Rian's vision was rather contemptuous are just looking back on our childhoods with rose-colored glasses. Frankly, it's baffling. Of *course* I wanted to see Luke go out like a boss (or even survive until the end and find a life in peace) instead of making snarky comments to his nephew. Jesus. I don't think JJ would have done a perfect job on that account but unlike Rian, I think he would have at least tried. You guys have made it clear that Rian didn't care about that and I wholeheartedly agree.
  7. Well, that seems entirely incorrect. Whole entertainment franchises have been built around the notion of doing so, including this one. Clone Wars is coming back for another season because they're catering to fan expectations. And to be honest, I don't really care what Rian said he was or wasn't going to do because, as I hope I have made abundantly clear, I don't agree with his vision in the first place. That's not head canon, that is my opinion. So again, JJ should have helmed this movie. It would have been a lot different, treated the characters and movie legacy with more respect and I imagine it would have been a lot more palatable. I'm sure you would have hated it. Also, his name is spelled Rian. Not Ryan.
  8. Some people. And with respect, your explanation seems somewhat contradictory. I think we can all appreciate, in principle, any effort to provide a new, creative flair to a forty-year-old franchise. Unfortunately, in my opinion that does not seem to be what Rian did. There is a huge difference between introducing a creative twist and intentionally taking a dump on fan expectations. Some fans. Not all. But the thing is, I for one walked into this sandwich shop wanting a sandwich. And so a sandwich is what I expected to receive. Maybe not the exact same sandwich, mind you, but a sandwich of some kind nonetheless. I have ordered a sandwich on every prior occasion that I have entered this store, and for the most part, with perhaps one exception, I was satisfied with what I got. Rian Johnson gave me a cake. Nothing wrong with cake. But it's not what I wanted or requested, not on this visit or any of my prior visits. Not only did I receive cake, judging from the open hostility of some in this thread, I'm expected to like the cake, and I'm wrong if I don't. Well I'm sorry. I keep seeing that word "nuanced" but the actual actions of the important characters in TLJ don't make sense. Poe and Finn in particular literally lose 50 IQ points in between movies. Meanwhile the appearances of nearly all the minor characters amount to irrelevance. That's not storytelling. Sorry, it's not. So yes, I think you are absolutely correct that Rian had zero concern in regard to fan expectations. All fans? Again, no. But I think it was clearly a significant number. So what you call "unexpected" and "nuanced" I call contemptuous. I deeply regret that JJ Abrams did not direct the last Last Jedi. JJ is far from a perfect director** and TFA wasn't perfect either, but it was certainly serviceable. Most of all TFA assured me that JJ understood what Star Wars was. Rian? Rian didn't care. He just made a movie about stupid people making stupid decisions in space, and that nothing that happened before mattered or was important, to the point that even the sacrifice and redemption of Anakin Skywalker is now irrelevant. I think it's a safe bet to assume that JJ would certainly not have gone in that direction. So what's going to happen now is that JJ is going to try and perform damage control in Episode 9 to undo what Rian has inflicted on the original story treatment. This may be a nearly impossible task, but at least JJ will try. **I would have much preferred Spielberg at the helm of a Star Wars movie, maybe he would have directed one as a favor to Lucas 15-20 years ago but he'll never do it now.
  9. Donovan, I did quote you correctly. The first time that I responded to you. I mean, your very first response to me was to suggest that I didn't get TLJ because I didn't probably understand the nuances of the film's character development, which was a response so utterly pretentious that I just about choked. That was before you accused me of not using my brain. Well, fair enough, maybe I'm not. Maybe you get Star Wars and I don't. I simply chose to give a name to what you've been suggesting for this entire exchange, because apparently if you don't get TLJ, you're not smart. That's your core point, isn't it? If you've been suggesting otherwise this entire time, then please correct me, perhaps I was simply misreading your comments. TLJ is a beautiful movie. The cinematography is gorgeous. The effects, the aliens, the makeup, the costumes... all superb. But the story... the story, and the character arcs. They are garbage. Poe's arc could be completely removed without changing the story. Finn's arc could be completely removed without changing the story. Holdo served only to show that Poe was an incompetent ***. The Luke that appeared in this film has no relation to the Luke that appeared in earlier films. The appearances of Phasma, Maz Kanata, the droids, Ackbar, Hux, were all completely superfluous. Those are my opinions. It's also my opinion that these elements are garbage because TLJ replaces storytelling with, "Aha, gotcha!" moments and, to a lesser extent, special effects sequences. That's not nuance. Sorry. That's how I feel. I can accept that you have a different opinion about this movie and will never agree. I've explained my position numerous times now, and why I feel the way that I do, as have you. I don't believe that this makes you wrong, unintelligent, or imperceptive. But I must say, you seem to disagree.
  10. Tramp, I appreciate that. I agree with the notion of what you are saying, but I also disagree with your assessment of how the movie justified the actions that the characters took (not just Luke, mind you).
  11. Yeah. And if I wanted to watch a good movie, I'd watch the one with Murray.* Sorry, was watching a Shining recap.
  12. That's a laugh, Donovan. A real laugh. You are really portraying TLJ as the thinking man's Star Wars? Really? Ok then, since you clearly think that I "just don't get it." Explain to my why Poe, an experienced leader, disobeys direct orders twice and gets his whole fighter command killed, but at the end we're ok with it, because he grew as a character! Explain to me why Finn and Rose went AWOL and got 80% of the remaining Resistance force killed, but at the end we're ok with it, because awwww Rose loves Finn! Explain to me what purpose Holdo serves in this movie when better characters were available. Explain to me who Snoke is. (I'll give you a hint: Nobody. Rian Johnson doesn't care about your Snoke theory.) Explain to me why Luke nearly committed murder. Yes, he changed his mind. But explain to me how what he saw in Kylo was worse than anything in Vader's heart. And then explain to me why Luke was nearly ready to abandon Kylo but not Vader. Because you're right. I don't get it.
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