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    zhentil got a reaction from feydruatha in Power Creep.... real or just imagined   
    Hello there, a bunch of us in my local LGS have gotten into this game. We have some people on the fence and it was mostly due to the fact they say that power creep is already happening.  Thoughts ont his
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    zhentil reacted to Lord Ashram in This might not be nice to say, but...   
    ... I am having a slightly hard time feeling for players who bought what everyone, including them, knew at the time was a completely over the top number of ships... you know, like the type where they would gleefully post photos of 120+ ships and go on about their ten X-Wings or twelve TIE fighters or five Falcons... spending thousands along the way... 
    ... who are now mad they have to either a) accept not spending enough money to have the dials and cards for each and every ship, even though you will almost never use them all at once, or b) have to spend a fraction of their original investment to convert over.
    I mean... I get it... but I don’t feel THAT bad.
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    zhentil reacted to ESP77 in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    Oh and the Half Catfolk are the Thunder Cats. Obviously 
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    zhentil reacted to ESP77 in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    And the Wanderer Gnomes are definitely based on Bilbo.  It’s the Took in him after all.
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    zhentil got a reaction from subtrendy2 in Tyrants of Lothal   
    I really do hope that you get more than 1 Death trooper in the Lothal Box set. I am sure you do. 
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    zhentil got a reaction from CoffeeMinion in Oicunn Trapping the Ghost   
    Okay, this has never happened to me at least. I have Oicunn with BoShek. Now my opponent has the Lothal Rebel Ghost ship, he has maneuvered himself in the corner BUT facing out. Oicunn comes up and bumps him. NOW, after checking all the moves that the Ghost can do, we realize that he's trapped. He could go forward but that takes him off the board. the Way Oicunn is set up he literally cannot get out. My other ship just bumps him from behind. NOW, the question we both had was, if this were a tourny, and say there was 12 min left or something like that. Would i basically just win? Cause he couldn't move away and each turn he's taking 1 damage plus with BoShek he would have to have a certain move so he wouldn't fly off the board. How would this end i guess. 
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    zhentil reacted to Caimheul1313 in Fortify Your Battlefield - New Article   
    Tourneys in my experience also tend to use store/club terrain so the tables are set up beforehand and so judges have answers ready as to types of cover. That's not to say that some don't have players bring terrain, that's just my own experience.
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    zhentil reacted to Timequake in New Game Master Guide   
    Ace - glad you found it helpful! And congrats on the campaign, sounds like a lot of fun. 
    Ace & zhentil, I've been considering posting GM tips regularly, or perhaps making a series of smaller guides. Any thoughts?
    Thanks for the interest!
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    zhentil got a reaction from tomas.daniel in Supplements?   
    I truly want Cthuhul or at least Arkham Horror supplement 
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    zhentil got a reaction from Matt Skywalker in New Game Master Guide   
    yes please, even though i have been GMing for years i really like how this is layed out and organized. 
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    zhentil reacted to DarthGM in Genesys Creature Catalogue (formerly Bestiary)   
    Bingo. I think Brawn 4 with some additions elsewhere is sufficient.
    But the problem there is that a creature with a Brawn of 8 or 9 is going to be rolling 8 or 9 Ability dice when making a close combat check. There are better ways to define a big creature as "strong" without jacking up their Brawn characteristic. Increase their Soak and Wound Thresholds independent of their Brawn characteristic. Give their melee attacks more damage, but not more skill. The Beast of Burden "ability" is a great way to convey how much an elephant can carry without making his gore attack roll 3-4 more dice than any PC ever could.
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    zhentil got a reaction from Brunas in SYSTEM OPENS ANNOUNCED   
    I would love to see one in Australia, have friends who live there and are DIE HARD fans. I have until March to work whatever magic i can with the wife to make it to Adepticon. 
