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  1. ESryan

    Expansion book

    a "time clock" or "timer". thats actually not a bad idea. you can even make it like a house objective, if the americans dont complete their objective by round (whatever) or within (whatever) amount of time, they lose. i think youre on to something!
  2. yeah i went on that a very popular auction site to see the prices and saw some good ones but the shipping is ridiculously expensive. i was thinking about getting that book today with the map expansion pack perhaps?? does that ever come in handy for larger scenarios or for the expansion book?
  3. I was looking at picking up one of these games but i was wondering which one i should get first. what are your opinions?
  4. has anyone here tried the scenario in the expansion book that uses two copies of TOI and has 24 terrain tiles. i think its called something like "2 vs. 2" or something like that. it looks HUGE but it also looks freaking AWESOME!!!! anyways, if you have tried it, i was just curious as to how long it took and how fun it was.
  5. i thought that if a machine gun crew takes one hit, they turn into one regular infantry?
  6. "you" as in the attacker chooses who dies?
  7. well im in carmichael but if you want, we can meet up at Great Escape and play a game there! ill pm you my info!! (i cant believe i actually got a reply to this post haha!!!)
  8. when you are attacking another player and you roll, lets say, 2 hits on his squad, who or how do you determine which figures get killed in that squad? for example, if i get 3 hits on a squad that has a machine gun crew, elite infantry, and a regular infantry, how can you tell who dies? is it the player thats attacking that can choose or is it the defending player? or is there some rule that determines it?
  9. im still pretty new but im trying to find some new scenarios that i can play. is there a page or a website that has like a list of scenarios that i can use? im kinda trying to look for a HUGE scenario that i can use that uses all the tiles in the regular TOI and the ones in the expansion box? i want to play a 20 tile game that takes forever!!!
  10. im not a board game expert like the guys on this forum. in fact, tide of iron is really the only board game that ive played (and risk) but i think its great. theres a lot you can do because its pretty in depth and its really cool how it has a book of scenarios so you can have pretty much a new board every time ouy play. im sure thats nothing new in the boardgame world, but to me thats really cool and it adds a lot to the replay value. its also pretty cool because you can make your own scenarios with it and then buy the expansions and map extensions and have a TON of different options and ways to play. i say get it. its a great, basic, combative game that is worth its price.
  11. im going to use the first scenario for this question, it says that in one action phase the player gets 3 moves, then the opponent gets 3 moves, etc. does that mean that one player gets 3 moves, then the opponent gets 3 moves, then the first player gets 3 more moves, opponent 3 until all squads have made some sort of action? or does that mean that each player only gets 3 moves per action phase?
  12. can i have a unit move into Op Fire mode? example: can i have a squad move 2 hexes into the woods and then switch to op fire?
  13. yeah they did actually. im also starting to look at the examples in the rule book alot more. they describe things a lot better for me.
  14. hey everyone, now that ive figured this game out, for the most part, is there anyone in these forums from Sacramento California that would like to meet up at Great Escape Games or A1 Comics to play for an evening. please note that if we do play, you might be doing some teaching, or if youre new to it as well, we can figure it out together! waddya say? let me know please.
  15. oh! hahaha thanks aussie for the reply, you must have replied while i was making my last comment.
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