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  1. Thanks for your answers guys :-)
  2. Hi I would like to ask if any of you guys had experience with PDF version of Deathwatch books? Are they exactly same versions or maybe include something more [or less] then printed hardbacks? Do they have same errors/misprints or are already corrected before being made for sale?
  3. Face Eater said: I dunno, same Strength and Toughness as HT and DP (with better saves, but less wounds and 1 less attack, on the basic guy) is enough for me to call bullsh!t. Sorry but you still donot understand. What I meant was that for Movie Marines having the same or equal stats like DP or HT = that both monsters have their stats reduced for game balance and profit just like 'normal' TT SM. And that is also why I gave that example with 1 squad of SM. If TT would reflected fluff closely then there would be no fun to play TT game because Orks player would have to invest enormous money compared to SM player. Another example in the opossite site - if TT Greater Daemon would be even little close to fluff then you would need more then 1 squad of Movie Marines to even have small hope to kill it etc. etc.
  4. It always makes me laugh when people state that TT game stats show how SM should be presented in rpg. How many times should it be said that SM stats are like that because of game balance and for profit? If all game stats would represent fluff reality of wh40k then it would be no possibility for 'normal' Tyranids army to be field on TT and 'normal' SM army would be almost all the time represented as 1 squad and maybe Rhino transport. So called Movie Marines no matter what some people claim are SM that should be because if SM would be so weak as in TT then what is the point of them? Face Eater: Movie Marines are not close with stats to HT or DP. HT and DP stats are silly just for game balance. Lynata: why you always qoute old fluff from RT era and present it as current? SoB are no longer hunting rogue SM [sM from RT era were akin to Starcraft marines, pychos with guns and that could be fought by SoB. Current fluff SM would slaughter your precious sisters, sorry.].
  5. Big thanks Hardcore Heathen! I do not see traits on your list, does it mean that there is no more traits as separate category, only skills and talents? Is that Tomb Stalker really [Previous info mentioned about Tomb Spiders]? I would like to also ask you about compatibility with other games, especially about usefulness of some supplements [like for example MoX] for BC. Is it short work for GM or nightmare to mix with other games [especially DH]?
  6. I would like to know what mechanics from other wh40k RPGs were incorporated into BC. I have heard about Hordes from DW, anything more? and could someone be so nice to put complete list of contents? It would be very helpful
  7. What about CSM Power Armour? Can players choose all Marks of it or are they limited only to mk.7?
  8. Necrons, Eldar and Dark Kin. Looks like all missing aliens from Mark of Xenos are here instead in that supposed alien manual that had half of pages covered by chaos minions. I envy you future BC players. You will get all cool stuff and non chaos fans like me will have to wait for 2 edition of wh40k rpg [that I hope will bring ,,one rulebook to rule them all'' and supplements for all wh40k aspects]. Untill that time I am done with FFG and will probably sell my DW/DH books.
  9. 2 questions for Daemon Hunter owners: 1) Is DH worth buying when I only play Deathwatch [i mean are Gk alone worth that purchase and is there more to use than GK?]? 2) Is it woth buying just for Malleus fluff?
  10. ak-73 and N0-1_H3r3: I thought about something akin to your ideas so I would for sure borrow them and try in game :-) H.B.M.C: You are right about scaling of nids cc weapons but I think that more guilty is vechicles armour value because even Dreadnaught cannot damage LR [unless I count something wrong]. In the end sad conclusion is that FFG has not properly tested their rules before publishing them.
  11. I would like to know how you handle vechicle's stats in your games? I am especially interested in 2 things: armour points and size because I think that in many cases that 2 stats are wrong. AP of some vechicles is in my opinion too high [for example - even monstrous creatures like Hive Tyrant are without chance to win close combat with Dreadnaught or penetrate Land Raider's hull] and size is also inappropiate. I think that size examples from core rulebook were more realistic then ones from RoB [for example Predator should be massive not enourmous, battle tank that can carry SM crew should not be same size as Revener].
  12. What I want: another Xenos book with Eldar and their Dark Kin, more Orks, more minor aliens and really big monsters [Tyranid gargantuan creatures and bio-titans, Ork Squiggots etc.], rules for starships [i want to fight Tyranid invasion in space], rest of first founding chapters rules.
  13. Each time I check errata and many times I read FFG wh40k books line I wonder how can they release products with so many mistakes and errors inside. They products are expensive and one would expect some more proof reading which should not be very difficult if rpg noob as myself can see errors with just first read of particular book [RoB for example]. Now someone could say that there is living errata on this page so what is the problem? Maybe I am weird but I do not like to have big book that I must constantly confront with website errata because there are so many errors inside. So I would be very happy if someone with good inside info from FFG could answer my question - Is there a chance for a reprint of DW corebook without errors [what I mean is version that include all errata corection]?
  14. borithan said: Vehicles, even if the rules were a rehash of Into the Storm, were good (even if the Stormraven, which does not exist, featured in the book). The armour marks were good. Stormraven exists. It is featured in Blood AngelsGrey Knights codexes.
