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  1. By the Elder Dogs! I want this! Even if it is in a ruff...er beta state! Why are so many AFool offerings just so awesome?
  2. Basically this Event card lets u use book for fights...This card isn't fast...does this mean u take an attack from the critter or is this part of the attack action? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, he is also a gadgeteer with custom gear and a very customized starship.
  4. So...is there anywhere in the rules regarding living expenses? Cost of an apartment/room? Food? Just wondering...
  5. I rolled a politico a while back https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/233765-so-rolling-up-a-basic-human-politico-colonist/ Anyway I expressed concern over the ship owning force wielding GMPC. He started by rescuing the other pcs from their servitude/ bad situations, he sets the destinations...and talks about leading by consensus. His character was brought over from another campaign so we are not the same power level... Just now he just spent his time in hyperspace tricking out his ship. Really having a bad feeling about this. Thoughts? The other folks seem ok, but I am thinkng I am not a good fit.
  6. What other details does the player have in mind? Is he more mystic? Knowledge focused? Healing? The Force isn't all about a bash fest. A few suggestions: If his specialization has talents / abilities that say "requires lightsaber" provide a suitable substitute via a focus/item...or perhaps no focus item required at all...at the cost of additional strain or fewer uses. Yoda doesn't need a saber to reflect force lightning...and he doesn't use one at all in episodes V or VI. Perhaps he automatically gains extra Destiny to use each session. Perhaps a pool of die upgrades/boost die each session/encounter, representing his force affinity. Ideally something that at least compensates for no glowstick of doom. Good lick!
  7. In OUR universe, we have duct tape...in the SW universe they have the Force. Who's better off? IDK.
  8. Actually this sounds like there are some underlying concerns. Talk to them. I would start with: " This was the general concept I had for my campaign.". And ask "What do you guys want?". Try "Start stop keep" A.k.a. " What do u want me to start doing?, Stop doing? Keep doing." Or maybe these folks really want to play "Stat Wars, A new Balance Sheet.".
  9. There is also the official Star Wars app. "The Star Wars app is your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away. With a dynamic interface, the Star Wars app immerses you in breaking news, rich media, social updates, special events, and interactive features. Available On: Amazon Kindle, Android™, iPhone®" I have it on my iPad. It isn't as complete as the ones that came before (that the lawyers all stomped out of existence) but it's something.
  10. Just my 2 credits...while the math does seem to favor a few specific races remember the racial disadvantages and story penalties. Having a band of non-humans can be quite problematical if you are trying to say do a long-term infiltration of the Imperial Academy. Or rolling a few despairs on your Survival check and having your respirator fail...no amount of ability points makes up for not being able to breathe. I guess it's all in the story. I imagine you could treat those disadvantages as trivial...which in the long-term they will be as eventually all the characters will balance out fairly well.
  11. Since gaining a lightsaber (or rather assembling it yourself) is a pivotal moment with a great deal of potential for story...I'd consider starting with training sabers first. Perhaps you were about to start your trials when the war ended and everything got up-ended. Maybe the character fell or abandoned his path, and has spent the last few years finding his way back. Maybe the beloved Master fell, has been framing (altering memories) and hunting down all his former comrades and their students...and no one believes the Padawan when he claims his innocence. Then again these are how I'd tell the story...BUT this is your (and the player's) story. Ask and discuss how they want to go about the broad story arc.
  12. *getting back on topic* Having the handouts that explain the dice symbols helps a bit until one gets used to them. Then again everyone needing a Rosetta stone to interpret dice results IS (IMHO anyway) clunkier than a narrative system where you don't have to. You may want to consider Apocalypse World (lots of hacks for that one), FATE, NDS, etc...most use fewer dice types which means just reading pips or arabic numerals. If you wish to stick with FFG there are 3rd party dice apps where you can fully customize the faces so instead of symbols you literally get results of "2 advantage, 1 failure, 1 threat, 3 successes." Which some folks may find easier to convert. I went ahead and used the player handouts from the Free-intro modules as well as FFG's die app... find after some repetition, it got easier. Good luck whatever you decide.
  13. I would not make this about defeating the PCs...I'd make it about what is a better story and what is more fun. Over the top action happens to be one of my settings I am fond of. I like big darn heroes. That said if this guy was a Nemesis? Analyze and then strike at his weakneses. Seems like he is tough in conventional combat. So I would focus on what he is not. How well are you at social challenges? And if he's bound by the Jedi Code, whipping out the glowstick and striking down say a civillian who is waging a war of words (Scathing Tirade, not soaked straight to Strain) probably won't make him many friends. Jedi are known as mediators...how good are you bringing warring parties to the table and then getting them to compromise without using brute force? Negotiation? Or for that matter maybe you are on Nar Shadda and need to FIND these parties first and without committing a faux paus...how is that Streetwise? Dropped into the desert / arctic wastes without tech. How good is your basic foraging / survival skill? Spotting that super tiny secret hidden clue? How is that Perception skill? If these challenges are scaled to the same difficulty as your combat skills warrant, it probably would be a different story. Hopefully a well told and fun one.
  14. Is this a solicit for opinions...or a rules clarification? If the rules don't spec ion as unblockable...then sure you can.
  15. No. But the damage is applied to wounds not strain. So yes, you can literally shout stormtroopers to death. Harsh language literally makes their heads explode. I don't think you are supposed to use a narrative that does make their heads explode literally from Scathing Tirade… ;-) But they are definitely out of combat for that encounter. Minions can also be not dead when their wound threshold is exceeded, so you can just stress them into fainting or something. Or narrate them as being so flustered they accidentally grenade or shoot themselves. Or the Politico has a Weirding Module and likes to shout "Muad'dib" a lot. Actually, my other thread where I discuss my character build...my schtick for this ability was the Voice. And he's the smooth talker inspired from BSG's Iblis. Doing my best to mix as many I.P.'s as I can. Suppose he can be fond of wearing red shirts...
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