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  1. You will not place a token on the omen track in this case. Notice that the Syzygy card says to place a token when omen advances to the red space - the other examples you mention move the omen, but unless they use the specific term "advance" (and most, if not all of them do not), they do not trigger effects that happen by omen advancing.
  2. I'm trying to remember, but is the Fall of Man prelude the first prelude that's all downside with no upside?
  3. Of course, it's not possible to get the White Ship when there's only two yellow mythos remaining (unless you were forced to shuffle the mythos deck) since rumors always come in the first two stages and I don't think there's any AO with less than 2 yellow cards in the third stage. However, getting the White Ship when you're on the third mystery (or even close to finishing the second) is indeed close to getting a free mythos stage.
  4. Since the game tends to be easier with an even number of investigators, I suggest you add one more investigator that's controlled by committee (the best choice here would be Charlie - he's a powerful support character who isn't very exciting to play).
  5. Pseudonym

    Why, FFG?

    To be fair, a game that centers on negotiations and counter negotiations would have to have at least three players, and their voting mechanic between the offers which seems interesting does seem less exciting if only one player gets to vote, so four would be good. I get that the player count can be a problem (it would be a problem for me - I don't have that many boardgaming friends), but I see why it's suited to this game.
  6. Of course, Lola's ability means that she doesn't care if a certain city is blocked - she can improve the skill of her choice in any city at the cost of an action,
  7. Azathoth is the AO recommended for beginner players, so the groups playing against it tend to be less experienced - that's bound to skew the results a little.
  8. I'm not sure I understand what difference the order makes. Adding and subtracting are not affected by the order, and it is possible to go below zero when figuring out the number of dice to roll. It's just that if your final total after all modifiers/bonuses is less than one, you still roll one die.
  9. Wait. Six rumor cards? How does that happen?
  10. Runko is asking about interactions when an investigator has the Alter Fate glamour (which allows the trading of conditions, improvements, impairments and focus). Now, my interpretation is that you can perform the trade in 5, and you can cancel out impairments in 7. As for 6, I'm not sure. I would play it that the blessing and the curse cancel each other, like the improvement and the impairment, but I'm not 100% sure.
  11. The investigator silhouette icon gets its value when the game starts, so in your case it would always be 4 (and thus Cthulhu's toughness will always be 7 in your game). Even if the number of investigators changes after the game starts, the value of this icon is constant.
  12. Tibs, will you also eventually add something in the report that shows which preludes are easier/more difficult? (When you gather enough data).
  13. Hi Julia, I hesitate to speak for Goblin, and when I read his initial message I did think the same as you do, but reading his first reply to you I'm not so sure anymore.
  14. If I understand him correctly, I think Goblin is asking for a way to make the game easier with one or two investigators, not make it harder with four. I know I read somewhere that people were drawing a mythos card only every other turn when playing solo. Maybe this will help? Myself, I only play solo controlling four characters so I don't have any suggestions.
  15. The rumor you are describing - Secrets of the Past is not supposed to be hard, and it's not supposed to threaten you with losing the game. The ill effect is that while it's active you can't go on expeditions. Now usually, expeditions are a low priority anyway. But sometimes, especially when one of the artifact requiring mysteries arrive, or you play with an expedition focused investigator like Leo, Ursula or Monterey Jack it becomes more of a problem.
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