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  1. I would never ask a Hida to kneel, that takes time away from their glorious purpose, defending the Empire!
  2. The painting doesn’t bother me, I enjoy it
  3. Hey all, I’m considering picking up IA for the campaign aspect, but I’ve got a few questions. 1) Can a person use an ally as there character, example Ahoska Tano, or is it just the heroes on the core game and boxed expansions? 2) I initially started looking at IA for use with the SW RPG, with the miniatures and tiles is it still a decent buy for the price as an rpg accessory? 3) Is it a good pick up game for sporadic game days? Thanks for the assist folks!
  4. Crazy Aido said: Including the swordmaster as a career (and a basic career no less) may have been pushing it, but that's no reason to assume high elf loremasters are bimbling about the place killing stuff and taking it's treasure. Loremasters are much higher ranked than just about any career in a whfrp campaign is likely to reach. Unless such a game reaches epic level or some such, which it shouldn't. I wouldn't say any career pushes anything really. I can see Loremasters traveling around searching for a lost elven relic or as part of an envoy with a swordmaster or two in tow as bodyguards. Any options that can be added that make sense should be added. What I mean by "make sense" is within the lore, and that actual traits of the setting. Take for example Lizardmen. There is no way within the setting that you can have a Saurus Warrior/Temple Guard PC or a Slann Mage Priest PC. The Mage Priests spend their entire time in meditation, with only a handful ever truly leaving the saftey of their temples to travel. Saurus Warriors and all their types pretty much just stand and wait to be needed to kill something. These just don't make for PC's I mean it would be a boring game that goes: "Ok Jim what does your oldblood do?" "Well are their any threats to my temple city?" "No" "Have I recieved word from any of the priests that I need to lead a group outside the city walls?" "No" "Ok, hm well I'll just stand on the temple ledge like I have for the last 500 years and stare out into the forest" "Alright then." That being said though, the lore does say that the Skinks go out of the cities and have mingled with some of the other races in a non-violent manner. Perhaps a Skink Scout or Priest would make sense as a PC then. It would be possible and can make sense to include careers/races that seem quite...high powered or out of place in a group that has a human and a dwarf. That will simply have to boil down the group itself to determine the nature of their game. If they want a strict adherence to the setting then it would be a hell of reason to have the Loremaster travel with a Troll Slayer and Rat-Catcher. Though, it would make sense for a Loremaster to travel with a Swordmaster and Phoenix Guard . Like all RP games it does depend on the group and the GM. Hmmm, I seemed to have started steering my own discussion into a different area. I should probably stop.
  5. Hmmm, it seems I'm still having trouble seperating the Warhammer Fantasy game from Warhammer Fantasy Role-play. I was thinking that like the wizards in the Armies Elves would still be limited in their spell selection such as Wood Elves only being able to choose Beasts or Life, and High Elves being the same in choice as humans. I like several of the thoughts brought up, but there is one arguement I must address and that is by Bloody Sun Boy. You mention you don't see a High Elf Archmage traveling around in a party. I'd have to say the game itself counters this with the fact you can play a High Elf Swordmaster. A career that even in the regular lore of Warhammer these guys never leave their training grounds unless they are needed in a battle. Still though, I do find myself agreeing with you for the most part on a High Elf Archmage in a party it would seem...out of place given the traditional high elf views of all the races. So going on with this discussion. Would it be fair/balanced to offer the Apprentice Wizard and Wizard advanced career to a high elf player or wood elf player (limited to life and beast winds) and simply rewrite flavor to match the characters schooling?
  6. 1) Rules for adventures in Lustria, possibly even with a rules set that allows playing Skinks. (This one I imagine even if it was being considered is well far away) 2) Dark Elf rules. Dark Elves are my favorite army/race in Warhammer after the Lizardmen. The group itself is very rich in history can serve as an interesting adventure/career ideas such as being a Dark Elf pirate or Witch Elf. 3) More arcane magic options (Can never have enough)
  7. So I've made my choice and have decided to by the WFR Core Set. Glancing through thew player's guide real quick though, It did not seem like you could play a high elf wizard. Did I miss a career (it was a quick look through after all) or is it possible that such a career won't show up until a elf expansion set?
  8. Wow I really do appreciate all the help from everyone, but WillmanX wins the most thorough answer. Really that clarified and solidified my decision to buy the core set with the expansion. Thank you very much everyone.
  9. Well most of my confusion just comes these releases. From the sounds of it if I had intended to grab the Core Set, then I just need to make sure I pick up the expanisons and not worry about the Guides/Vaultes. I suppose, now I just need to wait for payday to grab the core set. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. Thanks, I think I will be going with the Core Set, but that does lead me to another question. Do the upcoming Vaults/Guides have new and old options or are they just going to be what is in the core set, plus extended fluff?
  11. Hey, So I've decided to start playing WFRP, but I am confused on what I should get. Should I get the Core Set, and then get the new Guides/Vaults, or should I just wait for the Guides/Vaults? Thanks for the input.
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