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  1. It looks to me like a feature that was cut (unintentional pun ) The rules clearly state buildings, great leaders and wonders supersede the benefits from the underlying tile.
  2. Still, why would any side honour an agreement such as this? When the last card is played from the other side, why not kill it without any possible repercussions? You're already at war, else you wouldn't be fighting. "If you do that I'll make war twice on you!" Btw, this is a good example of a modified prisoner's dilemma. If both agree you both win, but one side has the potential to cheat on the last card. And if you know that why would you not cheat on the second to last card etc.
  3. Remember that there are techs to obsolete old wonders. You need a cloth for that, but still. I would rule you can't just obsolete wonders from other players, but you can also obsolete wonders in the market. So when you're ready to build a wonder, make sure you can obsolete a wonder in the market and then you're the first that can benefit from the newly picked wonder! Also remember to respect the age requirement for the wonder to obsolete. The earlier tech obsoletes only ancient wonders, the later one obsoletes both ancient and medieval wonders. So the only time you cannot obsolete anything in the market is when all modern wonders are available.
  4. In my copy on page 8 it is described how you make a wonder deck with the modern and medieval wonders. The ancient wonders are placed in the market. Then you get the text: Exception: If Egypt is playing, Egypt receives one of the ancient wonders at random before the remainder are placed in the market. One of the medieval wonders is then drawn and placed in the market to replace the missing ancient wonder. The making of the deck and the immediate replacement suggests the redrawing of the next wonder when a wonder is built.
  5. Ok, new question. When exactly can a culture card with phase 'movement' be played? There are 2 options for this. One is the movement phase; in that case the last player can e.g. kill a unit from the first player before it moves. The other option is in your own movement phase. In that case the first player can use his armies before you're allowed to kill it with the card you just gained in your last city management phase. The most logical choice is your own movement phase. If you can kill anytime in the movement phase why not allow the card at any time in the rest of the game? On the other hand only allowing the kill 1 unit card in the (any) movement phase does disallow some annoying possibilities when building units and using scouts for production and the like. And if 2 people at the same time want to play a card, who goes first (Ok, for this I'd rule the starting player or the one next in line)
  6. That does sound like an option, it does pace the wonders more slowly than what I assumed. However it is strangly inconsistent with the text for the Egyptians. One advantage for this is that building a wonder does not mean you give other players access to a better wonder. This was actually the big problem for the last version of S.M. Civ. People stopped getting techs because the next player could get even better techs. I think I'll play it like this, and will not put a 4th wonder in the market if the Egyptians are in the game.
  7. I'm just reviewing the rules and I saw a strange omission. The rules state that initially the 4 ancient wonders should be put in the market, making them available to build. Also it is stated that if one of the players are the Egyptians they should get 1 random wonder and that the now vacant place in the market should be filled with 1 random medieval wonder. However nowhere in the rules (especially not on page 17 which details the building of a wonder) is noted what should be done to fill the empty place after a wonder has been built. Now I guess the correct rule should be to draw a new wonder from the wonder pile and put it in the vacant space so there are always 4 wonders available to buy (until they really run out of course). However this is not written in the rules and perhaps other ways were thought of to change the selection of the wonder market? For instance, can you obsolete wonders that have not been built yet? (personally I would say yes; this way a player who concentrates on wonders can make new wonders available even if nobody else builds them)
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