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  1. oh yes i was just at work so i only had my phone which makes things tricky lol
  2. okay just clarifying thank you
  3. Okay so a squad of speeders has 2 units in it. Each has 3 hp. Now, when shooting do i just call out one guy i am shooting at. Meaning if i do 4 damage that other one damage doesn't spill over to the next guy. It just gets put on the one guy i am aiming at and killing him.
  4. That's what i was wondering lol, i think they are looking at all the upcoming releases
  5. Hello there, a bunch of us in my local LGS have gotten into this game. We have some people on the fence and it was mostly due to the fact they say that power creep is already happening. Thoughts ont his
  6. We are starting the fantasy campaign in Terrinoth but have noticed no halflings. So i was just making the quick rule of switching out the gnomes agility to a 3 and then making their brawn a 1 and their only 1 2. I HOPE that made sense lol. ANyways what are your thoughts on Halflings
  7. They are really good, and everyone is having fun BUT it's the magic system which we all see as just TOO open. I mean we played Cthulhuian campaign and we had to figure out the magic system. And granted there have been a lot of bumps in the road and we all would get together and work with them. It just overall seems that FFGs answer is to homebrew rules. Which work but yeah. We do have a lot of fun with this system.
  8. I really do hope that you get more than 1 Death trooper in the Lothal Box set. I am sure you do.
  9. zhentil

    Free Actions

    Okay, so free action cards, like Luke and Vaders Force reflexes, which give you a dodge token, Now, after i tap them, and after the end of the round... do they get refreshed or do i need to spend a recover action to turn them all back up.
  10. zhentil

    Precise 1 ?

    So, if i have just Precise, i can re-roll one dice. right
  11. I have been apart of games that the Fan Base kept alive, D&D miniatures is an example. The problem that i had was it became run by a certain group of people and no matter how much i helped or wanted to help with it, they ran it and they controlled it and it was most of those guys who would WIN the games. It became like an exclusive club and a joke to me. BUT i was part of Star Wars Decipher, which we still have and those guys are great. So it really depends on how much and who is actually helping make stuff happen.
  12. Okay i have a trooper unit of 6. 4 starting and then the extra guy then the special one. So lets say it is the rotary blaster guy, Z6. So i have a total number of 6 troopers, now when attacking do i add 6 black dice and then add the 3 dice for rotarty blaster or do i go 5 black dice then add rotary blaster guy?
  13. I have noticed that A LOT of tournaments have both or all three but almost all have some form of Fenn and The Ghost. What are it's major strengths and why is it still top dog. I know that Kanan built right with Fenn can mitigate damage but i am looking for just a discussion on how to beat this and how overall we can have more ships in the meta. Or is this topic a dead horse i keep kicking.
  14. I have seen someone post this before but i can't seem to find it. Anyone know how this works, like the timing chart and all that.
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