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  1. It's referring to 'you may'… which means current active player who has the map…. Ohterwise base on your thought, you could also break the limit of Mytho cards and many other things. As rule book says Mytho cards is played per investigator per turn . But obviously it's targeted to the current active investigator. Otherwise, you may concentrate 4 Mytho cards on single investigator. I think the reason why it's not saying per round is beacsue in future, some effects will cause investigator perfom more than one turn in single round. In this case, 'once per investigator per round' and 'once per investigator per turn' will be totaly different.
  2. thegreatslayer720 said: From the book… "The keeper may play insanity Trauma cards on an insane investigator as a keeper action." -So played on the Keeper's turn during the action phase still only once per turn. Did that help? I think it's not limited by once per turn. During Keeper aciont phase, you may play insanity trauma cards on insane investigator as much as you want, but just resolve them one by one as single investigator are limited by one insanity trauma card.
  3. The most important thing is that they will heavily test new expansion before release it. What customers really want is a game which brings both sides great and fun experience, Not some shinning components with bad desgin flaw. Although FFG is good at artwork but their games usually have longer FAQ than Rule book….And they usually fix flaw in further release or not try to fix at all. Do hire some professional Quality Assurance
  4. Ops~ Sorry, tried too much house rule & variants, somehow forgot the orginal one…. I don't like this, too. But I have totlally different situation with you…. My group did not like to choose this trait is beacuse it's very weak and boring. If you have played this game many times, then you must have realized that some objects has fundamental problem. Some scenario & objects are desgined as 'Sudden-Death' match, and for most scenario eventually you will need to reveal Clue #1. And in COTW,every scenario has single object with differenct details. It's a compeltey useless trait for second game. Knowing object ahead do brother Keeper in some particular scenarios (like kill or driver certain character mad), investigator player might response some extreme tactics, which ultimately make Keeper has no option other than kill every one during final. But my biggest concern is this trait will make this game unfun…..So I totally support you if you want to houserule this trait…
  5. Kate's ability has a minimum clue card limition to trigger, did u guys just missed that ?
  6. Note that rule book page 21 "Regardless of who is attacking, combat is always resolved by the keeper drawing Combat cards from the deck…" Since spell is NOT resolved by combat cards, so it will not suffer -2 penalty in darkness as it's not Combat at all. (Combat & Attack are different in MOM) As 'Bind monster' and 'shriverling' are highlighted with 'Attack', so there will be no evade test. Player will suffer -2 penalty by cast spell with Stun on them as it's require attribute test.
  7. I've noticed the balance issue of expansion for a long time ago…. So our group simply play basic set with horned rat… The most significant problem of the expansion is that expansion seems only force on how to make up the weakness of the Gods in basic. They give Krone incredible power to scoring and want Nurgle to compete with him for dial advancing. But over so much games u will find that Nurgle still need win by score. No need to mention that expansion usually end much earlier than basic set, the length of dial for Nurgle makes winning by dial become a hopeless path…. I believe that shorten Nurgle's dial will make the Nurgle player more comfortable but will not solve the problem of expansion fundamentally. The critical problem is the "Upgrade card". Due to the shorter game turn than basic, you should give Nurgle five most powerful upgrade cards so that he can really fight against others. (E.g. During battle phase, For cultist being killed, +1 defense to you other cultists in this region. ) The upgrade card in expansion for Nurgle seems OK, but if u really play the game, you will find u need to collect two or three of them, then u are really able to compete with Krone for dialing. (But Krone already won…) Nurgle simply need one Upgrade fight to the end to deal with his long length dial. For Krone, what not make the card (Once per round during battle phase, you may roll additional 3 dices, provided that you have at least one of your figure can contribute at least one battle dice). Great demon (If your great demon is not on the board, you may choose on region, remove up to 4 corruption tokens belong to any players to summon great demon for free)
  8. Please post the feedback once you get it I'm also curious about this one~
  9. Aha! Very interesting, I love the supernatural series~
  10. gran_orco said: Ksdas said: In short, I think Keeper should spread fire just like move monster. (personal opinion) And ladders and vent feature markers, too? Opps~That got me stumped......I forgot there is ladder and vent in the scenario 3.... The rulebook states "The spaces are considered adjacent for movement purposes only" in page 13, so I think feature is exclued for pyromaniac... But there is also a Mythos card named "Darkness Below", which can be played in the space with ladder or stairs to place a darkness in the adjacent room. If card is played in a room with ladder, I assume that the darkness should be placed in another room with ladder.... Otherwise that will be very strange... Since the card text is not so detailed about the effect of room with ladder or with stairs, it seems just consider two ladder contained rooms as adjacent and not for movement purposes..... Better to contact FFG for this issue...
  11. MyNeighbourTrololo said: There is no limitation note in the card text, so I assume yes - you can. Also, discarding one Mythos or Trauma card seems optional to me and aimed to reduce some of your witch spawnings threat cost to 1. Agreed.
  12. gran_orco said: Ksdas said: gran_orco said: As for the sealed door token, usually it is placed between wall and door, I think they should count as wall. So if even keeper cannot go through it, how is possbile to burn through it. I mean sealed door "lock card", not token. I also said "And since keeper could ingore obstacle or lock cards so you need first spread the frie to the furance room, then burn the cave areas..." In short, I think Keeper should spread fire just like move monster. (personal opinion)
  13. Your pack is right, "the Horned One's Due" is inclued
  14. Khorne is a bit of dice/event depending, if he can successfully hit figure at the begnning of rounds, almost every Khorne player will choose to upgrade cultist attack (core set) or one additional dice rolling (horned rat). Then if there is no old world event can prevent dice rolling or directly remove chaos god figures, Khorne will spread his bloodletters all over the borad.....The global 3 dices rolling is really frightening...... Usually he will soon gain the second upgarde for the 0 cost great demon, he will become unstoppable.....But if some prevent-dice-rolling event comes out, Khorne maybe will not able to advance dial for two rounds.... It's boring for Khorne player to follow same path for each game and overwhelmed by the unlucky event draw... So if there can be some good variants to modify the Khorne will be nice, to make Khorne truly able to win the game by different options and not so much rely on the dice and event.
  15. Not sure...but there is no rule state that what happen if two same ongoing event.... I guess that a "global peasent slaughter" acitvity is required. - -
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