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    zhentil reacted to Wiredin in SYSTEM OPENS ANNOUNCED   
    asked the wife, priced out "family holiday for a week" to each location and emailed her. all I got back was
    I don't think I'm going
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    zhentil got a reaction from DarthDude in Old 3rd Ed Dungeons and Dragon Modules   
    ohhhhhhhhh i like that
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    zhentil reacted to Forgottenlore in Old 3rd Ed Dungeons and Dragon Modules   
    Honestly, I would want to completely retool magic items so that each one has more flavor. One of the biggest problems with D&D from a story telling perspective is, IMO, the way it reduces magic to just raw mechanical bonuses most of the time. But if one magic weapon adds successes to represent its razor sharpness, and another adds difficulty to the opponent because it moves to parry on its own, and a third can heal the wielder by spending a triumph to represent soul/life sucking, and yet another adds advantage because it is a lucky blade, that all just adds so much more to a setting than +1 longsword, +3 shortsword....
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    zhentil got a reaction from DarthDude in Old 3rd Ed Dungeons and Dragon Modules   
    Yes, i do believe that the whole thing with Sunless Citadel was the fact that it was going from point a to point b and not die. The Goblins in that were so brutal that in 3rd Ed we had many parties die right away. But what intrigues me the most is that with this system is that you can truly get epic narrative aspects from these types of modules that were not there before. And for me being a GM who wants more roleplaying i believe that this system will help with that. 
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    zhentil got a reaction from DarthDude in Old 3rd Ed Dungeons and Dragon Modules   
    I will say that i love the narrative dice system that is Genesys and a lot of my play group is super excited about the fantasy settings. Right now i am reading all the old Blue Book Adventures from old 3rd ed adventures and seeing how i can convert them over to this system. I think it should be somewhat easy as we have been playing Star Wars for over 3 years. Anyone else having this idea. Just curious and if anyone else has thoughts. 
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    zhentil reacted to Wiredin in All the expansions (AT-ST and more)   
    FFG just made my wallet cry.
    I wonder if FFG started a loyalty program where if you buy so much product they will help fund your divorce lawyer. 
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    zhentil reacted to Slugrage in The FAQ is real!! All the nerfs   
    Can we take a moment to recognize the true victims of this FAQ? The fine people that design and maintain all the squadron builder sites and apps.

    Sorry about this, but thanks for all the work that's done so we can design our squadrons.
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    zhentil reacted to Wes Janson in U-Wing & Defender Screenshots Rebels   
    We are watching the TIE Defender development in the background of the Rebels story, and Krennic's project being the reason it was never fully realised. I think this is some great TIE\In story telling.
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    zhentil got a reaction from NotBatman in Why is the silencer box so big?   
    Okay, just thought that with what i have seen they might be around the same size.
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    zhentil got a reaction from Jehovah Netto in Top 10 pilots in X-Wing, the continuing stale Meta...   
    It just would be nice if they took 3 things away. At least for me. 
    1. The half points for big ships. There are WAY too many little ships that have far more hit points
    2. Get rid of the Palp Nerf. TOTALLY unnecessary especially from what we see in Big Tournaments. 
    3. Get rid of the Phantom Nerf. This is just because i love the Phantom but all in all it would give the Imperials SOMETHING really cool. 
    Just my 2 cents worth
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    zhentil reacted to clanofwolves in Top 10 pilots in X-Wing, the continuing stale Meta...   
    @BVRCH, you give me another reason to wish to visit down under, thanks! Yeah, currently trapped here in the States with quite the stale meta; love your outlook and enthusiasm on potential OP corrections (Biggs, Bomb Platforms, etc) through designed future releases.......if only I had that level of trust in the designers, if only. Seems the only way to get a balanced set of games round here is to grab a few pints, outlaw the OP stuff, and play with friends. ?
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    zhentil reacted to Deadfool in Harpoon Missiles vs Fair Ship Rebels   
    I have nothing useful to add to this other than to point out that all your mums love splash damage.
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    zhentil got a reaction from Volkren in State Farm Gets Energized About Insurance   
    overall all of this arguments the simply fact remains that FFG will NEED to FAQ this as to provide clarity of this issue. 
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