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  1. I think you're misinterpreting it. From my understanding, you inherit: All "special abilities" and their associated tokens (e.g. web and crawler tokens, totem spirit tokens, etc.) Strength and Craft values Life and fate values But you don't: Inherit any "special ability" that says, "You begin the game with..." Adjust your life counters or fate tokens. Change alignment (I think.) This means that the Spider Queen do not get any tokens if you are transformed into her, and therefore will have no abilities at all, as all her abilities is related to her spider tokens? The same goes for the Scout who will only have the 2 minor abilities. As for the Dread Knight, he will not get a warhorse, but i guess you can still get one for free if landing on the graveyard?
  2. You´re probably right Warlock, but it seems odd, that if you transform into the Spider Queen , you´ll have a character with zero abilities Also, the card says you must use all printed special abilities, but in this case you are actually ignoring an ability. ( even though, i don´t see, how starting with an axe can be a special ability ) Regards
  3. Hi there! The card says you must use alle printed values and abilities of the the character you are transformed into. If i am transformed into, lets say, the knight, do you then get a sword and an armor as this is one of the kinghts printed abilities?, and if you do, what happens when you transform back to your original character. Best regards
  4. I can´t see why you shouldn´t be able to complete a quest just because the WC is gone. If the Space is terrain-ed it does not prevent you from completing the quest, but will prevent you from teleporting back to the space and get a reward ( or a new quest ) as the space no longer exist. The Warlocks cave space has no influence on how and when you complete your quest. It gives you a quest or teleports you back and reward you for completing a quest ,which you must ignore if the space is terrain-ed, not the quest itself. This is how our playgroup play it Regards
  5. ex. Player A tries to lock pick a chest and succeeds. Player B cast double lock on the chest. Player A lock pick chest again. Now Player C wants to cast another double lock. Is this legal, and is there any restrictions on how many arcana cards you may play during another players turn?. Regards
  6. Remake of the 2nd edition dungeon cards to use in the 3rd edition. Means more different encounters, treasures etc.
  7. It would be nice if FFG would make a POD expansion for Dungeonquest, like the nether realm expansion for talisman.
  8. Nice character from the 2nd edition, and well he´s a ninja
  9. Nice work. I actually like you been given Ironhand a little boost. he sure needed it
  10. One copy on it´s way to Denmark soon Awesome Jon New an. Can´t wait to play with this expansion Regards
  11. A Dwarf Berserker He, of course, use the same power cards as his brother
  12. If people want to use the optional PvP rule they could create some power cards for each hero. We use ( at the moment ) the combat dice variant. it think it is pretty cool that you have to use different attributes to defeat the monsters . Thats why i got the idea to adopt the old 2nd edition characters to the 3rd edition so we now have 16 characters to choose from regards
  13. Trying to remake the 2nd edition characters to the 3rd edition.
  14. You only roll two dice when using the flail. The ability of the flail overwrites that of the warrior. Remember that the bow is used before battle and only adds to your att. score. The bow is not a weapon ( it does not have the weapon subtype ) so you cannot use the ability with the bow either. Regards
  15. Yes the ogre also has 6 lives and the warrior, dwarf, gladiator and vampiress all have 5 lives
  16. What about the Warrior with a Doomsword and the hammer of light during daytime. The chance of getting a double ´1´ almost never happens
  17. magicrealm said: it should be the forrest. because its not the last corner , so the next and last corner would be the big "finish". the forrest is nothing more than the highland, and thats ok. if something like bloodmoon comes i throw away my talisman and avoid ffg any further. i hate these brainwashers who wants to make evil attractive and looking good. go to hell satanists ! If you don´t like it, don´t buy it my friend Regards
  18. The Wizard

    What to get?

    I would go for the blood moon and the frostmarch expansions. They add a lot of new adventure cards and some nice characters to play with. Also the blood moon adds the new lycanthrope and day/night mechanic which is a nice twist. If you want a big expansion i would go for the highlands. Regards
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