  15. boruta666 said: Since i dislike Necrons i hope that mr.Ward will make their Dex. Your are lucky than because Matt Ward is author of upcoming Necrons codex.
  16. Could some of you guys that already own Battlefleet Koronus post list of its contents? = how many chapters are in that book and what is exactly included in each chapter and how many pages it has. Please also tell me if that book is worth of buying alone for fluff about Imperial Navy.
  17. Hi. I am also considering playing RT but still have some doubts. DW is main game for me and I thought to buy other wh40k lines books just for fluff elements lacking in DW. I planned to buy upcoming Batlefleet Koronus for info about Imperial Navy structure, history etc., but than i realized that it could be fun to use it to full potential in DW. There would be one think to prevent me from this, I would need at least RT core to do that. So the next thought was to maybe if I choose to buy another rulebook than why not to try play it as separate game. Problem is that I never was interested in Rogue Traders in wh40k fluff, seeing them as nothing but traders/pirates=mostly economical oriented. Do you think that is possible with Batlefleet Koronus to play as more militaric oriented or even not as RT at all but pure Imperial Navy?
  18. BrotherHostower said: Battle for the Abyss (HH book) has the "largest imperial ship on record" supposedly, though I don't think you could call it technically imperial. Ranked after that would be the Phalanx, which was the Emperor's personal flagship until he gave it to Rogal Dorn as a gift. The Rock (The Dark Angels flying fortress) can travel, but it's more of a mobile space station and less of a ship. An Imperial Ship can really get as large as they want to make it, the problem becomes a matter of time. It takes something like 50 years to make something the size of a cobra destroyer and over a century for something like a lunar, more for a battleship. You could start making a ship the size of four battleships put together, but it'd probably take a millenium to build. Phalanx is small moon size = much bigger than Abyss and was not gifted to Dorn by the Emperor. It was Rogal's from the start and he offered the ship to the Emperor as a gift. The Emperor declined and willed that Dorn use the ship as Primarch of Imperial Fist.
  19. Siranui said: I don't think that the Deathwatch has or needs such large vessels. Barges and Strike Cruisers aren't primarily ships of the line anyway: It's their job to get Marines where they're supposed to be and deploy them safely. As Deathwatch doesn't tend to deploy 300 or more Marines at once, it renders Strike Cruisers and Battle Barges somewhat useless and wasteful for them. YMMV, of course. You are probably right in most cases but in Rites of Battle it is mentioned that when DW makes purges they destroy every alien ship. It is something that will require firepower of at least frigate but in most cases you need more powerful ship [or you need more of them so bigger space battles are possible]. In RoB it is also mentioned that very ralely DW crusade can be called and I think that in that case cruisers and barges will be used. And after all I doubt that in RT line they give us stats and fluff for Astartes ships so maybe DW authors would be so kind...:-)
  20. As I donot want to open another thread, please let me join discussion about SM and starships from another angle. From core rulebook we know that Deathwatch uses mainly smaller and faster ships to deliver Kill-teams into right place but I wonder if that is always the case? Maybe there are situation that Erioch [or another fortresses] must mobilize their own fleets when Navy support is not aveliable [or threat is so big that they must help Navy with their own ships]. I would like to see in DW line rules and stats that allow us play space battles aka RT. It would be great to repel Tyranid Hive ship with Battle Barge and Strike cruisers. What do you think about that?
  21. Rites of Battle is out so now we need more enemies for our SM. What do you think upcoming Mark of Xenos should include? For now we know that Tyranids, Tau and unfortunately Chaos [why unfortunately? because that is Xenos book and it is only 144 pages=more Chaos, less xenos] are in. What else? In my opinion Eldar [Craftworld, Dark Kin, Harlequins and Exodites] and Orks are must have. I would like to see also some minor races like Hrud and maybe enigmatic Barghesi [yes I know that is wrong part of galaxy but when Kroot can reach Koronus...]. Also I think that really big creatures like Hierodules and Squiggots should be left for another adversaries book that will introduce titans [yes I know about scout titan in RoB].
  22. Big thanks for your help! Now I wait for Blood of Martyrs to be released. Others non-DW books I am interested are IG, Malleus and Navy ones. Creatures Anathema and RT Xenos books I will probably skip because I think Mark of Xenos for DW will cover that area better.
  23. Hi guys. I am not rpg player but I am big wh40k fan. I try to gather as many wh40k related material as I can but in the same time I like to have all my wh40k things put in as few books as it is possible. I just do not like to have multiple publications that all give me the same info and only few new fluff pieces in each. That is why I bought DW rulebook because together with upcoming Rites of Battle it will give me most info about SM/DW and aditional fluff about IoM. Now I would like to have some deeper info about other parts of wh40k fluff like for example IG or Ecclesiarchy. What do you think, is there a chance to have that info in DW line or should I buy upcoming DH books like Blood of Martyrs? Should I buy cross-system books at all or just stay with DW line? I will be grateful for any help. i
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