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  1. You should definitely get this game . I must confess that I'm a fan of coop games, simply because most of the time, you can play alone, meaning you can play when you want. That game "space hulk death angel" has all the quality I lool for in a game : a very good look : good illustrations, that fit perfectly the GW universe, and that really show the connection with "Space hulk the board game" a little box you can bring everywhere, but a lot of content for a very fair price a short average time for a game, around 30 minuts, and an extremely good replayability due to the 6 different squads of terminators, and to the different space hulk section. and other good point : it's very easy to design your own new room, to expend the variety of missions. I played most of my games alone, like well over 60 game, and I still play 1 or 2 games a day with real pleasure. I also played 5 or 6 games in a 2 players configuration. the challenge is different, but interesting too for sure. Plus, the game is easy to learn. If you have 20 or 25 $ to spend in a game, and you're an old fan of the original space hulk... don't hesitate.
  2. in fact, as all the ability of the marines are optional, you can consider the intimidation card as a simple "move+activate". if you choose to actually intimidate, and roll a 4, you cannot choose to send back to the blip only 1 GS, for sure. but before rolling the intimidation die, you can't choose not to roll it. that's the way I understand the rules.
  3. OK. I can understand the way you think about that generatorium. I would be ready to lose a marine, with the certainty of making 4 dead GS. but with the wording of this card, really, it's not worth it to me... thank you for sharing your point of view !
  4. I really can't tell if 8 marines result in an easier game, but for sure, the more marines you have, the less important is an early casualty. the first turns are often decisive, because at that time, you cannot really rely on support token, and random can easily harm the marines teams, I mean. Assuming that it's easier to continue a 12 marines mission with 10 terminators then a 6 marines mission with 4 terminators, maybe the game is easier with more space marines... as long as you lay alone (with a single mind). A 12 marines team controled by 6 players will probably have problems of efficiency at a time or another, and that will probably give balance to the game difficuly.
  5. Well... even under a serious threat (and precisely under a serious threat), I would rather chose the most reliable option then a pure gamble. Imho, either support action, (with a result of 1 support token + effects like force field , or the green block, or counterattack + only 1 dead) or attack action, (with purple, red, grey, yellow or even with green, that offer the opportunity to kill several GS, and only 1 dead), offer a better chance of survival and success then fliping a coin... Generatorium is definitely not my cup of tea.
  6. that location, with the activate "roll a die : skull kills 4 genestealer, other result kills the marine" doesn't seem very blanced, or at least very interesting to me. pure random, with 50% risk to have a casualty with no reward ? whatever the situation I'll always let my marine inactive (I mean giving support or shooting) rather then activate this thing. The marine will stay alive untill the stealers attack, and if he dies at this point, at least that's 1 dead buddy instead of 2 ( the one dying on the activate roll plus the one dying facing the stealers. Did someone actually use that generatorium activation in a game (not for pure fun ) ?
  7. obviously, it should work, and it will work. the only thing that matter is to prepare the game according to the number of space marines, not to the number of player. you can even play alone with all six teams in the game if you want ..., or in a two players game with 3 teams per player, as long as the choosen starting room feats the number of Terminators.
  8. Reju2

    Favorite team?

    To me, after a lot of games in many configurations, Blue + Grey combo seems to be the most powerful. - Blue attack "lead by example" provides support token, very useful to fuel Blue counterattack (support too), or grey psychic attack, which can both handle huge hives. - Blue move "intimidation" , and Grey "force field" are the most efficient defense tactics, - Grey move helps the breakthrough, less exposure, less casualty. My favorite single action would be the purple "strategize". it's often a game breaker, usefull in défense or attack situation (only drawback, it can't be combo with the flammer) I admit that the green team may not be the most impressive, but... I kinda like them. their move require suppot token, and so is not often used, their attack, while with great potentiel, is nerfed by the very sort range of the hammer, but the support ability "block" is still a good one to rely on. to conclude, the less useful team is the red one imho. a good attack, but I prefer the purple, yellow, or grey ones, an awfull support, worse than any other, and to balance, a very usefull move... but only when a door shows up, which is not always the case. My efficency scale : Blue > Purple > Grey > Yellow > Green > Red My favorite : Purple > Grey > Yellow > Green > Blue > Red.
  9. well the thematic issue makes sense.( I have a french copy of the game, and I wasn't sure of the way to understand the instructions about either choosing the number, or choosing the genestealer cards returning in the blip pile) I'll play Intimidation as you suggest it is meant to be played ! Thanks.
  10. no, no. I give an example, it will be more understandable : situation : end of a phase, right blip pile : 3 blips remaining, left blip pile 0 blip remaining, so it's time to travel. the new location card says : 6 blips on the right, 6 blips on the left. following the rules word by word, I would have to discard the 3 remaining blips in the Right pile, then fill both piles with 6 new blips. my question : why can't we just add 3 blips to the right pile (making 3+3=6 as required) and 6 to the left pile (making 6 too as required) ?
  11. This blue team ability allows the player to put back in the blip pile a number of Genestealers equal to the result of a die roll. If the player rolls for example a 4, can he choose to send back only 3 Genestealers (in hope that the fourth one will be delt with in a more definitive way) ?
  12. Hello. My question isn't about misunderstanding the rule, but rather about understanding the point of this rule. The rulebook clearly says that when travelling, you must first discard all the blips remaining in both blip piles, then refill both of them as instructed on the new location. But what if we simply add or to each pile the number of blip required to have the good number of blip ?
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